Plastic Surgery Photo Management

You will profit by the premier plastic surgery photo management process that our PatientNOW software offers you. Please see the virtual tour demonstration at how easily you can manage all your visual documents.

Let’s look at some of the ways:

  • Identification and verification in your front office
  • Demonstrations of possible results in new patient consultation
  • Documentation of your patient’s results for showcasing and marketing,

Photo Management features of integrated plastic surgery documents into out electronic records management (ERM) software are crucial to the success of your business.


Your front office personnel can easily take the initial facial recognition photo with just a webcam attached to their computer for every new patient as part of the process of intake and orientation. Each time the patient comes in, the patient chart can reflect this first photo or the latest changes to a patient’s face.


The consultation process is enhanced with the plastic surgery photo management software offered by PatientNOW. Your gallery of great results is easily accessible and you can easily search by any number of tagged categories: body part, feature, procedure type, etc. Discussing the possible results with new patients is as easy as showing photos of your successful surgeries.


Not only will pictures upload into the patient’s chart, you are not limited to where you can place digital data. With PatientNOW you can fill every / any section: placing photos next to the right descriptions. This eliminates the time you currently spend searching charts for the right photos. And even better, with PatientNOW you have full mark-up capabilities with a digital camera in your exam room the photos are readily available for consults.


Recording audio and video for documentation within patient records with an attached microphone or integrated microphone, you can record the patient-provider dialogue. AND you can document procedures with streaming video that lands directly into the patient record.

All digital data is easily tagged with customizable pull-down lists that can later be used in your research and reporting to cull you galleries of photo and video archives.

We also offer a DICOM system to assist you in capturing individual images, batches of images, or all images from CDs or from diagnostic image centers. Imbedded DICOM viewer shows full header details, and you can view data any way you want it: black and white, inverted black and white, hot metal and inverted hot metal. Plastic Surgery Photo Management has never been easier.

Contact us to learn more about the wide variety of photo media tools that can be utilized in PatientNOW software.