TouchMD and PatientNOW have announced the formation of a new strategic partnership that will offer medical practices a seamless way to integrate patient consults, photos and consents directly with their patient tracking, EMR and practice management software.

The strategic partnership with PatientNOW provides direct integration with one of the best EMR and practice management systems for cosmetic surgeons.  Their EMR software becomes a central repository for everything in the medical office.   With the streamlined integration with TouchMD it only makes sense to push photos, consents and other material to PatientNOW and make it part of the patients permanent medical record.

This partnership allows medical practices to be more efficient eliminating duplicate data entry and allowing a single location for all patient data.  Now a patient coordinator can push or pull photos directly from PatientNOW into TouchMD, sign consents and gain great education using touch screens to show patients before and after photos, educational videos, markup patients photos and generally help the patient to fully understand the procedure.

According to Jerry Jacobson, CEO and Co-Founder of PatientNOW, TouchMD is changing how plastic surgeons consult and communicate with their patients.  This revolutionary system from TouchMD helps patients see and fully understand any cosmetic procedure and feel comfortable with the doctor.  The process reduces the time patients take in making a purchase decision. The site allows the patient to easily review all aspects of the consult from home with a spouse or partner.

“We are pleased to welcome PatientNOW as a partner, given their strong reputation in the plastic surgery industry.” said Kary Smith, president and CEO of TouchMD.  “Medical practices are requesting an integrated solution in order to keep all patient data in a single location and access data seamlessly.  With this integration, we aim to provide a comprehensive infrastructure for seamless automation between these two powerful tools”.

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