Why Electronic Medical Records?

The transition from paper charts to electronic medical records continues to flourish. From a business perspective, electronic medical records have been proven to lower costs, increase revenue, improve efficiency and enhance the quality of services provided. Imagine electronically “flipping through a chart”, orders that are more clear, and conveniently organized prescriptions. PatientNOW has the best system to make the transition from paper to paperless helping your office to go green and efficient.
PatientNOW can:

    • Get fast access to analytics and patient records
    • Eliminate paper costs and free up storage space
    • Save time with easy billing and scheduling
    • Export documents quickly and easily
    • Attach pictures, videos and audio files to patient records
    • Generate invoices directly from EMR
    • End repetitive tasks and reduce transcription costs

Start storing data in electronic medical records and stop the constant flow of paper charts and documents. PatientNOW includes features that make your practice more efficient and in turn, more profitable. Your staff won’t be inundated with papers to file nor will your patients be waiting for treatments or results.

If you’re not sure if your software has the proper compatibility and security, fill out the form to the right and talk to a specialist about how PatientNOW can begin assisting you with converting to electronic medical records.

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