Getting your practice running as effectively as possible is our goal here at patientNOW. Our support team is designed to help you feel as comfortable using our software as you do in the surgery room.

Dedicated Support for your Practice

Our patientNOW technicians are available to assist you and your practice from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. For immediate support, you can call our toll-free technical support line. If you have questions or an issue that is non-urgent, feel free to send us an email and we’ll get back to you within a couple business days.

When you call patientNow technical support, you’ll be paired with one of our dedicated support personnel, not an automated answering system like many other companies use. The technician will work with you to resolve the issue. All of our technical support professionals are prepared to handle issues with the patientNOW EMR system, as well as basic hardware, software, and network troubleshooting. If necessary, the support person can connect remotely to your workstation or access your server.

Contact Information

Toll Free Line: (800) 436 – 3150 x2

Email patientNOW Support

Support FAQ

What are the system requirements?

View all the patientNOW suggested medical records technology requirements.

What if we have Windows XP?

Support and updates for Windows XP are no longer available as of April 8, 2014. Windows XP will NOT be HIPAA compliant after this date. Click here for more information about Windows XP.

What happens if I call tech support after-hours?

Any calls or emails received outside of the scheduled times will be addressed the next day.

How do you connect to my workstation or server?

Our technicians use LogMeIn IT Rescue to connect remotely to workstations.  We access your server via LogMeIn link.

Is patientNOW EMR software updated frequently?

We are constantly working on updates for our software to keep it running at its best for you and your practice. We listen to your feedback and release new updates and features based on what you are looking for.  All clients on support get complimentary updates that occur after hours so that your day is not interrupted.

What happens if I call for tech support and my problem cannot be solved?

One of our training or support personnel will follow-up regarding your problem. Issues may be forwarded to our software development team, with a tracking number for specific clients.

What if I need replacement parts or hardware?

We can advise you on hardware upgrades and can even help you obtain discounts from vendors, but hardware maintenance is your responsibility.

What build of patientNOW am I using?

Click the i in the upper left corner of your patientNOW window to find out what build you are on.  All workstations and server should be on the same build.

Who do I call for patientNOW support?

888-644-2987 x 2 or

How do I schedule training?

Email your trainer or email

Who do I call for support with my Fujitsu document scanner?

Click here for Fujitsu support or call (800) 626-4686 and use Option 2

Do you support Apple computers?

Yes, by running either Boot Camp or Parallels and  Windows 7 or 8 Professional 32 bit. Always use a standard Intel based Server running Microsoft Server 2008 configured as a domain controller or a member of a domain.

Who do I call for setting up my account with ENS for electronic claims submission?

Kelsey M Saunders 678-455-5604 or