Transitioning Your Patients to PatientNOW

Perhaps you have already been sold on the benefits of implementing PatientNOW software into your own plastic surgery practice. Now, the challenge will be to turn your patients on to the new system as well. Transitioning patients to your automated processes may seem like a daunting task, but we have a few tips to make that effort just a little easier and more enjoyable for you, your staff and your patients.

Bring Your Staff Up to Speed

Before you can sell your patients on the positive features of your new PatientNOW system, you need to get your staff on board with the new process. Provide proper training for your staff to ensure they are comfortable with the various features of the software. Fortunately, PatientNOW is instinctive and user-friendly, so your administrative staff should catch onto the system fairly quickly.

Educate Your Patients

Once your staff is comfortable with the system, you can begin educating your patients. You can introduce the PatientNOW software with a display in your waiting area or provide one-on-one training when your patients come in for their appointment. Email blasts are another good way to alert your patients to the new software and the many benefits it will offer to them as well as the efficiency of your practice overall.

Tout the Benefits

What are the benefits of switching to EMR? The advantages are numerous, including those that directly affect your patients. Make sure your patients are aware of what your new PatientNOW software can do for them, including:

• Offers them instant access to their medical records from any device

• Ability to communicate with you or a member of your staff quickly and easily

• Easy scheduling without having to wait on hold to make appointments by phone

• Automated reminders about appointments so they never miss a treatment

• Reminders of when touch-up procedures need to be scheduled

• Opportunity to save on treatments with rewards programs or gift cards

It is also important for your patients to understand that as your practice becomes more automated, they will have more face time with you and your staff members that are responsible for their care and perform their treatments. This means more time for questions and explanations before and after treatments and surgeries for a better outcome overall.

Reassure Patients Information is Secure

Patients often fear having their sensitive medical information in cyberspace, where it can seemingly be easily seen or even taken by unknown entities. Reassure your patients that the EMR is completely secure – even more so than the paper files they are accustomed to seeing. With plenty of security features integrated into the system, the only people that will be seeing your patient’s information is you and your patient. Back-up systems also ensure files will never be lost, even if your technology takes a hit due to an act of nature or other unexpected event.

Offer Incentives for Use

Often the hardest part of getting patients to transition to PatientNOW software is simply getting them to use the system enough that they become comfortable with it. Incentives can make a big difference in the early stages of your implementation, such as special pricing for patients that schedule online or rewards that are only available through your website. The more your patients use the PatientNOW system, the more they are sure to like it.

Going paperless is an effective way to maximize your office efficiency and your patient relations. By helping both your staff and patients transition smoothly to the change, you will be more likely to take advantage of every benefit your new system has to offer. To learn more, contact PatientNOW at 800-436-3150.


How does Knowing Patient History Affect Patient Retention?

Patient retention is a key factor in growing a robust plastic surgery practice. Not only does it keep your patients coming back for additional procedures, it also increases your word-of-mouth referrals from happy patients that have made your practice an essential component in their lives. You may already understand the importance of patient retention and you may be taking steps to increase retention in your office. Did you know your patient’s history can have a direct impact on their willingness to return to your practice as well?

Taking Your Patient’s History

Patient retention actually begins with your patient’s first visit to your practice. Now is the time to begin building that relationship with your patient that will open the door to future procedures. The medical history can be the perfect tool for getting to know your patient, based on how you conduct the interview.

Consider shifting your line of questioning from physician-focused, which typically involves asking a long string of medical questions necessary to determining the safety and efficacy of the procedure in question. Instead, use a patient-centered approach that begins with a few social questions and moves into the medical inquiries. This style is much more likely to put patients at ease right away so that relationship can build naturally and comfortably.

Building a Relationship

Once you have initiated a positive relationship with your patient, you can bring your level of patient care to a higher level. By knowing your patient’s social and medical history, you are in a better position to recommend additional procedures that would provide the actual benefits your patient is looking for. In addition, when you know your patient’s history well, your patient feels like a valued part of your practice, rather than a number or revenue generator.

Patient History and Tracking

Patient history can also play a key role in your ability to track your patient’s follow-up care and incentive programs. Knowing your patient’s history of procedures – both with you and with other physicians – gives you the necessary information to establish incentive programs that actually work and promotions for procedures the patient might actually want. Knowing social history, such as your patient’s discomfort with surgical procedures, gives you the knowledge to recommend non-surgical treatments until your patient’s confidence builds with your practice.

Automating the Process

While knowing patient history can offer a myriad of benefits in your patient retention efforts, it can be easier said than done for a busy practice that sees many patients every single week. This is where automation comes into play. First, EMRs allow you to pull up a patient’s file immediately, so all the information about the patient is at your fingertips. It also allows you to coordinate your patient’s information with other providers when necessary, to ensure seamless transition from medical to cosmetic care.

Second, practice management software allows you to automate functions like patient follow-up, so none of your patients fall through the cracks. This ensures that when a patient’s history indicates certain procedures should be recommended or incented, the process moves forward without fail. The efficiency of the right practice management software will keep your patients happy without overtaxing your office staff with administrative duties.

At PatientNOW, we understand the importance of patient retention in your practice and can help you use your patients’ histories to increase the retention rates in your office. Our software is customizable to your specific practice and increases office efficiency so you and your staff can spend less time at their computers and more time working directly with patients. To learn more, contact PatientNOW at 800-436-3150.


Integrating Patient NOW in Your Practice

You know you need to have electronic medical records for your practice under federal regulations. You also know automating your practice management will make your practice run more accurately and efficiently. You are even aware that automation will mean more face-to-face time with your patients. What you don’t know is how easy it will be to integrate the necessary software and hardware into your practice.

The good news is integration of PatientNOW is easier than you might think. As long as you meet the proper technical requirements for implementation, the installation and integration should be relatively seamless. All of the technical requirements are listed clearly on our website to help you prepare for your new EMR and office management software.

Seamless Integration

PatientNOW integrates well with any plastic surgery practice because it was designed by plastic surgeons for plastic surgeons. The PatientNOW founder spent two years in a plastic surgeon’s practice to design software specifically for aesthetic medicine. This software is tailored for plastic surgeons, cosmetic dermatologists, and even medical spas.

Running Your Office

Because the software is specifically geared to aesthetic medical offices, the structure and features will integrate seamlessly into your practice. Specific features of the software include:

• Ability to automate your scheduling process, including patient reminders

• Automated billing software to keep your accounts organized and up to date

• Electronic patient records make it easy to find and share information

• Electronic prescriptions to prevent errors and ensure patient safety regarding medications

• Online patient forms allow your patients to complete paperwork at home

Once you discover how much more efficiently your office can run with automated management, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. These features can all be customized to your practice, allowing you to make the most of the software in terms of efficiency and practicality.

Serving Your Patients

Aesthetic medicine isn’t just about providing quality patient care – plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists also have to be able to attract and retain patients and generate referrals to help their practice grow. For that purpose, we also provide patient acquisition and retention (PAR) software that gives you all the tools you need to track your patient inquiries all the way to their first and subsequent appointments.

The PAR software is like having another employee in your office with a perfect memory for every patient that contacts you with an inquiry to patients that require regular treatments to maintain their positive cosmetic results. This software will ensure that no patient inquiry falls through the cracks with automated follow-up that will make every prospective patient feel like a valuable addition to your practice.

In addition, PAR software increases your patient retention, by allowing you to establish campaigns and reward programs to incent your current patients to come back. You can automate reminders when it is time for patients to come in for their touch-up procedures or even acknowledge their birthdays with a special deal just for them. By connecting with your patients on a more intimate level, you will increase your retention as well as your word-of-mouth referrals you depend on from your current patients.

PatientNOW software offers everything you need to take your office management and patient service to the next level. Once your software is installed and up and running, you will see how advantageous it can be. Instead of hiring additional office staff to keep track of your prospective and current patients, your software will do the tracking for you. With features specifically designed for your type of practice, you will quickly see why PatientNOW is becoming a top choice in automated systems for plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists across the country.

To learn more about your options in PatientNOW software, contact our office today at 800-436-3150.


Practice Management Tips You Need to Implement Now

Most physicians don’t put practice management at the top of the list for things they want to spend time doing. However, a successful practice depends on proper management, which starts at the top and trickles down through the entire staff. If you are at a loss on how you can take your practice management to the next level, PatientNOW has some tips for you to consider.

Go Paperless

The age of EMR is here, so why not embrace the electronic age as it can improve the efficiency of your practice. In addition to online patient records that are much faster to access and update, automated coding can be used to improve the speed and accuracy of your billing process. Patients can check and update their information from the comfort of home or any location, while you no longer have to keep patients in your waiting room filling out reams of paperwork.

Increase Your Scheduling Efficiency

Your patient schedule can be easier than ever before, thanks to automated systems for scheduling, tracking and even sending appointment reminders. Automated scheduling makes it easy to track your patients for the purpose of building loyalty as you customize your engagement to the unique needs of each patient. Automated reminders significantly reduce your number of patient no-shows, increasing your office efficiency and your revenue.

Automate Your Processes

Scheduling isn’t the only type of automation you can implement to increase your practice’s efficiency and productivity. With the right tools, you can ensure none of your patient inquiries fall into the cracks by providing automated follow-up to all contacts. You can also provide the necessary follow-up for current patients to remind them to schedule maintenance treatments or alert them to other procedures they might be interested in.

Incent Your Patients

As your office becomes more streamlined and efficient, you will have more time to devote to marketing strategies that will help you build your practice. With the help of the right software, you can set up regular communication with your patients to alert them to specials or new procedures offered at your office. You can also establish a reward program for regular patients to encourage them to come in for regular maintenance treatments.

Incent Your Staff

The efficiency, professionalism, and patient-friendliness of your office will only be as good as the staff you hire. Once you have brought on the best people to run your practice with you, keep them in top form with incentives that demonstrate your practice’s priorities and commitment to patient service and care. By rewarding the office staff that treat your patients best, you show the entire staff the importance of serving patients at the highest level. In addition, devote more time to training your staff so they are equipped with all the tools they need to keep your office at peak level.

Automation of all your processes begins with the right tools for the job. PatientNOW has the tools you are looking for with software that will help you increase the efficiency of your office as well as your patient acquisition and retention. With the ability to customize all of our products to your unique needs, you can rest assured your office will be in good hands and you can dedicate more time to caring for your patients and less to sitting in front of your computer.

To learn more about the software options available through PatientNOW, contact us today at 888-644-2987.


Making the Most of Your EMR

Electronic medical records are much more than a regulation to comply with, they are actually away to bring your practice to the next level of efficiency and productivity. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists, in particular, can reap the benefits of EMR as it relates to patient acquisition and retention. In addition, the automated features of the right software will get you away from your computer and face-to-face with your patients, building relationships and providing the highest level of care. Check out some of the benefits of EMR when you make the most of this valuable – and necessary – tool today.

Convenient Scheduling

Scheduling can be much faster and easier with EMR. In addition to color-coded scheduling that makes it easy to see your patient list at a glance, you can use your EMR to send out automated patient reminders of upcoming appointments. This will significantly reduce your cancellations and no-shows, which is as good for your revenue as it is for the daily operation of your office. In addition, patients will be able to complete and submit paperwork online prior to their first appointment, making the introduction of new patients to your practice that much easier.

Safe, Efficient Prescribing

Electronic prescriptions are the wave of the future today and for good reason. Online prescribing allows for easier tracking of controlled substances and potential interactions with other medications your patient is currently taking. Electronic prescribing also ensures you and your patients are alerted to potential drug allergies. This procedure takes prescriptions right from your office to the pharmacy with less room for delays and prescribing errors.

Effective Patient Retention

You probably already know it is much more cost-effective to keep the patients you have rather than having to fill up your patient base regularly. EMR makes patient retention easier than ever if you know how to use it wisely. This technology automates the process of sending patients reminders when they are due for their next treatment, increasing office visits for you. You will also be able to more effectively track referrals to ensure none of those prospective patients slip through the cracks.

Enhanced Patient Engagement

Ongoing interactions with your patients is another good way to up your retention rates and EMR can make that process easier than ever. Use your software to send out blasts about your latest specials or new procedures you are offering. Develop a monthly newsletter to keep your patients in the loop of your practice happenings. Set up a rewards program for patients that come in for regular cosmetic treatments, giving them the incentive they need to set up that next appointment.

The Value of a Paperless Office

You may be apprehensive about the idea of a paperless office, but it won’t take you long to see the value of this new system. Storage of patient files no longer has to take a significant amount of space, while obtaining those files will be as easy as pushing a few keys on your computer. Coding for insurance billing will also be at your fingertips, as well as sharing information with other physicians and pharmacies.

EMR can be a huge adjustment for any medical practice, but most physicians find that the value of the system can be seen fairly quickly as your staff gets up to par with the new software. If you are looking for EMR software that can give you exactly what you need to bring your practice to the next level, contact PatientNOW at 888-644-2987.


The Wave of the Future Now: E-Prescribe

Electronic prescriptions are now mandated in the state of New York and other states are poised to follow suit. Is your plastic surgery practice ready for e-prescribe? With many benefits to offer and mandates looming, now is the time to embrace electronic prescribing by selecting the software program that will make the process safe, efficient and easy for all appropriate members of your practice to learn and use.

Benefits of E-Prescribe

There are many potential benefits to an e-prescribe system. For the physician, benefits include:

• Streamlines your prescription process, freeing up your time for patient care

• Improves prescription accuracy and eliminates most potential errors

• Allows you to see drug interaction alerts instantaneously

• Improves the level of service you provide to your patients

• Allows you to send authorizations quickly, get medications to your patients faster


E-prescribe also offers numerous benefits for your patients, including:

• Save them time by making prescription process more efficient

• Eliminates paper prescriptions patients have to keep track of

• A safer way for them to request and fill prescriptions

• Provides them with an instant history of all their medications

• Easy access makes prescription process more convenient


This process can be particularly beneficial for plastic surgeons and their patients since the relationship between the two is often limited to the aesthetic procedures. Plastic surgeons get instant access to the patient’s full medication history, ensuring medications they prescribe will not cause any harmful interactions. This process is much more thorough and accurate than simply asking patients to list the medications they are currently taking from memory.


Components of E-Prescribe

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services names three basic components in the e- prescribing process:

Prescriber – Authorized members of your practice should be able to get into the eRx system with a username and password. You can also add additional identification tools to make your system even more secure. Once in the system, you should be able to review your patient’s medication history, prescribe new medication and choose the pharmacy where the prescription will be filled.

Transaction Hub – This is the link between the prescriber, the pharmacy and the pharmacy benefits manager. The hub will determine patient eligibility for the prescribed medication, based on the patient’s complete medication history, and send that information back to the prescriber.

Pharmacy – Once the pharmacy receives the prescription from the transaction hub, the prescription can be filled. Pharmacies can also set up alerts to let providers know when prescriptions are picked up, allowing for better patient care and tracking involving medications.


Why Choose RxNow?

For plastic surgeons looking to get ahead of the compliance train, PatientNOW offers e-prescription functionality with our RxNow feature. This tool is fully compliant with the federal mandates and is easy enough for everyone in your office to learn quickly. In addition to its efficiency and user-friendliness, RxNow offers superior security to keep your patients’ information safe and private. RxNow is a part of our medical practice software designed to keep your entire practice running efficiently and give you more face-to-face time with your patients.

E-prescribing may not be a mandate in your state yet, but rest assured that mandate will be coming soon. Get RxNow implemented in your practice now and you will be fully compliant before the mandate goes into effect. To learn more, contact PatientNOW at 888-644-2987.


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