PatientNOW comes with a complete document management system that is fully integrated into the EMR.

Manage scanned images, emails, word processing, photos, diagnostic images, and faxes. Unique barcode system (BarcodeNOW) can reduce manual indexing and eliminate data entry errors. Pages will always be in the right chart.

Go completely Green – be a paperless office.

The Patient Documents section looks like a paper chart. Colored tabs with tab names match what you have today. QuickVIEW is just like flipping through a paper file. Pages appear instantly as you flip through.


Scan paper, insurance cards, driver licenses and photos with the same scanner. Scan templates get the documents to the right place every time.

Image scanning an insurance card, both sides at once in color and zooming it to full page size. It is fast and perfect every time. See complete selection of Fujitsu scanners for more information.


Send documents for review, signature, pre-authorization, faxing and other. PatientNOW allows you to have assigned incoming documents for review, digital signing, etc. by different staff members. You can easily route work for high-cost medical professionals to more cost-effective and administrative support staff in a timely and fluid manner.

Physicians and staff can then always review what is in their specific queues so that documents and tasks from previous days never get forgotten. Alerts can be setup if a document stays in a queue for longer than a specific amount of time.

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