6 Tips to Grow Your Aesthetic Business

1_afterTip # 1 – Your patient’s success is your success.

When patients are on a weight loss program using HCG, encourage them with regular email reminders of diet tips, recipes, managing plateaus, 1 day breaks, different forms of light exercise, drinking lots of water and so on. These regular email reminders will help patients stay on track and have a successful outcome.

Once patients are done with the first phase of the HCG program, have them come in to get final pictures and measurements to document their success.

Continue with reminders to exercise, eat healthy and throw in a few emails on other services you offer and products you sell. Lastly, ask for referrals based on your patient’s success.

PatientNOW has a built in automated reminder system (Pathways Medical CRM™) that automatically sends emails to each patient based on where they are in the program. Your will have more successful patients who will refer their friends to help grow your business.

It’s like having another employee who never forgets to follow up!

Tip #2 – You don’t need 2 EMR systems

2_bubblesThe expense and time to manage 2 EMR systems, one for your elective / aesthetic practice and the other for your medical practice is onerous.

PatientNOW does both! PatientNOW has full practice management and a fully certified EMR that can be used for any type of practice.

PatientNOW was written from the ground up with the added functionality to manage aesthetic practices with features like point of sale, inventory, photos, and automated follow up. Use

PatientNOW only for the aesthetic business or use it for all of your practice needs. That is your choice but remember PatientNOW is an ONC–ATCB Certified Complete EMR system.

With PatientNOW, you can qualify for meaningful use and stimulus reimbursement of $44,000 per physician.

Tip #3 – Take lots of photos and measurements

3_baPatients need you to highlight their success. On every visit, take front, side and back photos, get weight and blood pressure, and then measure neck, chest, abdomen and waist to show progress. They will be extremely thankful and you will have the documented facts. Gets consents signed to use the photos for use in your office or office and internet.

Think about that TV screen in your reception area. Photos and short video testimonials will help your patients arrive at the right decision. These can be moved to your website and Facebook page with your patients consent.

PatientNOW allows you to take pictures and save them directly to your EMR system. This saves an hour or two every day. Side by side photo comparisons visually show the patients progress. PatientNOW even creates photo slide shows or Power Points. Vitals are easily added and BMI and BSA are automatically calculated. Keep all the measurements and allows you to see the changes.

This is all standard in PatientNOW and a very powerful tool in managing your aesthetic business.

Tip #4 – Avoid FDA fines

4_rxHow much HCG did you order and where did it go? That’s what the FDA will ask if they audit your practice. With PatientNOW, you add HCG to inventory and then prescribe it using our prescription module.

Every last drop is accounted for. If there ever is a problem with a lot, you can quickly generate a list of patients who received HCG from a specific lot and call, email or send them a letter within minutes.

Tip #5 – Reward your referring patients

5_giftcards2Doesn’t it feel good to get your airline mileage statement when your status is upgraded or you have a free flight?

Patients like this form of recognition as well. Track and reward them with thank you notes and gift cards. PatientNOW includes a referral tracking system. Patients, internet, magazines and anyone else can be tracked and your revenue can be tied to the referrer. How cool is that!

You know who referred and can reward them with points that can be used in your practice for future purchases. When your patient feels appreciated, they will be more inclined to tell others about how pleased they are.

PatientNOW manages all of this for you.

Tip #6 – Where is your money?

6_Aesthetic medicine tends to receive a lot of cash payments. It’s an easy target for fraud and embezzlement. Take steps to protect yourself. Check every night that you have invoices for every patient on the schedule. Review the deleted invoice report and compare with your schedule report. Look for any cancellations and no shows.

Look at each invoice to see if there are unexplained discounts and that the payments match the invoice. Let your staff know that you review this every night. Have someone different than the person who handles invoices and money do inventory. Count inventory prior to receiving new inventory. Make sure everything matches.

Hire your CPA (not a book keeper) to review your books monthly. Look for discrepancies. Address these with your staff immediately. Point of Sale (POS) in PatientNOW creates every invoice, every change to an invoice, deleted invoices every payment and even locks invoices so staff can’t make changes without your authorization.

At the end of each day, you will know exactly how much you made, where it came from and what your inventory should be. We even update QuickBooks. If you pay commissions, we track commissions. Sell prepaid packages, we manage prepaid packages. Offer gift cards, PatientNOW has gift cards.

Need integrated credit card processing? PatientNOW has integrated credit card processing. By managing everything in one software program, we reduce errors, costs and protect you.

The bottom line is, PatientNOW helps you grow your aesthetic business and manage your medical practice… all in one program.demobutton

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