5 Ways to Maximize Patient Engagement

Plastic surgery has brought a whole new level to patient engagement, as practices are discovering it is much more cost-effective to keep current patients than to attract new ones. Cosmetic treatments lend themselves well to the concept of patient engagement since many require ongoing maintenance procedures to keep up results. Patients may also choose to explore other options in aesthetic procedures as they see the positive results from their initial treatments. PatientNOW has five effective ways to maximize patient engagement to increase patient volume and your revenue flow.

Emphasize the Benefits of Your Patient Portal

The patient portal is a way for your patients to take charge of their cosmetic treatments and gain the information necessary to make good choices about their aesthetic care. Make sure your patients are familiar with your portal and know how to use it to manage their records and communicate with your staff. The portal is also a way to increase your administrative efficiency as patients can manage their personal information online rather than over the phone or in your office.

Kick up Your Office Efficiency

Automation is the key to upping your efficiency level so you can spend more time with your patients and less in front of a computer screen. The right practice management software will allow you to automate appointment reminders, color-code appointments and even track patient requests. When you can synch this software to your mobile devices, you can take your office with you wherever you go, for even greater convenience and streamlining ability.

Enhance Patient Follow-Up

Plastic surgeons get numerous inquiries from prospective patients every week and it is important not to let any of those inquiries fall through the cracks if you are to make the most of your marketing efforts. Automating patient follow-up will ensure every patient receives the attention necessary to take the next step and book an appointment. In addition, automation can help you reach your current patients with other procedures they might be interested in or to remind them of upcoming maintenance treatment needs.

Make Use of Ongoing Communication

Communication is an important element in building a positive, long-lasting relationship between a plastic surgeon and patient. Patients should have access to your office for asking questions or sharing concerns, while you will want to keep your patients abreast of new procedures you might be offering or special offers from your practice. A monthly newsletter is one way to keep lines of communication open with your patients, which can easily be generated online using your patient portal and your patient engagement software.

Help Your Patients Save Money

The cost for elective procedures comes directly out of your patient’s pocket, so anything you can do to make the process more affordable will build patient loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals. Reward programs are a good way to give your regular patients a break on the cost of their procedures and can be easy to implement with patient engagement software designed for this purpose. Monthly specials can also be conveyed through your regular communication channels like your newsletter, which will bring in both patients that get those treatments regularly and those that want to try out a procedure for the first time.

It takes more than skill and experience to build a healthy plastic surgery practice today. Patient engagement is a key component to both patient retention and acquisition through word-of-mouth referrals. To learn more about how our software solutions can take your patient engagement to the next level, contact PatientNOW today at 888-644-2987.