Ransomware: Preventing Disaster

Ransomware is making headlines and striking fear into hospitals across the globe. These computer viruses do not actually steal information from databases, but they can block access by the hospital or practice to the very data they have stored and use every day to manage and care for their patients. If you are concerned about

CRM Trends for 2016: Is Your Practice Ready?

CRM software is a must-have for your plastic surgery practice today, allowing you to automate many of your processes in both customer acquisition and retention. As technology is constantly evolving, so is the way in which CRM is used by businesses and medical practices. If you want to remain at the front of the pack in your industry,

tips for practice management

4 Tips for Better Practice Management

Plastic surgeons may know everything they need to know about performing a successful cosmetic procedure, but it is not likely they bring the same level of expertise to the operational end of their practice. In fact, most plastic surgeons and dermatologists will probably admit they don’t want to put the same time and energy into

How To Increase Patient Portal Engagement and Usage

The patient portal is an effective tool for building your practice, by providing a positive patient experience that increases both patient retention and referrals. However, the tool will only be as good as the amount of participation it gets from your patient base. If your patient portal is sadly underused, or if you are hesitant

The Single Largest Source of HIPAA Breaches in 2013: Personal Electronic Devices

“The loss of PEDs (Personal Electronic Devices), whether maliciously, or unintentionally, created the single largest source of HIPAA breaches in 2013.” We are fortunate to live in a world of portable convenience. Our personal schedule syncs with our work schedule which syncs with our phones. At the same time, we have access

Effective Ways to Increase Patient Retention Rates

One of the biggest challenges for many practices is maintaining a high patient retention rate. Some practice’s patient retention methods are more successful than others’ because they have likely created a streamlined system for managing patient communications. You can make this process easier by using the patientNOW Patient Acquisition and Retention (PAR™) system at your

How an EMR Can Help Your Practice Save Time and Money

Managing paper records and documents for your patients can be time-consuming and can be a security risk. Many practice managers find it challenging to keep paper records up-to-date and ensure that all paperwork is free of medical errors. Making the switch to an EMR can streamline many of your medical practice’s daily activities and also