Kristin Davis

Back in 2018, when Kristin Davis of Evexias Denver / Denver Vein first heard about patientNOW’s new automated lead capture & nurturing tool, RAMP™ (which was still under development at the time), she was the first to raise her hand to sign up as a beta practice.

Managing and streamlining an efficient flow for inbound leads was a pain point for her and her team. Improving this process was on her agenda as something that must change in order for the practice to move to the “next level of success.”

At that time, they had no elegant way to transition leads from a “contact from” to “consultation” other than tedious weekly Excel spreadsheets, manual busywork, and constant follow up to make sure nothing fell through the cracks due to human error. Not to mention that this manual process sometimes lead to patient frustration when they were either given the same information about their inquiry twice, or worst yet, didn’t receive “enough” information in the first place.

Kristin immediately looked at the value proposition of RAMP and knew that having an automation tool that could efficiently, instantly, and intuitively respond to inbound leads would be a game changer for both Evexias Denver and Denver Vein.

Realizing that part of their problem had to do with the efficiency and functioning of their website(s), Kristin simultaneously collaborated with patientNOW’s strategic partner, ContentFirst.Marketing, as they were on-boarding RAMP. The goal was was to dramatically elevate the function of their site(s) as lead magnets and efficient conversion tools, compliment this with a strong digital marketing strategy, and then point all the high quality leads in the direction of RAMP for swift and precision handling.

Says ContentFirst.Marketing CEO, John M. Arnott II,

“Our strategy was four-part;

1) We created two new sites whose primary function was to convert visitors into inquiries—targeting more qualified patients for better quality conversions.
2) We then created nurture funnel campaigns with educative drip emails to further increase online conversion rates.
3) Then we expanded reach with Facebook re-targeting campaigns and Google ads.

Our goal was to tie the outside world to Evexias’ internal team—with RAMP at the very center—making it all work together. – John Arnott II

4) And finally, every time a form was filled out as a result of these efforts, the inbound lead was flowed directly into the RAMP tool, and wound up as an inquiry “pop-up” on the screens of well-trained staff members at Evexias Denver and Denver Vein.”

Kristin and her teams built on this overall strategy to further ensure project success. (Because without a receptive team responding to those pop-up notifications, online leads rarely turn into in-person consults on their own!) In order for this initiative to be truly successful, they needed a new strategy all of their own.

Says Kristin about the steps added by the Evexias Denver and Denver Vein teams:

5) We trained our staff to have empathy in order to create a culture that embraces getting back to people swiftly. We asked, “What are your own expectations?”
“What would you put up with yourself?”

6) We trained on asking the right profiling questions, on being sales minded, and asking for appointment scheduling.

7) We committed to using the full power of pathways in conjunction with RAMP. Our drop down contact forms allow us to attach a RAMP lead to a specific pathway for all our wheelhouse procedures. Now, the way we respond to a BHRT lead is completely different than how we respond to someone interested in vein therapy. Our education starts before patients even walk through the door, and they love this. We do too, because once it’s set up, it’s automated!

8) Through the power of RAMP and pathways, we make sure every lead is followed up at least 5 times.

9) Everyone on our staff knows how important this initiative is to our business. Because reporting tools allow us to see how people are performing, they are more accountable, and they know we keep a very regular pulse
on our conversion numbers and improving success.

10) We have fun reaching our goals. When we do well, we celebrate with things like Voodoo Donuts. It’s the little things that build team spirit and adaptability through change.”

And the Results?
They’ve been phenomenal.

Each of the new sites have produced nearly 500 quality leads in the short time
they have been live. But even more exciting is the overall rate of conversion that Evexias Denver and Denver Vein have experienced with those leads.

Says Kristin, “In July alone, out of 68 leads, only 7 did not convert to an appointment. That’s a 90% conversion rate, and evidence of sound marketing strategy, commitment and the power of RAMP and pathways at work.”

Both Kristin and John cite the support of the patientNOW team as critical to their initiative’s overall success.

Wes and the team are so easy to work with. They truly take customer feedback seriously,
and have an ingrained mindset of wanting to make a better product. – John Arnott II

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