I Want Free Open Source EMR Software!

I’ve been reading a number of articles about open source EMR solutions for medical practices. One that I saw recently was Why Buy Open Source (Free) EMR Software. I know that open source has its place but I don’t think it’s in a medical practice. Many analogies come to mind when I think about an open source Electronic Medical Records system being used to track and store my medical history. I wouldn’t want a bunch of weekend mechanics working on my car, trying to make it more fuel efficient or functional based on what they think I need.

I did a quick search to see what the pros and cons are for open source software. Now I’ll tell you that I’m not going to read 1,420,000 entries on this subject. If you have the time, please feel free. Here’s the search link: Google Search – “pros and cons of open source software”

Some of the prominent entries I found on purchasing software created by a vendor in the industry are:

  • Focus – Who is designing the software: developers or medical practice staff? In many cases, it’s the developers. They create features based on their perceptions of what the business rules and business needs are.
  • Development – How well are the open source development procedures.
  • Testing – Is adequate testing of new functionality being performed. Will it crash when I update my application.
  • Support – Many open source solutions are developed by programmers that do the develop on the side or in their free time. If a new module or component is not working after being installed, who do you call for support?

All-in-all, it is up to the practice to decide which direction is the best for the medical practice. It is the responsibility of the practice to weigh all the pros and cons, and to understand the cost or value of the solution they are getting.

– The Digital Practice

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