5 Bright Ideas for Patient Retention

Perhaps you have made a careful study of how to attract patients to your office and the increase in patient acquisition has been positive. Now, how are you going to keep those patients that have come in for a consultation or even an initial procedure? Patient retention is another important aspect of medical marketing and growing your practice that cannot be ignored. Fortunately, the team at PatientNOW has five bright ideas for how you can keep patients coming back to your practice time and time again.

Make Them Comfortable

When your patient comes in for an appointment, what is the experience like? Is your waiting room comfortable and equipped with options to help them pass the time while they wait for their name to be called? Make sure your office staff is well trained in how to make your patients feel comfortable from the minute they walk in the door. An initial greeting and a feeling that they are valued to your practice will make all the difference in whether they will want to return.

Value Every Encounter

Some plastic surgeons make the mistake of making the greatest effort to forge a patient relationship at the initial consultation. They set the patient’s expectations to a certain level of care, which slowly declines over the course of subsequent visits. Whether your patient is in your office for a first consultation or stopping in with a concern after a procedure, their visit should be treated with the utmost care and service every single time.

Celebrate with Them

Certain times of the year will make a patient think more about appearance and the aging process. This is particularly true of upcoming birthdays. Celebrate with your patient by sending out a birthday greeting ahead of the special day, complete with a sampling of the procedures you currently offer. Your patient will likely appreciate being remembered by your office and may even schedule one of those procedures as a gift to themselves.

Identify (and Fix) Problems

Patient retention is only as good as your ability to limit patient attrition. If you notice a number of your patients are not returning to your practice, find out why. Ask for patient feedback and use your analytics to determine whether there is something about your practice that needs to change to make patients more willing to come back.

Automate Your Retention Process

Patient retention is essential, but it may seem like just one more administrative task you and your staff do not have time to address. That is why automating your retention process as much as possible is a necessary step to ensure efficiency as well as a robust revenue flow.

PatientNOW features PAR – Patient Acquisition and Retention software that prevents patients from falling through the cracks. Through automated campaigns, patients receive reminders for follow-up procedures without fail and may even have the option to participate in rewards programs that have been shown to build patient loyalty. Birthdays are easily remembered with this tool and e-mail blasts can be sent to notify patients of your latest specials.

PatientNOW has the technology you need to take patient retention to the next level. To learn more about our PAR software or other automated management tools available, contact PatientNOW today at 888-644-2987.