Getting the Most out of Your PatientNOW System With Ongoing Training

You have already made one of the biggest investments you will make in your practice by implementing an EMR system, but have you reaped its full value, and more importantly, has it given you the return-on-investment you expect? Even the greatest tool does not work on its own. To get the maximum benefit from the EMR you already have, you need to understand how to put it to its best use, and that requires training.

Training your staff comes with its own costs — either extra hours or time away from the core value they add to your practice. However, when it comes to fully utilizing your EMR, you can achieve substantive efficiencies in every aspect of your practice which can have both monetary and qualitative returns. Further, on-going training ensures you don’t miss out on the value of new features when released. On-going training can fully unlock the value of your PatientNOW EMR system.

To get the full benefit from your EMR, you have to understand it

To benefit fully from all the features of your PatientNOW EMR, you not only have to know what they are but you have to know how to use them in ways that help your practice function better. Training introduces you to features in your EMR and shows you the correct way to use them and adapt them to get the most benefit.

You will also quickly find that your PatientNOW EMR system is constantly changing — for the better — as we improve features and offer new ones because plastic surgeons like yourself have asked for them. You will want to capitalize on the value that these new features offer, and regular training for you and your staff ensures that you are always “up to speed” and fully maximizing your implementation and practice efficiency.

Training That Fits Your Schedule

You provide quality care to your patients to help them look and feel their best. To help keep your focus on your clients, you need training that works around your packed schedule and makes the most of your time. PatientNOW offers several flexible training options to do just that.

If you prefer tailored and in-person training, PatientNOW can come to you, giving you the opportunity to get the big picture on how to optimize your EMR now that you have begun using it, or to focus on specific features you haven’t yet optimized or wish to add or better utilize.

Alternately, if you want on-demand training without the extra planning that in-person training involves, PatientNOW can train your team remotely via web conferencing. If you want training with even less administrative impact, you can dial-in to bi-monthly webinars or watch them at your convenience on our web portal.

An Investment You Don’t Have to Pay for

I have already invested in a PatientNOW EMR system. Do I have to pay more for training? No, you don’t. All PatientNOW EMR training is free. We want you to see returns from your PatientNOW EMR and maximize your return on investment. The only additional investment you will have to make is time, and taking time for training does more than make you expert users of your EMR system.

Training your staff makes them feel invested in which can make a qualitative difference in practice morale and function. Your team will also feel empowered knowing that they can operate the EMR independently, perform their job more effectively and offer better patient care, adding value at each step. With PatientNOW behind you to offer support whenever questions or problems arise, your team will have the time to offer the care that will bring patients back.

Training Maximizes Your Investment

The benefits of a workflow tool depend on two factors — how well the system fits your needs, and how well you use it. PatientNOW’s consultative approach — customizing the EMR to your practice’s needs and workflow requirements — help ensure the EMR provides out-of-the-box benefits to your practice. On a day to day basis, however, you and your staff will control how much value you will actually get from your implementation.

Training can make your team power users who get the most from every feature and adapt features to how you work. Your EMR can change with you to meet future workflow needs you didn’t anticipate, and the better you know your EMR, the better able you will be to continue to get value from your system. Training also unlocks the potential of your staff who, using the system, can spend more time on patients, building repeat business.

Contact PatientNOW today at 888-644-2987 to discuss your training needs and begin a personalized training program for you and your practice staff. The next thing you learn about your PatientNOW EMR could save you time and money and add more patients.


Save Time and Increase Earnings By Simplifying In The New Year

Time — you have no more precious commodity. When you save time, you can reinvest it in your practice in many ways. You can care for more patients, ensure your staff provides outstanding care, streamline your workflow and protocols, keep better control over your financials and, of course, focus on bringing in new business. Before you can achieve any of these goals for your practice, however, you have to find ways to save time.

PatientNOW’s comprehensive EMR workflow, practice management tools, extensive partner add-on’s and partnership initiatives give you a single place to monitor, manage and act upon the information crucial not only to your success but your competitiveness in your market. PatientNOW enables you to save time, make your practice as efficiently as possible, and maximize the financial return on your hard work and patient care.

PatientNOW — a single workflow tool for all your practice needs

Perhaps no single practice improvement you can put into effect will do as much to save you time and increase your revenue as an EMR. PatientNOW’s EMR includes numerous features designed to enable your practice to run smoothly, ensuring that your patients reap the benefits.

Online scheduling makes it easy for your patients to make an appointment anywhere, and automated reminders help ensure they don’t miss appointments. Electronic consents and patient histories increase the accuracy of your patient records and allow you to retrieve relevant data quickly and easily. You can also manage all procedure-related documentation through your PatientNOW EMR, including patient education, pre-surgery checklists and after-care instructions.

A PatientNOW EMR also makes it easy to reach your patients anytime whether through direct text, emails or the patient portal. Automated electronic mailings can inform your patients of new treatment options and also suggest additional procedures which may benefit them once they have completed their current recovery.

With a PatientNOW EMR automating many necessary but administrative practice functions, you and your staff can use the time you save to keep your existing patients happy, and with PatientNOW’s robust patient-outreach tools, you can consistently and easily communicate this value proposition, translating it into additional procedures and more patients.

PatientNOW’s Partner Programs Let You Increase Your Offerings Without Complicating Your Workflow

A PatientNOW EMR not only can help you effectively manage your workflow, but will also work effectively alongside partner services, increasing and not limiting your practice offerings.

PatientNOW’s partnerships with Canfield Imaging Systems and New Look Now® allow you to enhance your consultation experience with high-resolution images and photo simulations which will give your patients the most accurate and realistic expectations for prospective procedures.

Also, through MyMedLeads.com, you can incorporate dedicated lead generation and conversion into your EMR, and with Compass Billing, you can free even more time by enabling support full-service accounts receivable support including insurance and collections when you need it.

The partnerships mentioned above represent only a few of the many PatientNOW relationships which can expand upon a PatientNOW EMR integration and give your practice broader support in meeting patients’ needs. By freeing up your time and enhancing patient care, PatientNOW’s partner-friendly approach allows you to focus on your patients and not your systems which means more repeat business and referrals.

Patient Approved® Helps Patients Find You, Build Your Online Reputation and Create New Business

Patient Approved® — just one of many PatientNOW partners — seamlessly integrates with PatientNOW’s EMR and can significantly boost your online profile, helping you capitalize on organic patient reviews, respond to patient issues, communicate successes to prospective customers and convert your online reputation into new business.

Positive reviews do little good for your practice if prospective patients don’t know about them. PatientNOW with Patient Approved® helps capture and promote positive reviews your practice receives and publish them on your own website and social media channels, ensuring that prospective patients see them and that you incur the maximize benefit from them. A Patient Approved® medallion on your web collaterals unmistakably communicates your practice’s commitment to excellence.

The best news — a significant portion of the review gathering, vetting, ranking and publication happens automatically. You will reap all the marketing benefits of your strong reputation in your specialty simply by including a Patient Approved® workflow into your current PatientNOW EMR. Most importantly, you have an extra assurance of always having satisfied patients.

PatientNOW Allows You to Save Time, Work Better and Earn More

Whatever our role, we all want to simplify. This goal poses a unique challenge to doctors whose burdens include complex procedures, high-volume scheduling, document management and retention requirements and even inventory controls. These special requirements, however, do not make simplifying impossible if you have the right tools.

A PatientNOW EMR through its feature-rich workflow management tools, complementary add-on modules and broad industry partnerships can address many of the most potent challenges you face all from one application, even from the palm of your hand. Utilizing a custom integration, you can also tackle only the problems most important to you without over-investing in solutions from which you won’t fully benefit.

To discuss all the ways a PatientNOW EMR can help you optimize your practice, and to discuss the additional benefits you can receive from your existing PatientNOW EMR, call us today at 888-644-2987. You can simplify and earn more, and PatientNOW can help.


You Can Decide Whether Client Feedback Will Help or Harm Your Cosmetic Practice

Well integrated client feedback can greatly influence the success of a cosmetic practice. Honest and unfiltered feedback gives you the clearest picture of where both you and your practice as a whole have succeeded and where you must improve. Yet as you work hard each day to satisfy your client’s needs, you may have few resources left to assign to gathering and assessing client feedback. The question then becomes, how do you collect, quantify and qualify this crucial information and put it to work for you?

Fortunately, just as you have automated your office workflow through the implementation of an EMR system, you can also electronically gather, triage and access this crucial business metric and incorporate it into the EMR you already use and trust. Readily available client feedback means you can better satisfy existing clients, promote your client successes in real time and increase new patient visits and revenue.

Patient Approved®’s suite of feedback management tools seamlessly integrates into your EMR and web channels, making your client rating available on your website and social media, where prospective clients spend the most time. Let’s take a look at several advantages your practice can enjoy by incorporating a reputation management workflow.

You Can Only Fix Problems You Know About

As a doctor, you can control most aspects of a procedure, but you cannot control all of them. Problems will arise. These scenarios, however, give you the opportunity to highlight how you and your practice handle unique situations. Everyone wants things to go right the first time, but prospective patients want to know how you will make it right in the rare instance they don’t.

Your response to sub-optimal feedback demonstrates your commitment to your patient’s well-being and satisfaction. The fact-based, patient-generated follow-up responses you will receive from a satisfied client will tell that story for you. Prospective patients will then come away knowing that, despite unforeseen complications, you as a doctor did everything you could to achieve your patient’s best possible outcome. However, if you don’t know about these problems, you can’t fix them.

Patient Approved®’s workflow elicits patient feedback in multiple ways, selects quality responses and incorporates them into your EMR for ease of access. This automated process ensures you don’t miss anything, can respond quickly to client concerns and can continue to build trust in your practice. A well-qualified but poor review provides you with three opportunities — to satisfy unhappy patients, to mitigate the risk of negative referrals and to tell a compelling story that will build prospective patients’ confidence in your practice. Patient Approved®’s workflow, connected to your PatientNOW EMR, makes sure you can capitalize on all three fronts.

Having No Reviews Can Do as Much Harm As Having Bad Reviews

You might think that having no patient feedback won’t do your practice any harm. Today’s web-savvy prospective patients, however, expect information — good and even bad. Whether you have an established practice with no social media or a young practice with an online presence but little traffic, you occupy a very vulnerable place. The absence of information invites one of the most dangerous threats to your reputation — speculation. Without concrete information, you might leave prospective clients wondering whether you can credibly provide your advertised services.

You would rather have prospects hear factual information from your patients even if it concerns issues than allow them to attach their worst fears to your practice. Patient Approved® helps to ensure that you keep your practice out of the information void. By collecting and vetting your client reviews, you can continually develop and deliver one of your most valuable assets, an accurate, online representation of your real-world reputation.

Let Your Feedback Advertise Your Practice

What do you most want your prospective patients to know about you and your practice? You want them to know you have a long track record of successful surgeries and a long list of satisfied patients. A prominently featured high or five-star rating communicates this message whether or not prospective patients further research your reviews, practice history or credentials.

When they do research your practice, however, they will find a host of detailed, meaningful reviews supporting this distinction. Higher ratings yield higher revenues, and a single point increase here could increase your revenue by as much as 9 percent. Data from Harvard Business School supports this assertion. If you want to establish your practice as one worthy of that second look and increase your revenue, a Patient Approved® seal will help you achieve both goals.

Patient Approved® gives you one of the most comprehensive and reliable ways to access and incorporate this data into your marketing strategy. By seamlessly linking your patients’ social media to your EMR and web channels, you can convert your positive feedback into new customers and increased revenue in real time.

Don’t Fail to Capitalize on Your Most Valuable Asset

The better you manage your information, the better your information can help you manage your practice. Client feedback presents tremendous opportunities. Failing to capture or utilize this information can have a significant negative impact on the growth of your practice and your revenue. You can only put this information to work for you, however, if you have a comprehensive and reliable system in place to compile it and put it into actionable form — that doesn’t take time away from your patients.

Patient Approved®’s suite of EMR-ready tools gives you the ability to gather and assess this information, respond when necessary, and promote the positive reviews you’ve earned. You have built a successful practice, satisfying thousands of patients and building a sound reputation in the process. Patient Approved® helps communicate these achievements in a clear and concise format where the most prospective clients will view them, online. Don’t let your successful practice become the best-kept secret in cosmetic surgery.

For more information about PatientNOW’s EMR solutions including PatientApproved(™)’s integrated reputation management suite, call us today at 888-644-2987. Our team can help you to create a customized patient engagement and reputation management solution to maximize your return on your human and dollar investments.


To Ensure Year-Long Success, Upgrade Your EMR Before the New Year

Name a good time to install a new EMR system — or switch to a different one. You can’t. Each day poses unique challenges to you and your practice. Add to that the time, effort and adjustments that introducing a new workflow software will require, and you may begin to think you can’t possibly accomplish either goal.

The clear advantages of an EMR system, however, make it one of the single best ways you can improve your practice’s efficiency, staff retention, patient satisfaction and profitability — notwithstanding that Meaningful Use likely requires adoption of some type of EMR system.

As a result, even if you have an EMR system in place, you will need to constantly monitor whether your solution gives you the maximum possible benefit. While no perfect time to change your infrastructure exists, assessing your situation and making any necessary changes before the New Year has several distinct advantages.

If you want your best year yet, you need to start in January

Anyone can do the math. If you want the maximum return in the new year, you need to get results every month. You can achieve this if you start your new year with an effective strategy already in place. You can wait, but you might have to play “catch up” all year long. So get you and your practice ready to have a great month every month next year.

Putting a winning strategy in place will, however, cost you up-front. While a well-chosen EMR system will save you money in the long run, shopping for an EMR system will draw on your time now, even before the installation and ramp-up phases begin. You won’t want to delegate one of the most important decisions concerning the health of your practice, though.

To switch by New Year, start the selection process as early as possible in the year and dedicate time to it even during periods with high patient volume. While you may reach a decision readily, finding the right choice for your practice may take a while.

If you don’t feel you can chart a course before year’s end, ensure you take steps early in the new year for a successful implementation by the close of the following year.

Plan to give yourself more time than you may think necessary. You will want to meet with as many vendors as possible, deeply assess your needs and reflect on which features will have the biggest impact on your practice and which you can forgo.

Use the Holiday Season as a Soft-launch

The holiday season provides one of the most opportune times to launch — or re-launch — your new EMR platform. While the cooler months offer numerous advantages to individuals considering cosmetic treatments, many will delay their decision until after the holidays. As a clinical practitioner, you don’t have down-time, only busier and less busy times. You and your practice can invest the extra time you might have around the holidays in an implementation, training or re-training program for your new EMR system.

In addition, a slightly decreased patient volume over the holidays means you can make system and workflow adjustments before you return to a higher-volume patient load. Also, your EMR implementation team can address any unforeseen problems before your busiest months. If you require data conversion during your transition, that can also quietly occur and upload in the background, mitigating impact on your patient work, and allowing ample time for quality control.

Reap End-of-the-Year Tax Benefits

Many tax credits and incentives await practices who initiate a new EMR system or switch to a new one.

Currently, practices may write off hardware and software acquisitions for three to five years under US Tax Code, according to one healthcare tax expert. Practices can qualify for hardware purchase credits of up to $500,000 — which they can write off in year one — and also for software and training credits whose values vary. Certain restrictions do exist, however — for example, if a practice designs its own software, credits do not apply — but those instances occur rarely.

Additionally, states offer their own tax credits on top of Federal credits which can further mitigate start-up costs. Those credits, offered by multiple states, can partially off-set a practice’s re-training costs for software swap-outs or upgrades.

A change worth the effort, at any time

Heading into the New Year with a well-planned strategy can make the difference between another average year and your best year yet. By giving yourself time to get as much information as possible, cut through the hype and deeply assess your needs, you can empower yourself to make the best decision and give yourself a decided advantage. Also, by planning your workflow and technology improvements when they can cause the least disruption and capture the greatest amount of your attention, you can increase the likelihood of a smooth transitional phase and long-term operational success. Whatever you do, don’t wait. While initially time-consuming, an implementation that fits your needs will reward you year after year.

If you have considered installing a new EMR system or switching your current one, or have more questions, call PatientNOW today at 888-644-2987. Our team can help you to create a customized, end-to-end patient engagement software solution that will boost your practice’s efficiency and profitability and provide you value in the coming year and for years to come.


Are You Still Tackling Last Year’s To-Do List?

Is one of your to-do’s to finally tackle that to-do list? Frequently the sheer volume of what we have to do prevents us from effectively dealing with how we got so behind in the first place. Medical practitioners seeking to optimize practice efficiency have some of the biggest challenges in this area. On any given day you face heavy client volumes, paper-based workflows and mission-critical needs for quality and accuracy.

One way to achieve efficiency is to automate your workflow through patient engagement software. While implementing a practice-wide automation program will add to your to-do list in the short term, in the long term it can help you meet and exceed your goals for staff fulfillment, patient satisfaction and profit growth. Let’s examine key features of this type of solution and how they can help increase your efficiency.

What Exactly Does Patient Engagement Software Do?

Patient engagement software goes beyond features commonly associated with client portals. It automates many time-consuming and manual functions, creates an office-wide workflow and accounting mechanism and builds in marketing functionality crucial for growth.

How Will Patient Engagement Software Benefit my Practice?

These software applications benefit doctors in three fundamental ways:

Practice Management

Practice managers can have new patients register using the system, thus avoiding new paperwork. Clients can schedule appointments directly from any device and will receive automated reminders prior to their visit. Paperless registration and calendaring means staff can minimize filling out forms, checking calendars and making phone calls.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Doctors can review and mark-up electronic health records instantaneously, order lab work, prescribe postoperative care and approve prescription refill requests quickly. In addition to speed, they can do all of this with less chance of reviewing the wrong documents or misreading data.

Strategic & Targeted Marketing

By automating client follow-ups, initiating surveys and eliciting client feedback both positive and negative, automated workflow tools can help doctors identify their most profitable procedures, create incentives around new procedures, remedy perceived shortcomings, target client populations for specific treatments and reward loyal clients with offers geared towards them.

Employing a coordinated strategy improves your likelihood of seeing bottom-line results quickly.

How will Patient Engagement Software Benefit my Patients?

Many features described above also benefit patients. While clients can still interact with their medical records on-line, they also get much more:

The Ability to Participate in Their Treatment Plan

Patients can access their medical records when needed and even transfer them to other members of their care team. Messaging systems facilitate easy communication between patient and doctor regarding immediate concerns. Both features help doctors comply with Meaningful Use Stage 2 compliance.

A Personalized Practice Experience

Patients will receive personalized emails for on-going client education; pre- and postoperative care instructions; recommendations for future procedures based on their treatment history; monthly offers and promotions; and even birthday and anniversary greetings.

A Comprehensive Patient Education Program

Periodic “eBlasts” will ensure clients know the latest technologies employed by the practice as well as demonstrate the practice’s knowledge of cutting-edge medical advances and techniques. While building client confidence, this outreach function also introduces patients to procedures they may not have heard of or previously considered.

These automations help eliminate many of the to-do’s which prevent staff from focusing on patients when in-house and developing the relationships that will build return business. Practice support staff — now free from document retrieval, refiling, mailings and phone calls — can now dedicate more time and attention to the patient in front of them.

Is Patient Engagement Software Worth the Investment?

Automating tasks which are time-consuming and do not directly contribute to the bottom-line allows you and your staff to focus on providing high-touch, personalized and patient-focused care that will lead to satisfied clients, return visits and personal referrals. Enabling your practice to focus on client experience can mean the difference between simply maintaining your client base and actively growing it.

After your education, a workflow automation system can be one of the most significant investments you make in your practice. It requires not only a financial investment but also a commitment of time and resources — to customize a solution, implement the infrastructure, train users for effective use, troubleshoot any issues and monitor for results. While the cost of such an initiative can be high, the costs of doing nothing can be much higher.

Call PatientNOW today at 888-644-2987 to discuss how a customized patient engagement software solution can boost your practice’s efficiency and profitability.


Why the Black Book EMR #2 Vendor is #1 for You

Aesthetic medical practices have a wealth of EMR options available to help them automate their practices, increase their efficiency, and facilitate more meaningful patient interactions. Unfortunately, with so many applications available, doctors can easily make the wrong choice or avoid the selection process altogether. Both of these paths can place doctors at a disadvantage with respect to other practices in their markets.

Having a reliable, independent third-party to cut through often vague, self-congratulatory and salesy EMR marketing can help doctors make the right decision for themselves, their practices and ultimately their patients. One source doctors can turn to reliably is Black Book.

Black Book, a source you can trust

Who is Black Book?

Black Book Market Research is an independent auditing firm serving the healthcare industry. It polls EMR clients annually and ranks medical software and service providers.

How does Black Book rank providers?

Black Book invites over 500,000 respondents to contribute to their survey, then internally and externally audits and tabulates that data. Black Book then uses this verified data to rank over 300 EMR vendors. For their 2016-2017 survey, Black Book received and validated over 16,000 responses which it used to rank vendors.

With this data, Black Book evaluates each vendor across 18 “performance areas of operational excellence,” requiring a minimum of 20 unique and verified client ballots to earn a Top 10 ranking. Vendors receiving Top 10 status do so with a 95-percent confidence level, according to the organization.

What does this ranking system mean for EMR customers?

Black Book’s independent, broad and statistically rigorous approach ensures that purchasers of EMR software fully understand the strengths and weakness of each possible solution, and can purchase and implement the one which best fits their needs with confidence.

So What Does it Mean to be Ranked Black Book’s #2 Overall EMR Vendor?

How did PatientNOW achieve its #2 overall rank?

PatientNOW achieved a #1 status in Training, Integration and Interface, and Trust, Accountability, Ethics & Transparency.

Black Book also found PatientNOW garnered the following accolades in 17 of 18 categories: “overwhelming satisfaction”; “exceed[ed] expectations”; and “highly recommended vendor.” PatientNOW missed sweeping all categories by one one-hundredth of a point!

In addition to overall #2 status, PatientNOW also achieved #2 status in these individual categories: Client Relationships & Cultural Fit; Innovation & Optimization; Best of Breed Technology & Process; and Support & Customer Care.

Great, but what does all this data mean for me, my practice, and my patients?

Not only did PatientNOW achieve top one or two rank in multiple categories, PatientNOW specifically achieved highly in the categories which matter most to EMR software users — training, ease-of-use, support, responsiveness, relationship and trust.

Black Book’s findings confirm that doctors and their staff can rely on PatientNOW as a trusted partner throughout the integration, transition and deployment phases of their EMR implementation. There is also peace of mind in knowing PatientNOW will work closely with doctors to incorporate new features and functionality requested by them to improve their practice’s performance.

Working as a partner with doctors, both consultatively and collaboratively, PatientNOW is committed to ensuring that patients receive the best possible experiences from their doctors and their practices and that that translates into return client visits, positive practice reviews, referrals business, and ultimately a more profitable practice.

Making the Right Choice for Your Practice

Selecting an EMR platform to use in your practice involves much more than simply selecting software. Doctors want not only great software but also great people who will stand behind their product just as they stand behind their commitments to their patients.

PatientNOW understands that the best technology should ultimately serve to better the relationships you have with your support staff and most importantly your patients. For that reason, PatientNOW strives to provide more than best-in-class software, but a partnership with its doctors which puts those relationships first. PatientNOW is here for you.


Utilizing Online Scheduling

Online scheduling is becoming a popular option for plastic surgeons today for a variety of reasons. This automated feature, offered with your PatientNOW software package, provides numerous benefits for both you and your patients. When you effectively implement your online scheduling program, you will see increases to your office efficiency as well as your patient satisfaction. Check out these tips for making the most of your online scheduling software solution.

Accurate Scheduling

When properly implemented and used, online scheduling ensures your patients are correctly scheduled with the provider in your office they need to see, whether that is you, another surgeon on your office or another member of your medical staff. An online system takes the guesswork out of the scheduling process, minimizing errors for both your staff and your patients. Online solutions also ensure the schedule of each member of your staff moves as efficiently as possible, as patients are scheduled automatically for sufficient time based on their specific needs.

Ensuring Room Availability

Like the availability of your staff, you want to know the office rooms necessary for your patients’ appointments are also open for their needs. Online scheduling can also be used to preserve the availability of your examination and treatment rooms as they are needed for your patient flow each day. In addition, you can use your online scheduling software to track patients through the flow of your office, so you know where each patient is and how long they are there.

Reducing No-Shows

Online scheduling can also be used to remind patients automatically when their appointments are coming up. This automated reminder system greatly reduces patient no-shows when it is implemented, since you won’t hear patients telling you they “forgot” about their appointments. A reduction in no-shows increases your revenue flow while improving your office efficiency – a win-win for busy practices.

Rescheduling Cancellations

No-shows are not the only scheduling issue that can cost you money. Cancellations that are not filled can also decrease your revenue as well as your office flow. When cancellations do occur, you can use your online scheduling tool to fill the empty slots on your calendar. This allows patients that are waiting to see you a chance to get in earlier, a positive feature of your patient relations. In addition, automatically filling those cancellations keeps your office humming at top efficiency and your revenue stream going strong.

Printed Check-In Documents

Another step that can slow down the efficiency of your daily schedule is having patients fill out forms when they come in for their initial consultation. Instead of taking valuable office time for this step, your scheduling software provides the forms online so your patients can print and complete before they come to your office. This provides new patients the opportunity to ask questions prior to their first visit and gives you a chance to review their information before their consultation.

PatientNOW provides online scheduling as a part of their customizable EMR and Patient Engagement packages. This tool features color-coded appointments, wait list capabilities, automated reminders, and much more. Contact PatientNOW today at 800-436-3150 to find out how our products can help you make your practice more efficient and patient-friendly.


Benefits of Subscription Pricing

If you are looking for EMR and practice management services, you may be facing a number of different options. One thing to consider is whether to go with standard installation software or a cloud-based system that offers subscription pricing. Also known as Software as a Service or SaaS, this approach has been gaining steam in the medical community in recent years. There are a number of reasons why practices are moving to SaaS and subscription pricing as a more practical and affordable way to automate their offices today.


Subscription pricing common with SaaS makes the entire process of automating your practice more affordable. Instead of one large cost up front, this system works on a “pay-as-you-go” basis, with monthly rates that you can easily work into your budget. This is a much more attainable option for many small practices today that allows them to see the financial benefits of an automated system over the long term without the initial pinch that traditional software systems require.

Faster Integration

Using SaaS makes integration of the software into your practice much more seamless. The software can be installed efficiently and configuration is already completed. Demonstrations can be performed quickly and conveniently for your entire staff to bring everyone in the office up to par on the new system. Easy implementation also saves you money in time for your employees to learn the system and other costs related to the training process.

Increased Mobility, Accessibility

With SaaS, you are able to take your practice with you just about anywhere. While your system will remain safe and secure inside the cloud, you will be able to access the information you need from any location and device. Most systems allow you to adapt files to mobile devices so you can check patient records on your phone, tablet or home computer.

Customizable to Your Needs

A subscription service allows you to customize the solutions you want to your specific needs. This is a significant money-saver, since you will only be paying for the services you actually use – no more, no less. In addition to spending less, you will be getting the full value out of the money you do invest in your new automated system, since you will be using every tool you are actually billed for.

Easier Upgrades

Upgrading this type of system is also much easier, since the subscription service will handle all of the upgrades for you. Your SaaS provider will be responsible for maintaining your system, updating as necessary and ensuring your service level remains consistent. At the same time, you can rest assured your security will be of the highest quality so you have peace of mind in knowing your patients’ sensitive information will be protected. With professionals on the job for the maintenance and security of your system, your time can be spent with your patients, rather than your computer.

PatientNOW features the practice management software you need to take your practice to the next level. Our customizable solutions offer everything you need to manage the daily operations of your practice, including patient engagement, billing and coding and patient acquisition and retention. With subscription pricing, you can enjoy lower rates overall and a high level of value from your investment. To learn more about our products, contact PatientNOW at 800-436-3150.


Using PatientNOW from Start to Finish

Automating your plastic surgery practice can seem like a daunting undertaking, particularly if you have used the same manual system for many years. However, office automation promises many benefits, including more time to spend with your patients. At PatientNOW, we understand the implementation of a new software system can make any plastic surgeon cringe with visions of technical mishaps and plenty of headache. To help you prepare for the change, check out these basics of using PatientNOW in your practice.

Electronic Medical Records

Organize your patient records and other important information online so that both you and your patient have easy access to their files. EMR offers your practice the ability to go paperless, increasing both efficiency and security. All of your patient’s information will be immediately accessible on your computer or mobile device and our QuickVIEW allows you to flip through the electronic file the same way you would a paper file.

The patient portal is another feature of our EMR that allows your patient to take a more active role in their treatments. This portal provides patients the convenience of completing paperwork and signing consent forms electronically, as well as access to their medical information. The software also features secure messaging that allows your office to communicate with patients quickly and easily.

Practice Management

Practice management boasts features that give you less time in front of your computer and more time with your patients. Scheduling software is color-coded for easy reference and automated reminders reduce the number of no-show appointments in your office. The software also includes wait list capabilities and block scheduling to ensure your patients get seen in a timely fashion.

E-prescribe is another feature physicians often wonder how they lived without once it is implemented into the office. Electronic prescriptions streamline the process, while eliminating errors and potential drug interactions. The procedure is also beneficial for patients that no longer have to take a paper prescription to the pharmacy and wait for it to be filled.

Patient Engagement

Plastic surgeons find themselves in a competitive industry today, which means patient acquisition and retention are essential for a healthy practice. Our PAR software even makes marketing and follow-up that much easier by automating the process to ensure no prospective patients fall through the cracks. The PatientNOW software help you to capture additional patients every week, which can significantly increase your patient base and your revenues over the course of the year.

Studies have shown that as many as 40 percent of patients that call for information about a procedure will not schedule an appointment during that contact. PAR software automatically sends an email follow-up to the patient after the phone call, increasing the odds that the patient will actually schedule their procedure with your office. In addition, PAR follows up with current patients after a procedure to ensure they schedule their next procedure with your practice as well.

Office automation is at the heart of improving your physician/patient relationship. Patients are looking for a plastic surgeon they can trust, and when they find that physician, they will not only come back for additional treatments, they will refer friends and family members to that physician as well. By getting you and your staff away from the computer and engaged in patient interaction, you will see your practice grow and thrive. To learn more about PatientNOW software products, contact our office today at 800-436-3150.


PatientNOW and Email Marketing for Your Practice

While there are many options for marketing your plastic surgery practice today, few continue to be as popular and effective as email marketing. This cost-effective approach allows you to communicate with both current and prospective patients, alerting them to new services, products and promotions. By creating eye-catching email blasts, you can ensure your patients will take notice of your communications with them and that means they will be more likely to respond to your offers.

Benefits of Email Marketing

There are a number of reasons to incorporate email into your overall marketing plan:

• Helps to anchor patients to your practice for higher patient retention rates

• Allows you to target specific patients for specific services for more effective advertising

• Most patients prefer receiving email to other methods of communication

• Email is one of the most cost-effective ways to communicate with patients

• Allows for the ability to track responses to email marketing so you know what works and what doesn’t

• Ability to market your practice in a variety of ways beyond merely offering discounts

• Allows your patients to forward emails to friends and family that might be interested in your services

Email blasts are an effective way to keep all of your patients tuned into your practice, by announcing new services, additions to your staff or seasonal promotion.

Tips for Success

When using email as a marketing tool, there are a few basic guidelines to keep in mind:

• Keep messages short and make them eye-catching. Use a graphic designer to create blasts that will be sure to get noticed by your patients.

• Use email communication to drive traffic back to your website. Don’t disclose all the information in your email message; instead, offer a link to your website to get more information.

• Preview your blast on a variety of devices to ensure the message comes through correctly no matter which device your patient is currently using.

Automating the Process

You may be reading this wondering how you are supposed to find additional time in your already packed schedule to design eye-catching email blasts regularly. The answer lies in automation, which you can implement using software customized to the specific needs of your practice. PatientNOW products include the ability to do both email and text marketing, with tools to generate patient lists and send custom blasts quickly and easily.

At the same time, PatientNOW software helps you to automate the rest of the administrative duties of your practice, so you spend less time in front of your computer and more time attracting and building relationships with your patients. The products were designed for plastic surgeons by a plastic surgeon, so you can rest assured the tools and features will be geared directly to your own practice.

Plastic surgery is a lucrative field of medicine today, which has created a competitive playing field for plastic surgeons across the country. It is not enough to be the most skilled surgeon, you need ways to let patients in your area know about your expertise and talent so they will come to you for their procedures. Email marketing is just one piece of the puzzle, but it is a piece that can significantly impact your patient base and your revenue.

Bring your plastic surgery practice into the 21st century with software designed just for you. To learn more, contact PatientNOW today at 800-436-3150.