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Benefits of EMR with PatientNOW

Electronic medical records (EMR) has become the trend for all types of doctors’ offices today. For plastic surgeons, a paperless office means more time with patients to build trust and a positive relationship. It is understandable that some physicians are hesitant to move to EMR due to concerns over how difficult the transition will be. However, the benefits of using PatientNOW software far outweigh the possible drawbacks of making the switch.

Meeting Patient Expectations

Patients are using technology to make their lives easier in any number of ways, and they want those same perks from their doctor’s office. If you are still using paper charts and requiring patients to phone in for appointments and other information, you are missing the mark with many tech-savvy patients today. Get your office onboard with the trend by going paperless, and your patients will assume your procedures and treatments are equally state-of-the-art.

Enhancing Patient Convenience

Your patients are busier today than ever before, and they need you to make the process of scheduling treatments and procedures as easy and convenient as possible. The ability to book appointments online allows patients to schedule treatments around their busy routines. Automated appointment reminders will improve your no-show numbers, and rescheduling appointments is much easier when your patients can simply log into your website and make the switch.

Improving Customer Service

When you are spending less time looking for and updating paper files, you have more time to sit down with your patients to answer questions and educate them about your procedures. Patients in search of plastic surgery want a surgeon that will take the time to discuss treatment options and help them feel comfortable and confident about their choices. They also want their surgeon to be available before and after surgery to answer questions and concerns. By freeing up the time you would typically spend on administrative duties, you can give your patients the time and attention they want and deserve.

Increasing Accessibility

With paper files, your patient’s information remains at your office, only to be accessed during business hours. With electronic records, you can access your patient’s records from any location and on any device. This also makes it easier to transfer information to other doctors when necessary, such as when you are collaborating with a medical team for a breast reconstruction patient. In addition to increased accessibility, electronic information also tends to be more accurate, since there is no concern over misreading someone’s handwriting.

Reducing Operational Costs

The bottom line on EMR is that it will improve your practice’s bottom line. Consider how much you are spending right now in storage and staffing to maintain your paper filing system. Those costs are eliminated when you go paperless. At the same time, your time will be free to see more patients daily, increasing revenue. Software from PatientNOW also includes acquisition and retention tools that will help you increase patient interest, conversions, subsequent treatments and referrals. All pluses when it comes to expanding your practice and boosting your bottom line.


There are many reasons why EMR from PatientNOW will be a positive addition to your practice. To learn more about the specifics of our products, contact a PatientNOW representative today at 800-436-3150.


Benefits of Subscription Pricing

If you are looking for EMR and practice management services, you may be facing a number of different options. One thing to consider is whether to go with standard installation software or a cloud-based system that offers subscription pricing. Also known as Software as a Service or SaaS, this approach has been gaining steam in the medical community in recent years. There are a number of reasons why practices are moving to SaaS and subscription pricing as a more practical and affordable way to automate their offices today.


Subscription pricing common with SaaS makes the entire process of automating your practice more affordable. Instead of one large cost up front, this system works on a “pay-as-you-go” basis, with monthly rates that you can easily work into your budget. This is a much more attainable option for many small practices today that allows them to see the financial benefits of an automated system over the long term without the initial pinch that traditional software systems require.

Faster Integration

Using SaaS makes integration of the software into your practice much more seamless. The software can be installed efficiently and configuration is already completed. Demonstrations can be performed quickly and conveniently for your entire staff to bring everyone in the office up to par on the new system. Easy implementation also saves you money in time for your employees to learn the system and other costs related to the training process.

Increased Mobility, Accessibility

With SaaS, you are able to take your practice with you just about anywhere. While your system will remain safe and secure inside the cloud, you will be able to access the information you need from any location and device. Most systems allow you to adapt files to mobile devices so you can check patient records on your phone, tablet or home computer.

Customizable to Your Needs

A subscription service allows you to customize the solutions you want to your specific needs. This is a significant money-saver, since you will only be paying for the services you actually use – no more, no less. In addition to spending less, you will be getting the full value out of the money you do invest in your new automated system, since you will be using every tool you are actually billed for.

Easier Upgrades

Upgrading this type of system is also much easier, since the subscription service will handle all of the upgrades for you. Your SaaS provider will be responsible for maintaining your system, updating as necessary and ensuring your service level remains consistent. At the same time, you can rest assured your security will be of the highest quality so you have peace of mind in knowing your patients’ sensitive information will be protected. With professionals on the job for the maintenance and security of your system, your time can be spent with your patients, rather than your computer.

PatientNOW features the practice management software you need to take your practice to the next level. Our customizable solutions offer everything you need to manage the daily operations of your practice, including patient engagement, billing and coding and patient acquisition and retention. With subscription pricing, you can enjoy lower rates overall and a high level of value from your investment. To learn more about our products, contact PatientNOW at 800-436-3150.


The Importance of a Mobile CRM

You may not think of customer relationship management (CRM) as an essential part of your medical practice. However, like any business, your goal is patient acquisition and retention if you are serious about building your patient base. CRM is the way to see improvements in both of those areas. Mobile CRM is the way to increase patient acquisition and retention and give your patients the precise type of experience with your practice they are looking for.

Why CRM?

The very nature of CRM, which is to improve the relationship with your existing patients, builds your patient retention. At the same time, CRM offers benefits to your patient acquisition because happy patients are more likely to refer you to family and friends. They are also more likely to give you favorable reviews on the websites patients tend to go to when they begin thinking about plastic surgery procedures.

CRM is a method of understanding the needs and concerns of your patients better so that you can address them more effectively. It provides a pathway for communication that allows you better insight into how your patients see you and your practice. That way, you can make any necessary changes to improve your patients’ experiences every time they walk into your office.

Why Mobile CRM?

People have migrated from PCs and laptops to mobile devices of all kinds. This allows all of us to take our business and our personal lives with us wherever we go. If you want to be fully accessible to your patients, going mobile is the way to go without a doubt.

The benefits of mobile CRM are numerous and include:

• Better access to information from any location

• Faster, more efficient patient communication

• Better insight into how patients see your practice

• Faster notification of concerns so answers can be found

• Convenience for your patients, which means higher patient retention

There are many reasons why you need to consider adding mobile CRM to your practice. The next question becomes, how do you go about it?

How PatientNOW can Help

At PatientNOW, we have the solutions you need to bring your patient relationships to the next level. Through automation of your office, you will have more time to dedicate to your patients, whether through face-to-face consultations or mobile communications. Our Patient Acquisition and Retention (PAR) software is specifically geared toward building those relationships with your patients that will keep them coming back to you for additional treatments and sharing your name with friends and family also interested in cosmetic procedures.

Our software package ensures no inquiry to your office gets lost in the cracks by automating the follow-up process. In addition, our software makes it easy for you to track both your referrals and your staff effectiveness, allowing you to make the necessary changes to improve your patients’ experiences with you. We even provide convenient, efficient ways for you to build your practice through specials, promotions and awards programs.

It is not enough to be a competent plastic surgeon with a good bedside manner today. The industry requires physicians to connect with patients in a much wider range of channels than ever before. At PatientNOW, we understand the pressure this can place on your practice, which is why we provide the specific solutions that can increase your office efficiency and patient engagement. To learn more, contact PatientNOW today at 800-436-3150.


Using PatientNOW from Start to Finish

Automating your plastic surgery practice can seem like a daunting undertaking, particularly if you have used the same manual system for many years. However, office automation promises many benefits, including more time to spend with your patients. At PatientNOW, we understand the implementation of a new software system can make any plastic surgeon cringe with visions of technical mishaps and plenty of headache. To help you prepare for the change, check out these basics of using PatientNOW in your practice.

Electronic Medical Records

Organize your patient records and other important information online so that both you and your patient have easy access to their files. EMR offers your practice the ability to go paperless, increasing both efficiency and security. All of your patient’s information will be immediately accessible on your computer or mobile device and our QuickVIEW allows you to flip through the electronic file the same way you would a paper file.

The patient portal is another feature of our EMR that allows your patient to take a more active role in their treatments. This portal provides patients the convenience of completing paperwork and signing consent forms electronically, as well as access to their medical information. The software also features secure messaging that allows your office to communicate with patients quickly and easily.

Practice Management

Practice management boasts features that give you less time in front of your computer and more time with your patients. Scheduling software is color-coded for easy reference and automated reminders reduce the number of no-show appointments in your office. The software also includes wait list capabilities and block scheduling to ensure your patients get seen in a timely fashion.

E-prescribe is another feature physicians often wonder how they lived without once it is implemented into the office. Electronic prescriptions streamline the process, while eliminating errors and potential drug interactions. The procedure is also beneficial for patients that no longer have to take a paper prescription to the pharmacy and wait for it to be filled.

Patient Engagement

Plastic surgeons find themselves in a competitive industry today, which means patient acquisition and retention are essential for a healthy practice. Our PAR software even makes marketing and follow-up that much easier by automating the process to ensure no prospective patients fall through the cracks. The PatientNOW software help you to capture additional patients every week, which can significantly increase your patient base and your revenues over the course of the year.

Studies have shown that as many as 40 percent of patients that call for information about a procedure will not schedule an appointment during that contact. PAR software automatically sends an email follow-up to the patient after the phone call, increasing the odds that the patient will actually schedule their procedure with your office. In addition, PAR follows up with current patients after a procedure to ensure they schedule their next procedure with your practice as well.

Office automation is at the heart of improving your physician/patient relationship. Patients are looking for a plastic surgeon they can trust, and when they find that physician, they will not only come back for additional treatments, they will refer friends and family members to that physician as well. By getting you and your staff away from the computer and engaged in patient interaction, you will see your practice grow and thrive. To learn more about PatientNOW software products, contact our office today at 800-436-3150.


PatientNOW and Email Marketing for Your Practice

While there are many options for marketing your plastic surgery practice today, few continue to be as popular and effective as email marketing. This cost-effective approach allows you to communicate with both current and prospective patients, alerting them to new services, products and promotions. By creating eye-catching email blasts, you can ensure your patients will take notice of your communications with them and that means they will be more likely to respond to your offers.

Benefits of Email Marketing

There are a number of reasons to incorporate email into your overall marketing plan:

• Helps to anchor patients to your practice for higher patient retention rates

• Allows you to target specific patients for specific services for more effective advertising

• Most patients prefer receiving email to other methods of communication

• Email is one of the most cost-effective ways to communicate with patients

• Allows for the ability to track responses to email marketing so you know what works and what doesn’t

• Ability to market your practice in a variety of ways beyond merely offering discounts

• Allows your patients to forward emails to friends and family that might be interested in your services

Email blasts are an effective way to keep all of your patients tuned into your practice, by announcing new services, additions to your staff or seasonal promotion.

Tips for Success

When using email as a marketing tool, there are a few basic guidelines to keep in mind:

• Keep messages short and make them eye-catching. Use a graphic designer to create blasts that will be sure to get noticed by your patients.

• Use email communication to drive traffic back to your website. Don’t disclose all the information in your email message; instead, offer a link to your website to get more information.

• Preview your blast on a variety of devices to ensure the message comes through correctly no matter which device your patient is currently using.

Automating the Process

You may be reading this wondering how you are supposed to find additional time in your already packed schedule to design eye-catching email blasts regularly. The answer lies in automation, which you can implement using software customized to the specific needs of your practice. PatientNOW products include the ability to do both email and text marketing, with tools to generate patient lists and send custom blasts quickly and easily.

At the same time, PatientNOW software helps you to automate the rest of the administrative duties of your practice, so you spend less time in front of your computer and more time attracting and building relationships with your patients. The products were designed for plastic surgeons by a plastic surgeon, so you can rest assured the tools and features will be geared directly to your own practice.

Plastic surgery is a lucrative field of medicine today, which has created a competitive playing field for plastic surgeons across the country. It is not enough to be the most skilled surgeon, you need ways to let patients in your area know about your expertise and talent so they will come to you for their procedures. Email marketing is just one piece of the puzzle, but it is a piece that can significantly impact your patient base and your revenue.

Bring your plastic surgery practice into the 21st century with software designed just for you. To learn more, contact PatientNOW today at 800-436-3150.


Why Patient Communication is Important to a Growing Practice

Plastic surgery practices face a competitive environment today, so what sets your patient care apart from the rest? Communication is a key ingredient in forging positive relationships with your patients, ensuring they return to you for additional procedures and recommend their friends and family to your practice. There are a number of reasons why patient communication is an essential ingredient in a healthy practice.

Patients Want It

Patients are expecting much more from your practice than the ability to call in during office hours. They want to be able to check test results or ask questions on their time – not yours. By expanding your communication channels, patients are able to engage with your office at times and from places that are convenient for them. Greater patient engagement leads to greater patient loyalty and a healthier bottom line for your practice.

Multiple Options = Convenience

In addition to communicating with you WHEN they want to, patients also want to be able to communicate HOW they want to. Whether a patient is more comfortable with an email, text or good old-fashioned phone call, you need to provide your patients with the options they are looking for. A patient portal becomes a valuable tool in this area, since it allows patients to access their information or communicate with your office from any location and device.

The Benefits of Automated Communication

Automated communication may not seem like the way to enhance your patient relationships, but consider the benefits those automated messages can offer. First, automatic appointment reminders reduce the number of patient no-shows your office has to deal with. In addition, cancellations tend to come more promptly with these reminders, opening up your schedule so you can fit in other patients a bit sooner. Overall, this leads to greater office efficiency in the scheduling department, which in turn leads to higher patient satisfaction.

Patient Retention Back in Focus

Improving communication channels with your patients brings patient retention back into focus for your practice. Many plastic surgery offices make the mistake of putting all their time and energy into attracting new patients, rather than making their current patients as happy as possible. By expanding your patient’s ability to communicate with you, you up your retention level even at the same time you can attract new patients to your practice.

Making the Process Work

You may be thinking by now that while all these tips make sense, integrating them into your practice may seem like more work than you have the time and manpower to handle. That is where customized software comes into play that helps you automate your administrative functions to allow you more time for patient interaction. At PatientNOW, our software options allow you to improve communication channels at the same time you increase office efficiency, ensuring both your patients and your staff remain happy.

Automation is the name of the game for medical practices today, both for increasing efficiency and improving patient relations. Allow PatientNOW to take your office to the next level with automated software systems designed for your specific practice needs. To learn more, contact PatientNOW at 800-436-3150.


Using Before and After Photos to Your Benefit

Before and after photos are an essential component to any successful plastic surgery practice. You use them to market your practice to prospective patients, while patients use them to select the best plastic surgeon for their needs. High quality before and after photos demonstrate the professionalism of your office and give your patients the confidence they need to move forward with their procedures. Now, PatientNOW can help you take your before and after photos to the next level using Med Spa Photo Management.

What is Med Spa Photo Management?

Med Spa Photo Management is a part of our practice management package, which is integrated into the electronic records management (ERM) system. With a simple digital camera in your office, you can create additions for your patient’s chart and your own marketing materials. The simple pull-down tagging system allows you to find your patient’s photos quickly and easily, so you spend less time working with your software and more time demonstrating sharing your phots with your patients.

Benefits of the Program

Med Spa Photo Management offers a number of benefits over other systems for before and after photos:

• Photos save instantly to your patient’s electronic medical record, no uploading required

• Easy location makes for quick placement of photos

• Full markup capabilities with standard web camera and digital camera

• Search by any category including patient, procedure, body area

• Integration with both Canfield Mirror and United Imaging

• Ability to annotate photos for easier reference

• Quick view allows you to browse photos in seconds, with instant pop-up using your cursor

Uses for Med Spa Photo Management

Before and after photos are the most effective way to document your work and attract new patients. Photos stored in Med Spa Photo Management can be used for the following:

• Place anywhere in your patient file for documentation of procedure

• Export into your photo gallery on your Facebook page

• Utilize them in a Power Point presentation to educate patients

• Export them to the PatientNOW gallery for use in marketing materials

• Provide them on any device during patient consultations

Patients coming in for cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery procedures are better educated than ever before. Most know to ask for before and after photos to see documentation of your work and get a realistic idea of what they can expect from their own procedure. The easier it is to find and display the photos your patient asks for, the better the entire consultation process will be for your patient.

Integrated Software Programs

Med Spa Photo Management is just one component of our user-friendly, efficient electronic medical records (EMR) software packages. Other features include administrative and marketing functions that can be customized to the unique needs of your practice. Automate your patient records, billing, scheduling and patient engagement with a single, easy-to-use software system.

With the perfect automation to run your practice, your entire staff will spend less time in front of a computer screen and more time forming relationships with your patients. To learn more about Med Spa Photo Management or any of the features of the PatientNOW EMR packages available, contact PatientNOW today at 800-436-3150.


Transitioning Your Patients to PatientNOW

Perhaps you have already been sold on the benefits of implementing PatientNOW software into your own plastic surgery practice. Now, the challenge will be to turn your patients on to the new system as well. Transitioning patients to your automated processes may seem like a daunting task, but we have a few tips to make that effort just a little easier and more enjoyable for you, your staff and your patients.

Bring Your Staff Up to Speed

Before you can sell your patients on the positive features of your new PatientNOW system, you need to get your staff on board with the new process. Provide proper training for your staff to ensure they are comfortable with the various features of the software. Fortunately, PatientNOW is instinctive and user-friendly, so your administrative staff should catch onto the system fairly quickly.

Educate Your Patients

Once your staff is comfortable with the system, you can begin educating your patients. You can introduce the PatientNOW software with a display in your waiting area or provide one-on-one training when your patients come in for their appointment. Email blasts are another good way to alert your patients to the new software and the many benefits it will offer to them as well as the efficiency of your practice overall.

Tout the Benefits

What are the benefits of switching to EMR? The advantages are numerous, including those that directly affect your patients. Make sure your patients are aware of what your new PatientNOW software can do for them, including:

• Offers them instant access to their medical records from any device

• Ability to communicate with you or a member of your staff quickly and easily

• Easy scheduling without having to wait on hold to make appointments by phone

• Automated reminders about appointments so they never miss a treatment

• Reminders of when touch-up procedures need to be scheduled

• Opportunity to save on treatments with rewards programs or gift cards

It is also important for your patients to understand that as your practice becomes more automated, they will have more face time with you and your staff members that are responsible for their care and perform their treatments. This means more time for questions and explanations before and after treatments and surgeries for a better outcome overall.

Reassure Patients Information is Secure

Patients often fear having their sensitive medical information in cyberspace, where it can seemingly be easily seen or even taken by unknown entities. Reassure your patients that the EMR is completely secure – even more so than the paper files they are accustomed to seeing. With plenty of security features integrated into the system, the only people that will be seeing your patient’s information is you and your patient. Back-up systems also ensure files will never be lost, even if your technology takes a hit due to an act of nature or other unexpected event.

Offer Incentives for Use

Often the hardest part of getting patients to transition to PatientNOW software is simply getting them to use the system enough that they become comfortable with it. Incentives can make a big difference in the early stages of your implementation, such as special pricing for patients that schedule online or rewards that are only available through your website. The more your patients use the PatientNOW system, the more they are sure to like it.

Going paperless is an effective way to maximize your office efficiency and your patient relations. By helping both your staff and patients transition smoothly to the change, you will be more likely to take advantage of every benefit your new system has to offer. To learn more, contact PatientNOW at 800-436-3150.


How does Knowing Patient History Affect Patient Retention?

Patient retention is a key factor in growing a robust plastic surgery practice. Not only does it keep your patients coming back for additional procedures, it also increases your word-of-mouth referrals from happy patients that have made your practice an essential component in their lives. You may already understand the importance of patient retention and you may be taking steps to increase retention in your office. Did you know your patient’s history can have a direct impact on their willingness to return to your practice as well?

Taking Your Patient’s History

Patient retention actually begins with your patient’s first visit to your practice. Now is the time to begin building that relationship with your patient that will open the door to future procedures. The medical history can be the perfect tool for getting to know your patient, based on how you conduct the interview.

Consider shifting your line of questioning from physician-focused, which typically involves asking a long string of medical questions necessary to determining the safety and efficacy of the procedure in question. Instead, use a patient-centered approach that begins with a few social questions and moves into the medical inquiries. This style is much more likely to put patients at ease right away so that relationship can build naturally and comfortably.

Building a Relationship

Once you have initiated a positive relationship with your patient, you can bring your level of patient care to a higher level. By knowing your patient’s social and medical history, you are in a better position to recommend additional procedures that would provide the actual benefits your patient is looking for. In addition, when you know your patient’s history well, your patient feels like a valued part of your practice, rather than a number or revenue generator.

Patient History and Tracking

Patient history can also play a key role in your ability to track your patient’s follow-up care and incentive programs. Knowing your patient’s history of procedures – both with you and with other physicians – gives you the necessary information to establish incentive programs that actually work and promotions for procedures the patient might actually want. Knowing social history, such as your patient’s discomfort with surgical procedures, gives you the knowledge to recommend non-surgical treatments until your patient’s confidence builds with your practice.

Automating the Process

While knowing patient history can offer a myriad of benefits in your patient retention efforts, it can be easier said than done for a busy practice that sees many patients every single week. This is where automation comes into play. First, EMRs allow you to pull up a patient’s file immediately, so all the information about the patient is at your fingertips. It also allows you to coordinate your patient’s information with other providers when necessary, to ensure seamless transition from medical to cosmetic care.

Second, practice management software allows you to automate functions like patient follow-up, so none of your patients fall through the cracks. This ensures that when a patient’s history indicates certain procedures should be recommended or incented, the process moves forward without fail. The efficiency of the right practice management software will keep your patients happy without overtaxing your office staff with administrative duties.

At PatientNOW, we understand the importance of patient retention in your practice and can help you use your patients’ histories to increase the retention rates in your office. Our software is customizable to your specific practice and increases office efficiency so you and your staff can spend less time at their computers and more time working directly with patients. To learn more, contact PatientNOW at 800-436-3150.


The Ins and Outs of Scheduling with PatientNOW

Patient scheduling is an administrative task that can take plenty of time and effort by your staff to maintain. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a software program that could automate your scheduling process and even bring it to the next level of efficiency? PatientNOW software features some of the best scheduling function to date, to help busy plastic surgery offices like yours run at optimal efficiency.

Easy Viewing

Color coding makes it easy for you to view you entire day’s schedule in one quick glance. If you prefer, you can view your schedule on a weekly or monthly basis as well. Color coding makes it simple for you to see the types of appointments coming up in addition to the specific patients you will be seeing. You can create your schedule in blocks and the software makes it easy for you to track wait lists and cancellations. The software also includes automated reminders and confirmation indicators to help you reduce no-shows that impact your efficiency and work flow.

Pre-Defined Appointment Types

Knowing the types of appointments coming up allow you to match the patient to the specific provider and support staff needed for that particular service. You can reserve the appropriate room and equipment for any procedure so the room is ready when your patient arrives. Default options are available for setting proper times for each appointment type. Once your patient arrives, you can also track them through your office so you know where every patient is at a particular time to ensure that staff and equipment is ready for each patient when needed.

Paper-Free Office

Efficient offices are going paper-free or nearly paper-free today, offering patients a more convenient and secure way to store their records. In addition to automated scheduling, software from PatientNOW offers printed check-in documents that your patients simply review and sign when they arrive at your office. You can also set up electronic patient sign-in, making it easier than ever for patients to check in and for you to track your patient flow each day.

Quick to Learn, Easy to Use

With so many options and features to work with, you may be worried that it will take your staff weeks to adapt to the new, automated system. However, the PatientNOW software is completely intuitive and user-friendly, guiding users through the process to make it as simple as possible. Your staff may be ready to implement the new system after just one day of training. New staff members will also be able to work with the system quickly, reducing training time and expense.

Superior Mobility

Because plastic surgeons no longer want to be tied to the office when it comes to managing operations, PatientNOW software can also be synced with Outlook and smartphones to make access to your office completely mobile. You can quickly look over your schedule before arriving at your office in the morning or do a speedy rundown of the following day the night before. Your patients are also able to access their own information from a mobile device, making it easier for them to become active partners in regards to their procedures and treatments.

Scheduling is a core element of your practice, but now that administrative task can be easier than ever before. Thanks to PatientNOW office management software, you can remain on top of your scheduling to increase your patient flow and your bottom line. To learn more, contact PatientNOW at 800-436-3150.