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Are Apple FaceTime Calls HIPAA Compliant?

FaceTime is Apple’s video calling program, which now works on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Mac. With a tiny camera on your Apple device, you can interact visually with the person you’re calling.

Because medical services are increasingly going online for convenience, we should expect doctors and other medical professionals to use this kind of technology. Whether it’s for the initial consultation or an after-hours consult, a virtual option is definitely becoming more viable.

However, these new methods of communication mean that medical professionals need to closely monitor their online activities for HIPAA compliance.

Apple gear (including iPad) is HIPAA compliant when using WPA2 Enterprise security, explains Jason D. O’Grady, in a recent ZDNet blog post. According to representatives O’Grady contacted at Apple, “WPA2 Enterprise uses 128-bit AES encryption, giving users the highest level of assurance that their data will remain protected when they send and receive communications over a Wi-Fi network connection.”

The rep also explained the FaceTime feature of “end to end” encryption with unique session keys and a unique FaceTime ID for every user.

Ensuring HIPAA Compliance

To ensure HIPAA compliance when using FaceTime, be sure to connect to a secure wireless network that is encrypted with WPA2 Enterprise security.