Plastic Surgery Studio

PatientNow is the ideal EMR software for a plastic surgeon. We’ve included several features in our Medical Records Studio package with plastic surgeons in mind.

  • Note templates
  • Dictation integration
  • Lab interface
  • Prescriptions
  • Pharmacies
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Mentor and Allergan templates

Specific templates are also prepared for for laser treatment, injectables, tissue expander, breast implants, plastic_surgery_softwareliposuction procedures, vitals, health history and more.  Forms can be completed in your exam room using a laptop or tablet PC. All data goes directly into PatientNow, eliminating need to complete paper forms during or after the consultation.

Medical Records Studio also includes photo shoot support and the ability to compare before and after photos.  You can also make audio recordings and assign them to workflow tasks and capture videos as a permanent part of the patient record if desired. It’s all fully integrated with your practice management system.

Notes, H&P, Vendor Forms and Transcriptions

These are easily signed electronically without going to paper. The image library allows you to add body part images and annotations to notes and eliminate lengthy descriptions of location. Review, modify and sign, all within PatientNow. Note creation uses the data points you create during your work and templates/snippets approach for faster creation of accurate notes and referral letters. We also support Tablet PCs and dictation software for those who choose these options. Imagine being able to eliminate transcription costs and getting all your documentation done in a fraction of the time.


Prescriptions are written or refilled and faxed directly from any PC in the office. 4 clicks and you’re done. It’s easily the fastest and most accurate method of writing scripts and sending them to a pharmacy. Medical history is automatically updated in real time.

Drug recalls or Notices

Search allows you to locate all patients who have been prescribed a medication(s). Easily merge this list with form letters from PatientNow to alert patients. Copies of letters are automatically maintained in each patient record.


Labs are ordered through the system and faxed to the lab from your PC. Results go straight into the chart and then alert office staff and physicians. Text pages or emails are sent when abnormal results are received.

Mentor and Allergen Templates

Mentor and Allergan templates can be automatically filled out by the system. The Mentor and Allergen tissue expander and implant product catalogs come pre-entered with PatientNow. This feature alone can save several hours per week.

Contact us to learn how PatientNow can maximize the efficiency of your plastic surgery practice.  Call 888-644-2987 x 1 to get started today.

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