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How To Increase Patient Portal Engagement and Usage

The patient portal is an effective tool for building your practice, by providing a positive patient experience that increases both patient retention and referrals. However, the tool will only be as good as the amount of participation it gets from your patient base. If your patient portal is sadly underused, or if you are hesitant about implementing the technology because you are unsure of its value, check out these tips for increasing participation and usage on your own patient portal.

Promote Your Portal

Your patients won’t use your portal if they don’t know it exists, so it’s important to promote this new feature at every opportunity. Some ideas for getting the word out include:

• In office promotion, such as posters and brochures
• A kiosk or tablet in the office where patients can register
• Registration information on appointment cards
• Have staff verbally remind patients about the portal during appointments or phone calls
• Place a prominent link on your website so patients can click on the portal feature

Emphasize the Benefits

A new portal can be a complex piece of technology with a wide range of features. Do not overwhelm your patients by giving them too much information about your portal too fast. Instead, begin by focusing on one or two patient benefits of the portal, such as the ability to schedule appointments or refill prescriptions online. By letting patients know how the portal will benefit them, they will be more likely to register for this new service.

Start the Communication Ball Rolling

One of the top reasons patient portals are becoming popular is their ability to share communication quickly and easily between patients and providers. Get the ball rolling by using the portal to let patients know about special promotions or other information they might find useful. Assign a patient coordinator that ensures questions posted to the portal are answered quickly and thoroughly.

Get the Physician Involved

Studies indicate that patients are more likely to open emails and other forms of communication that come directly from their physician. More than 90 percent of individuals will respond to this type of correspondence, versus only 10 percent that are likely to respond if the correspondence comes from the practice. Your plastic surgeon does not have to permanently pen each email or message, but linking the physician’s name as the sender of the communication will ensure many more patients will actually read and respond to the message.

As more practices tune into the many benefits of the electronic patient portal, it is expected that use of this service will increase exponentially in upcoming years. Make sure your practice is ready to make the most of this service by getting the most patient engagement you possibly can. You, as well as your patients, will see the benefits of greater patient retention, more referrals and a healthier bottom line. To learn more, contact patientNOW at 888-644-2987.


The Single Largest Source of HIPAA Breaches in 2013: Personal Electronic Devices

“The loss of PEDs (Personal Electronic Devices), whether maliciously, or unintentionally, created the single largest source of HIPAA breaches in 2013.”

We are fortunate to live in a world of portable convenience. Our personal schedule syncs with our work schedule which syncs with our phones. At the same time, we have access to our email from phones, tablets, and laptops. And how easy has texting made our work lives? Running late in surgery? Simply text your assistant that Mary’s surgery is running longer than expected and that you’ll be delayed getting back to the office.
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Effective Ways to Increase Patient Retention Rates

Increase Patient Retention Rates
One of the biggest challenges for many practices is maintaining a high patient retention rate. Some practice’s patient retention methods are more successful than others’ because they have likely created a streamlined system for managing patient communications. You can make this process easier by using the patientNOW Patient Acquisition and Retention (PAR™) system at your practice. The system makes it simple to automate many marketing tasks so patient communications are seamless and effective.

Here are some tips for increasing patient retention rates:
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How an EMR Can Help Your Practice Save Time and Money

How an EMR Can Help Your Practice Save Time and Money
Managing paper records and documents for your patients can be time-consuming and can be a security risk. Many practice managers find it challenging to keep paper records up-to-date and ensure that all paperwork is free of medical errors. Making the switch to an EMR can streamline many of your medical practice’s daily activities and also save you time and money in the long-run. Here are some of the ways an EMR can benefit your practice:
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3 Ways an EMR Can Improve Your Practice

How EMR Can Improve Your Practice
Making sure your practice runs smoothly can be a challenge when you are using folders full of paper documents to maintain patient records or outdated software programs to handle billing and scheduling tasks. Making the switch to a paperless office by digitizing patient records and implementing a document management system for easy sharing of photos and other media can help to streamline many day-to-day activities — and also reduce overall costs.

Here are three ways an EMR, or electronic medical records system, can improve your practice:

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The Pros and Cons of Going Paperless with an EMR

Benefits of going paperless with emr
You need to implement an efficient and secure system to manage medical records and generate invoices at your office. Consider going paperless when managing electronic medical records so that you have easy access to files you need at any time. Going paperless can streamline many internal operations and even improve the patient experience. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of going paperless with an EMR:
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Tips for Managing Your Practice with EMR

Managing Your Practice With EMR
Managing patient documents is an important part of daily operations at your aesthetic practice or medical spa. Consider going paperless with our Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution to manage those sensitive files with ease. Digitized versions of patient documents are much easier to organize, sort, and access by authorized staff members, and will help you streamline many of the daily tasks at the office. Here are some tips for managing your practice with EMR versus traditional paper filing.

Benefits of Managing Your Practice with EMRs

If you are committed to going green, consider going paperless with EMRs. Our digital patient documents are designed to look just like paper charts and pages appear instantly as you flip through the files within the program. PatientNOW EMR comes with a fully-integrated document management system that can capture patient signatures digitally, store photos and other media files, organize scanned images, and take care of word processing tasks with ease. Our EMR barcode system eliminates the need for manual indexing and can reduce data entry errors.

Some of the key benefits of managing your practice with EMR include:

  • Fast access to patient records
  • Easy access to analytics data
  • Export documents efficiently
  • Eliminate office costs associated with purchasing paper and storing paper files
  • Generate invoices with ease
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks and other costly activities
  • Improve workflow

Managing Paper Patient Documents

If you are running a very busy medical practice and aren’t completely paperless just yet, you may experience some issues with workflow and communication between patients and staff members. It can be difficult to manage and organize paper documents in larger facilities and keep accurate records of all patients without a digital software program. You will need to make room to store patient files in a secure location and train staff to file all paperwork without making errors.

For many medical practices and medical spas, having access to digital patient documents streamlines many internal processes and reduces the risk of errors. You can increase security of sensitive patient information with an online registration portal, eliminating the need for patients to complete paper authorization forms and other paperwork during the intake process.

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Patient Acquisition & Retention™

What if you could fill your waiting room with patients? YOU CAN USING PAR™

PAR is the patient experience engine at the heart of our EMR and practice management solution. PAR can help your practice increase the number of new patients and appointments in addition to accelerating recurring patient revenue.


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