Why the Black Book EMR #2 Vendor is #1 for You

Aesthetic medical practices have a wealth of EMR options available to help them automate their practices, increase their efficiency, and facilitate more meaningful patient interactions. Unfortunately, with so many applications available, doctors can easily make the wrong choice or avoid the selection process altogether. Both of these paths can place doctors at a disadvantage with respect to other practices in their markets.

Having a reliable, independent third-party to cut through often vague, self-congratulatory and salesy EMR marketing can help doctors make the right decision for themselves, their practices and ultimately their patients. One source doctors can turn to reliably is Black Book.

Black Book, a source you can trust

Who is Black Book?

Black Book Market Research is an independent auditing firm serving the healthcare industry. It polls EMR clients annually and ranks medical software and service providers.

How does Black Book rank providers?

Black Book invites over 500,000 respondents to contribute to their survey, then internally and externally audits and tabulates that data. Black Book then uses this verified data to rank over 300 EMR vendors. For their 2016-2017 survey, Black Book received and validated over 16,000 responses which it used to rank vendors.

With this data, Black Book evaluates each vendor across 18 “performance areas of operational excellence,” requiring a minimum of 20 unique and verified client ballots to earn a Top 10 ranking. Vendors receiving Top 10 status do so with a 95-percent confidence level, according to the organization.

What does this ranking system mean for EMR customers?

Black Book’s independent, broad and statistically rigorous approach ensures that purchasers of EMR software fully understand the strengths and weakness of each possible solution, and can purchase and implement the one which best fits their needs with confidence.

So What Does it Mean to be Ranked Black Book’s #2 Overall EMR Vendor?

How did PatientNOW achieve its #2 overall rank?

PatientNOW achieved a #1 status in Training, Integration and Interface, and Trust, Accountability, Ethics & Transparency.

Black Book also found PatientNOW garnered the following accolades in 17 of 18 categories: “overwhelming satisfaction”; “exceed[ed] expectations”; and “highly recommended vendor.” PatientNOW missed sweeping all categories by one one-hundredth of a point!

In addition to overall #2 status, PatientNOW also achieved #2 status in these individual categories: Client Relationships & Cultural Fit; Innovation & Optimization; Best of Breed Technology & Process; and Support & Customer Care.

Great, but what does all this data mean for me, my practice, and my patients?

Not only did PatientNOW achieve top one or two rank in multiple categories, PatientNOW specifically achieved highly in the categories which matter most to EMR software users — training, ease-of-use, support, responsiveness, relationship and trust.

Black Book’s findings confirm that doctors and their staff can rely on PatientNOW as a trusted partner throughout the integration, transition and deployment phases of their EMR implementation. There is also peace of mind in knowing PatientNOW will work closely with doctors to incorporate new features and functionality requested by them to improve their practice’s performance.

Working as a partner with doctors, both consultatively and collaboratively, PatientNOW is committed to ensuring that patients receive the best possible experiences from their doctors and their practices and that that translates into return client visits, positive practice reviews, referrals business, and ultimately a more profitable practice.

Making the Right Choice for Your Practice

Selecting an EMR platform to use in your practice involves much more than simply selecting software. Doctors want not only great software but also great people who will stand behind their product just as they stand behind their commitments to their patients.

PatientNOW understands that the best technology should ultimately serve to better the relationships you have with your support staff and most importantly your patients. For that reason, PatientNOW strives to provide more than best-in-class software, but a partnership with its doctors which puts those relationships first. PatientNOW is here for you.

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