patientNOW and Crystal Clear: A new way to fill the important technology gaps in your practice.

patientNOW and Crystal Clear have merged.

Our two great companies have come together to create the most comprehensive, cutting-edge suite of services to drive revenue, increase efficiency and fill the important technology gaps in your practice.

Running a successful practice is difficult under the best of circumstances. To be competitive in 2020 and beyond, modern elective business leaders need to leverage best-in-class technology and marketing automation to find, serve and keep more patients profitably. The good news is the patientNOW and Crystal Clear platforms are designed to provide you with a distinct competitive advantage to increase market share and deliver the world-class patient experience you need to create long-term profitable patient relationships.

Our product menu allows you to choose the technology and marketing services best suited for YOUR practice’s growth goals and budget. We offer customized solutions with flexibility in selecting the service level and features that are just right for you.  

Our combined service menu includes;

Digital Marketing 

  • Website development, search engine optimization, email marketing, social media distribution, call tracking and the analytical tools needed to track, manage and measure all your critical marketing activities

Patient Engagement

  • RAMP™ automated lead nurturing, unlimited two-way HIPAA-compliant texting, Loyalty and Membership module, enhanced patient pathways, and award points and gift cards with an automated workflow and a streamlined, consistent sales follow-up process

Practice Management 

  • Pulse™ robust KPI reporting tool, iPad/iPhone app, reputation management, patient online scheduling, inventory and point of sale, and fully integrated merchant solution to address virtually all of the most important challenges you face – all from one application


  • Tele-health, patient portal, consent and treatment note library, photo management, eRx, eFax, lab interface, and clearinghouse and revenue cycle management to attain a true paperless practice, become more efficient and provide a more professional and personal patient experience

This is exciting news for our industry — two leading companies with rich histories and enduring reputations for serving and supporting the elective medical community coming together to offer the most comprehensive menu of proven marketing, CRM, practice management and EMR technologies under one roof. As we work to deliver the value of the combined companies, we pledge our continued commitment to customer service and, most importantly, success for your practice. 

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PatientNOW – Security vs. Privacy

Though security and privacy sound like the same thing, did you know there are distinct differences between the two? It’s a common misconception to think that because you possess security, you remain private. However, despite security being occupied with securing sensitive data, privacy ensures that any transfer of data is done at the notice of an owner of sensitive data. In short, security is the goal of preventing an over breach of data, while privacy is more concerned with using this trust with data responsibly.

It is in patientNOW’s best interest to affirm clients that their patients will experience both security and privacy. Though the two differ, privacy is integral to the success of secure data protection. While patientNOW is an industry-leading EMR provider that provides the ultimate data protection, clients can also be satisfied in knowing that the privacy of their patients won’t run the risk of being shared or transmitted without their consent. Let’s consider the various aspects of security that patientNOW ensures and how privacy plays a role.

Protecting the Patient’s Privacy

Our software product allows physicians the possibility to not only efficiently manage their practice but the ability to engage with their patients. The ability to consistently engage patients is dependent on having access to certain information about a patient. This information includes many things that patients may be wary of giving out, including phone numbers and emails, especially if a breach of data occurs. However, with patientNOW, retaining the privacy of the individual is integral to the success of securing data. This means that patients don’t need to worry about the possibilities of having their data sold to other companies. If there is a desire to have data available to another source, a patient will be asked for permission. Any data given cannot be given out without the consent of the clients involved.

In the highly unlikely event of a breach of data occurring, we will be immediately notified Alert Logic, a platform that manages detection and responses, which we would then instantly communicate to physicians that use our service. We will explain information that was potentially exposed, what the root of the problem is and steps being taken to address the issue. What we communicate to a practice can then be relayed to a patient to address any concerns necessary.

What About Malware?

Malware is software that is intentionally malicious and can cause damage to a server, client or network. Types of malware include viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, ransomware and many others. With ransomware, the type of virus that threatens to publish a victim’s information for ransom, PatientNOW is at low risk. However, in the unlikely chance of one happening, patientNOW is capable of reverting any damage that has occurred. The backups that patientNOW use allows us to revert any data held by as much as 30 days.

Because patientNOW uses AWS for their securing data, they do not posit the risk of having web servers accessed because they aren’t accessible from the outside. The cloud-based system doesn’t run the risk of being affected by an outside source and, because they do not have any external-facing points.

Despite the AWS system having a low risk of being accessed, there is still a risk for clients because they need to use their own local machine. However, due to this, there is an added layer of protection because the AWS system cannot have their central server accessed by other clients. As well, because each client needs to have an on-sight server that transmits to the cloud-based system, there is no risk for clients that have experienced an attack to have that attack lead to affecting another. This inability for data to be hacked from client to client ensures that each client’s data remains secure from malware and gives them an added layer of privacy that keeps their information from being shared.

What Exactly is AWS?

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a cloud-based system that makes use of the shared responsibility model. By using AWS, patientNOW can maintain an “air gap” between the storage of data and where that data is produced. This gap provides a physical distance that only increases security and leverages accountability for a breach of data. Any data given from patient to client will be encrypted and transmitted to an AWS server as an isolated tenant. As well, with the shared responsibility model, AWS takes responsibility for any type of patient privacy.

With Alert Logic integrated into the AWS system, any vulnerabilities will be instantly notified to a client. Alert Logic is constantly monitoring clients networks, providing verified results, recommending steps to correct a breach and identifying any suspicious activity. These activities include malware that may be disruptive to a client’s patients privacy. The Anomaly Detection feature of Alert Logic also tracks unusual file deletions, modifications, encryptions and alerts IT to security threats which quickly enables “safe” backup.

PatientNOW Is the Optimal Service For Ensuring Security and Privacy For Its Users

While security and privacy sound like the same thing, they aren’t. Security is a term that’s often used to describe the prevention of data from being touched. Privacy is meant to represent that the data that’s being prevented from being touched won’t be shared with anyone else. By ensuring that confidentiality will be emphasized by patientNOW, the service is effectively saying that they aren’t going to do anything with clients data without their consent. This assurance can relieve clients of not only their data being protected from disruptive activity but also their data being shared across the web.

If you’re interested in learning more about the difference between security and privacy, and how patientNOW is the optimal system for ensuring the two for medical professionals, please give us a call at 888-644-2987. We can provide you with detailed information about our services and how they can benefit you. Contact us today.

Patient Security

“Is my data safe?” This is a question that’s on everyone’s mind lately. It’s an issue your patients will have definitely thought a lot about and also one you have probably pondered yourself, both from an individual and a business perspective.

Today, your ability to answer that question affirmatively when your patients ask is of critical importance. It can help differentiate you from your competitors and even tip the scales when securing new business.

Besides clear cut advantages in helping establish your practice as the provider of choice in your field, you can also help mitigate your risks (and they can be significant) should the data you collect be compromised.

The Digital Age Brings Many Boons and Risks

Digitization has transformed every business sector, including medical practices. In virtually every instance, the introduction of computer systems comes with vast benefits. Medical practices, in particular, have seen revolutionary benefits.

Today, your practice can consolidate all of your business services and marketing functions within a single platform, like a PatientNOW EMR, and automate nearly every aspect of your business, leveraging significant efficiencies.

For example, appointments can be calendared, past medical records can be retrieved, pre and post-operative instructions can be sent to your patients and prescriptions can be transmitted to your client’s pharmacy of choice, all instantaneously.

Inventory can also be continually monitored and controlled. Technology can add even more value to your practice when patient engagement automation, which allows you to manage multiple patient touchpoints with maximum efficiency and minimal cost, is included in your EMR.

Yet the Threat to Patient Data Is Real and Can Be Devastating and Costly

Yet this incredible power comes with certain dangers. To grasp the potential risks of online solutions — and their potential impact on your practice — consider these recent data breaches at some of the world’s largest corporations.

Yahoo’s 2013 data breach — one of only several recent major breaches — compromised the data of 3 billion users. That is close to half of the world’s 7.7 billion population.

A year later, an eBay security breach exposed the data of an additional 145 million users. And Equifax’s breach put 143 million users at risk in 2017. Eight other major security breaches also occurred between 2005 and 2017.

During the same time period, an additional 8,000 “minor” breaches occurred. Although more limited in scope, the potential consequences to individuals and businesses from any one of these smaller incidents carry the same frightening consequences.

Here’s Why You Can’t Afford Not To Protect Your and Your Patients’ Data

Successful hacking attacks like these have the potential to cause enormous harm to consumers. Data – such as legal names, addresses, telephone numbers, social security numbers and bank account and credit card numbers — can directly fuel identity theft and financial fraud schemes. Adding sensitive medical information to this list can lead to even greater harm.

The damage and disruption to affected individuals can be extreme and devastating, often resulting in lengthy and expensive class-action litigation suits. The liability that corporations face as a result of failure to protect their customers’ data can be monumental.

Equifax, for example, agreed to an over $575 million settlement with affected customers, with some individuals eligible for up to $20,000 in compensation. Few but the largest corporations can sustain these damages and remain solvent and viable entities.

The Healthcare Industry Continues To Embrace on Online Data Hosting

However, the potential risks inherent in data hosting solutions have not deterred major healthcare corporations from relying on electronic medical records. Healthcare providers have continued to embrace this trend, even while facing heightened risks.

For example, Ascension Health has recently partnered with Google in a deal that would have the Internet giant host up to 50 million patient records. Ascension is the second largest healthcare provider in the United States.

The overwhelming benefits of online EMRs explain this trend. Yet if global corporations with advanced IT infrastructure and security systems are at risk of a data breach, how can you defend your patient resources with more modest IT budgets and resources?

Your PatientNOW EMR gives you all the tools you need to run your practice efficiently — and safely!

Even small medical practices can easily adopt stringent, world-class IT security measures that will protect their practice and patient data from all but the most aggressive attacks, giving you and your patients maximum peace of mind. The benefits and value of implementing an information security system in your practice speak for themselves.

Protecting Your Patients Data Can Safeguard Your Reputation (and Help You Avoid Legal Problems)

We have already mentioned many of the advantages of implementing a secure EMR in your practice, above. A secure EMR can shield critical patient data from hackers who can sell or use that information for illegal financial gains. You can also reduce your risk of litigation due to negligence by taking industry-standard data security measures to protect this information.

By limiting access to data — through user-based authentication, networking firewalls and secure-access server rooms, for example — you can reduce your risk of attack and breach significantly. PatientNOW includes all of these features while still giving you and your staff unfettered access to the information you need when you need it so you can run your practice effectively.

Strong Patient Security Can Help You Convert New Patients and Retain Current Ones

Patient data safeguards offer additional advantages. Since patients today demand that their providers carefully protect their personal information, practices with PatientNOW EMRs can confidently demonstrate the measures they have taken when asked about data security. These measures can increase patient confidence in the practice, enabling more conversions and helping practices retain current patients who share these same concerns.

PatientNOW’s Data Security Measures Extend Your Patient Care

Your ability to prevent the unsolicited use of your patients’ personal information may not determine whether your prospect selects you for their surgery. However, it provides additional evidence of your concern for their wellbeing – which today also extends to their data – and it helps keep you stay competitive with other practices that have already taken similar steps to secure their client’s data.

Information security may never have been a primary concern during your medical training and you may even have practiced medicine for years without having to consider the issue. Today, treating your patients effectively — and even winning their trust in the first instance — depends on having a methodology to keep their body and data safe. With a PatientNOW EMR, however, you can accomplish this quickly and easily so you can focus on your core competency — improving your patients’ wellbeing.

Call PatientNOW today to learn more about how to keep your patients safe and grow your business!

If you have a PatientNOW EMR with cloud support, you already enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your online data is safe. If you don’t yet have a PatientNOW EMR, there is no better time to call. One of our friendly representatives can quickly get you started on automating all critical aspects of your practice and giving you among the industry’s most robust data security footprints. Call us at 888-644-2987 today!

PatientNOW — ensuring the right outcomes for our clients every day.

What Does it Mean to be Secure and How Does it Affect my Practice?

Today, you often hear people throw the word “security” around. It’s a word that has several different meanings, depending upon the context in which it’s used. However, when it comes to data, the term security refers to several critical aspects of your practice’s information that you will want to be very keenly aware of.

Protecting your data’s security, from an information technology standpoint, must address all of these critical areas. If it doesn’t, your data could potentially be exposed to many risks that could jeopardize your client’s confidentiality and hamper your practice’s ability to conduct business. However, doctors don’t have to become cyber-security experts to protect their patients and practices.

Industry-leading EMR provider PatientNOW, along with its cloud-services hosting partner AWS, offer doctor’s turn-key, best-in-class solutions that provide the functionality you need with the flawless security you and your patients deserve. To see how PatientNOW with AWS gives you the ultimate in data protection, let’s look at a few critical aspects of every PatientNOW cloud-based application.

Maintaining Your Data’s Integrity

There are two primary forms of data integrity. The first is ensuring that the data you enter into your PatientNOW EMR is accurate, is unaffected by unexpected or unwanted changes and is carefully preserved for when you need it in the future. Your PatientNOW EMR satisfies all these requirements through user authentication, which you are already very familiar with, and data-validation tools, which operate at every stage of your interaction with your PatientNOW EMR.

You also want to be sure that your data is kept entirely separate from that of other competing practices. This eliminates the possibility of inadvertent data breaches or cross-contamination of your data with information from other sources. Every PatientNOW EMR powered by AWS accomplishes this goal by keeping your data physically separated from all other clients.

This physical separation includes separate servers — so only your data resides on your servers — and also network separation or “air-gapping.” Air-gapped servers make the connection between your computers and those from another practice physically impossible. Additionally, when PatientNOW transfers your data from production servers to your host servers, we use state-of-the-art, high-strength encryption to safeguard your data upon loading, giving you complete assurance from the earliest stages.

Keeping Your Data Secure from Intrusion

Once PatientNOW has set-up your dedicated EMR hosting servers, PatientNOW then takes the next crucial step required to protect your data — preventing data corruption or theft from unauthorized outside intrusion. The first way PatientNOW helps stop unwanted intrusions is through server architecture. Your dedicated server pod, called an “instance,” never includes web servers; this eliminates a major entry point used by hackers to get unwanted access to your data.

Additionally, client consoles — the software on devices you and your staff use to connect to your EMR — never have “root access” privileges; this prevents malicious users from uploading malware (harmful software) that could corrupt or co-opt your data. However, hacking technology evolves quickly. For this reason, your cloud-based EMR has another essential feature to render malware inoperable and preserve your data, guaranteeing your practice stays up and running.

Preserving Your Data Through Continual Back-ups

Ransomware allows hackers to take your data hostage, effectively putting a halt to your regular business operations until they get what they want. But what if you always have your data available to you, safe and intact, in the event of such an attack? Continual back-ups prepare clients for just this possibility, by making live, active data quickly retrievable and subverting unauthorized attempts such as these. With live backups, clients can continue serving their customers without disruption.

PatientNOW cloud-based EMRs with AWS support offer you precisely this guarantee. Routine backups keep data from the present up to 30-days old on-hand and readily available, reducing your practice’s threat from ransomware while also protecting one of your practice’s most valuable assets, your patient information. Automated data retention also insulates your practice from the risk, although small, of hardware failure. But PatientNOW with AWS protects your practice in even more ways.

With a PatientNOW cloud-backed EMR, you can count on “the cloud,” itself, being secure, too

When you select PatientNOW as your EMR and cloud-hosting partner, you will never have to worry about problems with your computer systems. Ever. This is because PatientNOW and AWS strictly follow a Shared Responsibility Model to protect your infrastructure. In an SRM, AWS takes total ownership of ensuring your hardware systems are always up and running at optimum efficiency; this includes your operating servers, electronic-storage units, networking capabilities and all monitoring software. PatientNOW takes care of all the rest, including your EMR applications, user authentication, encryption, firewalls and backups. Every aspect of your hardware and software instance has the full protection of PatientNOW and AWS so you can continue to focus on your patients, using the tools you have come to rely on, completely worry-free.

PatientNOW Cloud Solutions Featuring AWS Support Protect Your Data From Every Angle

Storing one of your most valuable assets, your data, in the cloud can be unsettling for some doctors. It can feel like their practice information is out of their hands and out of their control. It can seem like the precise opposite of what common sense would dictate — keeping your data at your practice where you can guard it, directly, yourself.

However, unless you have the resources to invest in a full-time IT person — and all the hardware and software infrastructure you will need in addition — your data still won’t have the full protection it can. Cloud-hosting your PatientNOW EMR with AWS, on the other hand, gives you access to world-class technology and experts in every infrastructure subspecialty for total peace of mind, 24/7.

Still need more information? Call one of our friendly cloud-support specialists at 888-644-2987 to get your questions answered today. We can give you additional, detailed information about each stage of the process and help you get started with industry-leading data protection that doesn’t get in the way of your Number One priority — giving your patients the healthy outcomes they deserve.

lead management

PatientNOW Launches New Lead Management Platform

RAMP addresses one of the aesthetic medicine industry’s worst pain points.

PatientNOW, a RealSelf Affiliate, just launched a cost-effective and useful program to address the industry’s need for effective lead management and marketing automation called RAMP™. RealSelf Director of Practice Development, Eva Sheie, caught up with PatientNOW CEO Jerry Jacobson to find out more about how this new platform helps create staff efficiencies, increases patient satisfaction by improving communication, and delivers critical marketing performance data.

Eva Sheie: Why is lead management so challenging for practices?

Jerry Jacobson: Aesthetic practices have only a small handful of choices for lead management software, yet the importance of this key function cannot be overlooked. Many practices do not have a lead management system at all, or aren’t fully utilizing what they have. And it’s one more thing to manage that also has to be friendly with your other systems and software.

Eva: What inspired you and your team to solve this problem?

Jerry: We knew that our customers were spending 5-10% of their annual revenue on marketing each year, but they didn’t have an easy, centralized location to manage their incoming inquiries and weren’t able to easily look back and see their return on that investment.

Eva: What were your goals with the development of RAMP?

Jerry: We wanted them to have conversion data in real time to help make better, smarter marketing decisions. But it was really patient communication driving the mission—we wanted to help the staff respond faster to wow their patients and prospects, and positively impact every person who interacts with the practice by helping create great first impressions. The icing on the cake is that RAMP frees up staff time spent doing double data entry or hunting for conversion data.

Eva: For those who don’t have any kind of lead management platform, can you help us understand what a great lead management platform should do?

Jerry: At the very least, a great lead management system must do the following:

  • Capture, centralize, and organize leads from all external sources
  • Nurture leads by enabling you to set up on-brand marketing automation to respond instantly, and also drive new business (think Botox appointment reminders)
  • Give you reports on ROI
  • Be affordable

For many aesthetic practices, it takes a lot of time to do the manual reporting and research to combine data from multiple sources in order to figure out what’s working and what isn’t.
Because most of the key data was already in PatientNOW, we wanted to help our customers easily fill in the gap between who was contacting the practice and who was completing surgery.

Eva: A lot of people are familiar with lead management platforms that funnel all leads into a central location, but you took it a few steps further with branded custom automation. Can you tell us how that works?

Jerry: Yes, if your staff are swamped or it’s outside business hours, you can depend on RAMP to begin nurturing leads within 5 minutes by text message and email. These communications represent your brand and are personalized to the prospect’s interest. And of course, linked to your online scheduler so they don’t even have to call to make an appointment!

For more information about PatientNOW, RAMP or to request a demo, complete this short form.

Patient Now

Payment Security

Implementing state-of-the-art payment security in your practice can be an extremely straightforward process — if you have a patientNOW EMR. patientNOW’s Merchant Solutions integration gives you total control over your point-of-sale transactions for maximum security for your patients and practice as well as significantly-improved efficiency.

patientNOW’s Merchant Solutions can help your practice in three crucial ways. With patientNOW, you can streamline your payment process, increase your bottom line and solidify your processes to promote and protect your practice. And integration with your existing platform can be easy and seamless.

Learn more about how you can implement and reap the benefits of complete payment security now your patientNOW EMR. And if you don’t have a patientNOW EMR, you have one more reason to give us a call today.

Receiving Payments Is Easy with patientNOW Powered by Clover™

Clover’s integration with your patientNOW EMR is seamless. Payment amounts are transmitted directly from your Clover POS device to your EMR. Your client’s payments then appear immediately on your patientNOW invoices. Want to keep your patient’s credit card number on file for easier and faster checkouts later? With patientNOW, you can. This feature can help make card-not-present transactions, such as telephone and online orders, a snap. Now you can also include links to payment features in your online invoices and emails, making it even easier for your patients to pay and for you to collect revenues.

patientNOW Also Helps You Automate Your Membership and Rewards Programs

Your staff can save time and you can save money while increasing your revenue, with patientNOW Merchant Services. Your practice can easily automate all your recurring payments, reducing your collection times, while ensuring you collect for all your services. Do you offer gift cards or loyalty rewards points? patientNOW can track those, too, all through your EMR so that you can manage all your promotions from a single console. You can even barcode scan products you sell for easy inventory management and streamlined checkouts.

patientNOW Merchant Services Increase Your Bottomline in Even More Ways

Do you offer your staff commissions? If you do, you probably have to have track and run reports on commission earnings in addition to your other revenue reports. But patientNOW can take care of this task for you, making these numbers available to you in realtime. Worried about fraud in your practice? With patientNOW, you no longer have to be. patientNOW’s merchant solution maintains full audit trails for all transactions, for complete peace of mind. Want to close quickly at the end of the day? You can, with patientNOW’s credit card reporting features that help you easily incorporate these totals.

The best feature? You can take advantage of all these benefits now if you have a patientNOW EMR!

patientNOW wants you to enjoy a comprehensive and flawless user experience. That’s why we’ve made integrating point-of-service solutions into your existing EMR simple. Simply give us a call to get started. When you do, you’ll receive a free Clover unit, so you use your new functionality immediately. And you can easily expand with the purchase of additional Clover units if you choose. Updating your EMR — just like adding any patientNOW workflow — is completely straightforward. And you’ll also have patientNOW’s full support available whenever you need it.

Don’t have a patientNOW EMR yet? There is no better time to call and explore all the advantages of fully automating your practice today. patientNOW can increase efficiencies throughout your practice through best-in-class automation in these crucial areas:

  • Lead follow-ups
  • Appointment bookings
  • E-blasts and promotions
  • Patient education
  • Pre and post-operative instructions
  • E-prescriptions
  • Follow-up reminders
  • Timely upsell emails
  • Practice inventory management
  • EMR accessibility from any device
  • End-to-end security
  • And now point-of-sale automation

The question you should be asking yourself now is — how have I been able to manage my practice without a patientNOW EMR?

Call patientNOW today to add secure transactions to your existing EMR and increase your bottom-line now!

A secure point-of-sale system protects your patients and your practice; it ensures every transaction is achieved safely, makes it easier for your clients to pay and saves your staff time and your practice money. And patientNOW Merchant Services can also enhance many other payment handling and accounting tasks, saving you even more money and increasing your earnings. Best of all, you can easily add this functionality to your current patientNOW EMR and enjoy the same great support and service you receive today. You’ve already made a great decision by choosing patientNOW to automate your practice; why not get all you can get from your EMR now?

PatientNOW — ensuring the right outcomes for our clients every day.