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3 Customer Service Traits of Highly Successful Medical Practices

While patients may choose their physician first and foremost on the level of experience and
expertise that professional brings to the job, customer service is a close second. Patients may not
recognize the need for customer service in their doctor’s office, but every patient that leaves a
practice due to long wait times, a grumpy office staff or failed follow-ups tells a very different
story. The good news is you can improve the level of service in your office relatively easily by
implementing three simple, service-oriented steps.

1. Begin with Your Staff

A service-minded practice begins at the top, so when the physician treats patients like VIPs, the
staff is more likely to do so as well. This is particularly true for offices of plastic surgeons or
other physicians that do not have patients bound by the provider restrictions of their insurance
company. In addition, regular service training sessions and incentives for providing top quality
service go a long way in maintaining a high level of service in your practice day in and day out.

2. Look at Your Facility

Spend a bit of time in the waiting room of your office to see your practice from your patient’s
perspective. Is the waiting area clean and inviting? Do you provide small amenities like coffee or
bottles of water? Consider your patients’ wait times – if they are long, a restructure of your
scheduling may be in order to make appointments more convenient. Patients willing to spend a
significant amount of money out-of-pocket for your services do not want to spend a significant
amount of time in your waiting area, no matter how pleasant it might be.

3. Up Patient Access

One of the most important elements you can incorporate into a service-minded practice is the
ability of patients to actively interact in their care decisions. Electronic medical records (EMRs)
allow patients to access their medical history and other pertinent data from any location and at
any time. Patients are able to check results of lab tests, ask questions and get information they
may need before and after their procedure. This availability of information goes a long way in
making a patient an active partner in care and builds confidence with the physician and practice
as well.


At patientNOW, we understand the importance of positive patient service when it comes to
building your cosmetic practice. We work with plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons,
dermatologists and medical spas to give them the automated systems that take them away from
administrative duties and give them more direct contact with their patients. To learn more about
how you can improve your patients’ access to their histories and other pertinent
information, watch our personalized demo or give us a call to schedule a one-on-one demo.