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PatientNOW and Email Marketing for Your Practice

While there are many options for marketing your plastic surgery practice today, few continue to be as popular and effective as email marketing. This cost-effective approach allows you to communicate with both current and prospective patients, alerting them to new services, products and promotions. By creating eye-catching email blasts, you can ensure your patients will take notice of your communications with them and that means they will be more likely to respond to your offers.

Benefits of Email Marketing

There are a number of reasons to incorporate email into your overall marketing plan:

• Helps to anchor patients to your practice for higher patient retention rates

• Allows you to target specific patients for specific services for more effective advertising

• Most patients prefer receiving email to other methods of communication

• Email is one of the most cost-effective ways to communicate with patients

• Allows for the ability to track responses to email marketing so you know what works and what doesn’t

• Ability to market your practice in a variety of ways beyond merely offering discounts

• Allows your patients to forward emails to friends and family that might be interested in your services

Email blasts are an effective way to keep all of your patients tuned into your practice, by announcing new services, additions to your staff or seasonal promotion.

Tips for Success

When using email as a marketing tool, there are a few basic guidelines to keep in mind:

• Keep messages short and make them eye-catching. Use a graphic designer to create blasts that will be sure to get noticed by your patients.

• Use email communication to drive traffic back to your website. Don’t disclose all the information in your email message; instead, offer a link to your website to get more information.

• Preview your blast on a variety of devices to ensure the message comes through correctly no matter which device your patient is currently using.

Automating the Process

You may be reading this wondering how you are supposed to find additional time in your already packed schedule to design eye-catching email blasts regularly. The answer lies in automation, which you can implement using software customized to the specific needs of your practice. PatientNOW products include the ability to do both email and text marketing, with tools to generate patient lists and send custom blasts quickly and easily.

At the same time, PatientNOW software helps you to automate the rest of the administrative duties of your practice, so you spend less time in front of your computer and more time attracting and building relationships with your patients. The products were designed for plastic surgeons by a plastic surgeon, so you can rest assured the tools and features will be geared directly to your own practice.

Plastic surgery is a lucrative field of medicine today, which has created a competitive playing field for plastic surgeons across the country. It is not enough to be the most skilled surgeon, you need ways to let patients in your area know about your expertise and talent so they will come to you for their procedures. Email marketing is just one piece of the puzzle, but it is a piece that can significantly impact your patient base and your revenue.

Bring your plastic surgery practice into the 21st century with software designed just for you. To learn more, contact PatientNOW today at 800-436-3150.


Why Patient Communication is Important to a Growing Practice

Plastic surgery practices face a competitive environment today, so what sets your patient care apart from the rest? Communication is a key ingredient in forging positive relationships with your patients, ensuring they return to you for additional procedures and recommend their friends and family to your practice. There are a number of reasons why patient communication is an essential ingredient in a healthy practice.

Patients Want It

Patients are expecting much more from your practice than the ability to call in during office hours. They want to be able to check test results or ask questions on their time – not yours. By expanding your communication channels, patients are able to engage with your office at times and from places that are convenient for them. Greater patient engagement leads to greater patient loyalty and a healthier bottom line for your practice.

Multiple Options = Convenience

In addition to communicating with you WHEN they want to, patients also want to be able to communicate HOW they want to. Whether a patient is more comfortable with an email, text or good old-fashioned phone call, you need to provide your patients with the options they are looking for. A patient portal becomes a valuable tool in this area, since it allows patients to access their information or communicate with your office from any location and device.

The Benefits of Automated Communication

Automated communication may not seem like the way to enhance your patient relationships, but consider the benefits those automated messages can offer. First, automatic appointment reminders reduce the number of patient no-shows your office has to deal with. In addition, cancellations tend to come more promptly with these reminders, opening up your schedule so you can fit in other patients a bit sooner. Overall, this leads to greater office efficiency in the scheduling department, which in turn leads to higher patient satisfaction.

Patient Retention Back in Focus

Improving communication channels with your patients brings patient retention back into focus for your practice. Many plastic surgery offices make the mistake of putting all their time and energy into attracting new patients, rather than making their current patients as happy as possible. By expanding your patient’s ability to communicate with you, you up your retention level even at the same time you can attract new patients to your practice.

Making the Process Work

You may be thinking by now that while all these tips make sense, integrating them into your practice may seem like more work than you have the time and manpower to handle. That is where customized software comes into play that helps you automate your administrative functions to allow you more time for patient interaction. At PatientNOW, our software options allow you to improve communication channels at the same time you increase office efficiency, ensuring both your patients and your staff remain happy.

Automation is the name of the game for medical practices today, both for increasing efficiency and improving patient relations. Allow PatientNOW to take your office to the next level with automated software systems designed for your specific practice needs. To learn more, contact PatientNOW at 800-436-3150.


Using Before and After Photos to Your Benefit

Before and after photos are an essential component to any successful plastic surgery practice. You use them to market your practice to prospective patients, while patients use them to select the best plastic surgeon for their needs. High quality before and after photos demonstrate the professionalism of your office and give your patients the confidence they need to move forward with their procedures. Now, PatientNOW can help you take your before and after photos to the next level using Med Spa Photo Management.

What is Med Spa Photo Management?

Med Spa Photo Management is a part of our practice management package, which is integrated into the electronic records management (ERM) system. With a simple digital camera in your office, you can create additions for your patient’s chart and your own marketing materials. The simple pull-down tagging system allows you to find your patient’s photos quickly and easily, so you spend less time working with your software and more time demonstrating sharing your phots with your patients.

Benefits of the Program

Med Spa Photo Management offers a number of benefits over other systems for before and after photos:

• Photos save instantly to your patient’s electronic medical record, no uploading required

• Easy location makes for quick placement of photos

• Full markup capabilities with standard web camera and digital camera

• Search by any category including patient, procedure, body area

• Integration with both Canfield Mirror and United Imaging

• Ability to annotate photos for easier reference

• Quick view allows you to browse photos in seconds, with instant pop-up using your cursor

Uses for Med Spa Photo Management

Before and after photos are the most effective way to document your work and attract new patients. Photos stored in Med Spa Photo Management can be used for the following:

• Place anywhere in your patient file for documentation of procedure

• Export into your photo gallery on your Facebook page

• Utilize them in a Power Point presentation to educate patients

• Export them to the PatientNOW gallery for use in marketing materials

• Provide them on any device during patient consultations

Patients coming in for cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery procedures are better educated than ever before. Most know to ask for before and after photos to see documentation of your work and get a realistic idea of what they can expect from their own procedure. The easier it is to find and display the photos your patient asks for, the better the entire consultation process will be for your patient.

Integrated Software Programs

Med Spa Photo Management is just one component of our user-friendly, efficient electronic medical records (EMR) software packages. Other features include administrative and marketing functions that can be customized to the unique needs of your practice. Automate your patient records, billing, scheduling and patient engagement with a single, easy-to-use software system.

With the perfect automation to run your practice, your entire staff will spend less time in front of a computer screen and more time forming relationships with your patients. To learn more about Med Spa Photo Management or any of the features of the PatientNOW EMR packages available, contact PatientNOW today at 800-436-3150.


5 Bright Ideas for Patient Retention

Perhaps you have made a careful study of how to attract patients to your office and the increase in patient acquisition has been positive. Now, how are you going to keep those patients that have come in for a consultation or even an initial procedure? Patient retention is another important aspect of medical marketing and growing your practice that cannot be ignored. Fortunately, the team at PatientNOW has five bright ideas for how you can keep patients coming back to your practice time and time again.

Make Them Comfortable

When your patient comes in for an appointment, what is the experience like? Is your waiting room comfortable and equipped with options to help them pass the time while they wait for their name to be called? Make sure your office staff is well trained in how to make your patients feel comfortable from the minute they walk in the door. An initial greeting and a feeling that they are valued to your practice will make all the difference in whether they will want to return.

Value Every Encounter

Some plastic surgeons make the mistake of making the greatest effort to forge a patient relationship at the initial consultation. They set the patient’s expectations to a certain level of care, which slowly declines over the course of subsequent visits. Whether your patient is in your office for a first consultation or stopping in with a concern after a procedure, their visit should be treated with the utmost care and service every single time.

Celebrate with Them

Certain times of the year will make a patient think more about appearance and the aging process. This is particularly true of upcoming birthdays. Celebrate with your patient by sending out a birthday greeting ahead of the special day, complete with a sampling of the procedures you currently offer. Your patient will likely appreciate being remembered by your office and may even schedule one of those procedures as a gift to themselves.

Identify (and Fix) Problems

Patient retention is only as good as your ability to limit patient attrition. If you notice a number of your patients are not returning to your practice, find out why. Ask for patient feedback and use your analytics to determine whether there is something about your practice that needs to change to make patients more willing to come back.

Automate Your Retention Process

Patient retention is essential, but it may seem like just one more administrative task you and your staff do not have time to address. That is why automating your retention process as much as possible is a necessary step to ensure efficiency as well as a robust revenue flow.

PatientNOW features PAR – Patient Acquisition and Retention software that prevents patients from falling through the cracks. Through automated campaigns, patients receive reminders for follow-up procedures without fail and may even have the option to participate in rewards programs that have been shown to build patient loyalty. Birthdays are easily remembered with this tool and e-mail blasts can be sent to notify patients of your latest specials.

PatientNOW has the technology you need to take patient retention to the next level. To learn more about our PAR software or other automated management tools available, contact PatientNOW today at 888-644-2987.


Staff Training Tips to Convert Patient Leads

While you have been focusing on your Google rankings to increase the number of patient inquiries to your office, have you been equally focused on converting those patient leads into actual appointments? Without effective conversion, your marketing efforts may not make a noticeable difference in your practice, other than keeping office staff busy on the phone all day. Make those leads work for you with staff training to convert patient leads into patient appointments.

Phone Training

Your website may initially attract patients to your practice, but what happens when the prospective patient actually picks up the phone? This is not an interaction to leave up to chance; instead, train your staff to handle all patient inquiries with the same level of professionalism and warmth. Many physicians even go as far as to script out phone greetings for staff to use so they are consistent.

Equally important is teaching your staff to ask the right questions to guide prospective patients to the procedures they might be most interested in. At the same time, collecting patient information is essential to allow for follow-up later on. Finally, you want your staff to know how to actually ask for the appointment and “close the sale,” so to speak.

What are Your Priorities?

If you want your staff to make patient conversion a priority, you need to convey that importance to your employees on a regular basis. You and your office manager should hold regular meetings to discuss patient conversion and provide results your practice has recently seen in this area. Regular training also shows your staff you value patient conversion and that you are willing to provide them the education and support they need to make this a successful component in your practice.

In addition to training, your staff will need the time to provide the kind of assistance prospective patients are looking for. If the same staff member that handles new patient inquiries is the same one that sets appointments, answers patient questions and handle patients that come into your office, you are not doing that staff member or the patients that visit your practice justice. Give patient inquiries the time and attention they deserve.

Incentive Programs

Motivation can become a challenge when it comes to patient conversion rates. Staff incentives can go a long way in maintaining your office momentum in this area. Consider setting a goal for your office for patient conversions each month and offer rewards for making those goals. In addition to allowing staff a chance to supplement their income with incentive bonuses, you convey once again just how important patient conversion is for your practice.

Effective Software for Patient Follow-Up

Another essential part of patient conversion is effective follow-up. Avoid letting any of those prospective patients fall through the cracks with software designed to ensure none of those leads are ever lost. PatientNOW offers PAR – Patient Acquisition and Retention software – for just this purpose. In addition to following up on patient leads, this software will help you retain the patients you acquire by bringing them in for future treatments.

Automating patient follow-up is a crucial step in getting those patients that call your office through your doors. It reminds patients when they are due for additional treatments and provides incentives via specials and advantage programs that encourage patients to try new procedures. In addition to retaining your current patients, you will likely grow your practice through word-of- mouth recommendations from those patients that feel well cared for by your practice.

Automation is the key to a successful, thriving practice today. To learn more about our software options specifically designed for plastic surgery practices, contact PatientNOW at 888-644-2987.


How the Right Plastic Surgery Software Can Grow Your Practice

While a well-constructed website and the right marketing can go far in building your plastic surgery practice, your daily operations also play a significant role in your success. Once patients find your practice, they need to feel like you are the right surgeon for their specific needs. The right software is essential to ensure you have ample time to spend with your patients without sacrificing the growth of your office. That is where PatientNOW can give you the support you need to bring your office efficiency to the next level and increase both patient acquisition and retention.

Patient Engagement

Developing a long-term patient relationship is easy when you have the right patient engagement software. These programs can track your patients, reminding them when it is time for their next round of treatment or offering additional procedures they might be interested in having. Software from PatientNOW even allows you to set up a rewards program offering patients discounts when they come in for regular treatments. With plenty of options for remaining in contact with your patients, you can rest assured your retention numbers will be on the rise.

Practice Automation

The era of getting bogged down in paperwork has long passed, thanks to the ability to automate your office with paperless procedures that will keep your records in order without the man hours needed to manually maintain them. From e-prescribing to patient scheduling, our software can help you make all of your processes more efficient so you and your staff spend less time staring at computer screens and more time interfacing with patients. Error rates will be reduced as human error is taken out of the equation as well.

Efficient Management

Whether you are getting new patients to complete paperwork or sending automated reminders, a comprehensive software program will make the daily tasks easier on both your staff and your patients. Online forms and e-signatures allow your patients to complete paperwork before their first appointment while automated appointment reminders reduce your patient no-shows. Our software even generates to-do lists for your staff, making their job more efficient by outlining the tasks they need to complete daily.

Revenue Management

Billing and collecting is an essential part of your practice, but likely the part that you enjoy the least. By implementing the right practice software, this process also becomes more automated, making it much easier and more efficient for you to track payments as they come in. In addition, less time on revenue management means more face time with your patients, which will increase patient satisfaction, referrals and revenue overall. At the same time, you won’t have to worry about missed payments that can interfere with your cash flow and the daily operations of your practice.

Running a successful plastic surgery practice is about much more than offering the procedures patients are looking for. You need automated practices in place that will enhance the efficiency of your office without sacrificing your personal time with patients. PatientNOW offers customizable solutions to automate the administrative part of your practice, reducing errors, improving efficiency and enhancing your patients’ experiences. To learn more, contact PatientNOW at 888-644-2987.


CRM Trends for 2016: Is Your Practice Ready?

CRM software is a must-have for your plastic surgery practice today, allowing you to automate many of your processes in both customer acquisition and retention. As technology is constantly evolving, so is the way in which CRM is used by businesses and medical practices. If you want to remain at the front of the pack in your industry, it is important for you to stay abreast of the latest in CRM trends. What is trending in 2016? Take a look at these developments and make sure your practice is ready to deliver.


CRM will become more social.

The use of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook will continue to be a leading component to successful CRM this year and probably beyond. As social networks are one of the top ways adults stay connected to friends and family, they are increasingly using them to interact with businesses as well. Social media outlets are an effective way for your practice to track customer interactions or attract new customers.

Social networks allow your CRM to move beyond basic information to actually forming relationships with your patients. In addition, these outlets allow your patients to interact with one another, building a community for your practice. This is one of the most effective channels for getting information about new procedures or specials to your patients, with the ability to spread that news across networks for even more exposure.


CRM will become more mobile.

Mobile CRM is going to the next level, offerings more functionality than the early adaptations of desktop versions. Now, customers expect the same level of service from their mobile apps as what they see on their computers, forcing companies and medical practices to step up their CRM game. Mobile CRM allows you to interact with your patients even more effectively, as they can connect with your practice wherever they are.

Mobile CRM offers a variety of benefits to you as you focus on patient acquisition and retention for your practice:

• Everyone in your office and all of your patients have real-time access to the practice

• You are able to manage your office and interact with your patients on the go

• Mobile CRM allows you to stay connected to your basic network from any location

• You and your staff will enjoy better communication and collaboration abilities

• Better monitoring of key metrics to help you build your practice and retain happy patients

Mobile CRM is the wave of the future that is already essential to plastic surgery practices today. The more efficient your mobile apps, the more efficient your practice will operate overall.


CRM will become more integrated.

Integration is the name of the game in CRM this year, as patients want to be able to move across your platforms seamlessly. At the same time, you want access to all of your platforms without the need to download and upload from one system to another all the time. By integrating your platforms, your entire practice will become more efficient and your customer acquisition and retention will be free to increase.

An integrated CRM system allows you to manage a wide range of patient data from a single platform. You can track information and interact with your patients as necessary without interruption or delay. You will be able to respond to patient questions and provide efficient billing for services, without missing a beat in your daily operations.


CRM will become more vertical.

CRM is becoming more streamlined to specific industries, allowing you to implement CRM solutions that are designed for your plastic surgery practice. At Patient Now, we offer software that was created by plastic surgeons for plastic surgeons. Our instinctive tools provide exactly what you need to build and efficiently operate your practice.

When your CRM is customized to your practice, you can rest assured patients will not be falling through the cracks. You will be able to increase both acquisition and retention of patients, while enhancing the overall productivity and efficiency of your practice. When your operations become more automated, you and your staff spend less time in front of a computer and more time face-to-face with your patients, delivering the highest standard of patient care and building long-lasting relationships.


CRM will become more instinctive.

Predictive analytics move beyond the basic tracking of information to actually foreseeing the future in plastic surgery. Instead of just tracking procedures your patients have asked for in the past, predictive analytics will give you a clue as to what type of procedures they might be requesting in the future. The benefits of predictive analytics are almost limitless, once you realize you can begin catering to the specific needs of your patients before they even ask. Predictive analytics take your relationships with your patients to a deeper level, allowing you to provide the services they will be looking for through every step of the process. This personalized approach will lead to better patient retention as well as more new patients seeking out your practice.


CRM will become more prevalent.

CRM has proven itself as the top method of building a successful plastic surgery practice today. As you learn to interact with your patients, build relationships and meet their needs on a more personal level, your patients will grow in terms of numbers and loyalty. CRM is going to continue to thrive across all industries, including plastic surgery practices, as its value continues to be discovered and refined.

If you are not using CRM to your fullest advantage, rest assured other plastic surgery practices in your area are likely moving ahead in terms of grabbing the greatest benefits from this tool. Now is the time to focus on getting the most from your CRM options, by choosing a company that can help you implement the tools and programs you need to give your practice every advantage. To learn more about how we can use innovative CRM tools to build your practice, contact patientNOW today at 888-644-2987.



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