Med Spa EMR

Create More Money, by Saving Time and Avoiding Errors

Every Med Spa needs efficient Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software that efficiently saves money and helps meet the legal requirements for patient record keeping in one integrated Patient Document Management system. For a free demonstration of PatientNOW’s Med Spa EMR, please fill out the Request a Demo form to the right.

* Is your medical director onsite?  Integrated workflow from PatientNOW makes it easy for your medical director to review every encounter note remotely, saving a lot of time and making the medical director more efficient.

PatientNOW EMR comes with fully integrated document management, improving your organizational processes:

·       Manage scanned images

·       Manage E-Mail and Faxes

·       Capture patient signatures

·       Photo storage and management

·       Word processing

·       Diagnostic images

With PatientNOW EMR, you can easily route work to the most cost-effective staff member in an efficient manner. Technicians and staff can be alerted about their specific queues, so they never miss an important document or task.

Image Management

Med Spa image management can be cumbersome. The diagnostic images, the before and after photos, the radiology images, even patient signatures can all be reduced to EMRs and filed in patient’s records.

Diagnostic and Procedure Notes

Everyone’s penmanship can be difficult to read sometimes. With PatientNOW’s Med Spa EMR Software, every word will be captured just as it was intended and stored in virtual patient charts, in which technicians can easily and quickly “flip” pages for efficient reading.

Emails, Faxes, and Marketing

Each contact about or with each patient can be easily stored and tracked in the PatientNOW EMR Software, even the marketing efforts that bring in new patients. The nearly limitless versatility of the integration of the Med Spa EMR program makes it ideal for saving time and avoiding errors because it’s all right at your fingertips saving you and your staff time and money.

For a free demonstration of the PatientNOW EMR Software, fill out the online form on the right.



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