EMR and Dermatology: Resources and News

We’ve been noticing more and more online discussion about EMR for Dermatologists. This post shares some interesting links and resources that you may want to view if you’re a dermatologist who’s about to implement an electronic medical records system.

Dermatologists struggle with electronic health record implementation

An article by Bob Gatty documents some of the acute obstacles that small dermatology practices must overcome when implementing EMR. “We must strike the right balance between modernizing the practice of medicine, delivering high quality care and protecting patient care,” says dermatologist Sasha Kramer, M.D. in the article.

EHR implementation pitfalls can be costly

Another good article from modernmedicine.com explores the technical difficulties that physicians often face when implementing EHR. Brett Krasner, M.D., a dermatologist, explains the shortcomings of his EHR system. Some of the issues he encountered: poor training, a “useless” and expensive server, and coding that “lumped all skin-related activities into a single exam item.” Despite this, Dr. Krasner says if he had to implement an EHR again, he would “absolutely” do it, just on a cost basis.

Electronic health records conversion of my 20 year old medical practice

Dermatologist Cynthia Bailey MD shares her fears of converting a 13,000 patient dermatology practice from paper to EHR. “I had no idea how hard this would be,” she writes, “and it has to be done in just 5 days!  It’s the EHR-conversion, mix-master vortex nightmare…..”

Dermatology Electronic Health Record Manual (dEHRm)

On aad.org, you can download the current Dermatology Electronic Health Record Manual, which is designed to guide you through the adoption of EHR. The Academy says it’s a comprehensive toolkit that can help you assess the needs of your practice and your readiness, using worksheets, tables, checklists and other resources.

The Electronic Medical Record in Dermatology

This article appeared one year ago in Archives of Dermatology. The abstract, available online, reads: “Governmental incentives to stimulate the ‘meaningful use’ of electronic medical records and future disincentives for Medicaid and Medicare provide an impetus for dermatologists to consider adding this technology to their clinical practice.” The authors go on to cite “scientific and economic data” that can help dermatologists make an informed choice about EMR.

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