4 Benefits Patient Engagement Software Can Bring to Your Medical Practice

As part of a healthcare organization, your staff members must find ways to improve patient outcomes and provide a world-class care experience. While part of the solution is to hire top talent and implement proven best practices, when you run a medical practice, you must also drive patient engagement.

The more active a patient is in their own healthcare journey, the better their outcomes will likely be. A high level of patient engagement can also reduce the costs of care. 

When it comes to increasing patient engagement, the best way to accomplish this goal is to deploy dedicated patient engagement software. This technology can benefit your medical practice in several ways, which we’ll explore below.

Reduce No-Shows

No-shows are an age-old problem in the medical industry. This all-too-common occurrence can create gaps in a provider’s schedule, thereby driving up the total cost of care. 

To make matters worse, patients who routinely no-show are at a higher risk of experiencing complications and needing more complex medical interventions in the future.

Patient engagement software reduces this issue by sending out automated appointment reminders. These reminders can be delivered via text, phone call, or email. Each delivery method will give the patient a chance to cancel, confirm, or reschedule their visit. 

Enhance Staff Productivity

By automating redundant aspects of the patient management process, you can free up your staff to complete more dynamic tasks. 

For instance, your support staff will no longer have to waste time calling patients, only to find that their calls are sent to voicemail. Instead, they can communicate with patients on a secure platform using text messages. Many patients prefer this method of communication because they are free to reply at their leisure. 

Increase Revenue

Patient engagement software is a great way to increase your practice’s revenue. This is because it allows you to keep patients more engaged throughout every phase of the care journey, thereby drawing them back in for preventative care and follow-up appointments. 

Patient engagement software can help you to upsell services, roll out customer loyalty programs, request referrals from satisfied clients, and even offer discounts when multiple treatments are booked.

In addition, you can limit the number of no-shows, optimizing the productivity of each medical provider. Our patient engagement software even incorporates digital RCM solutions, which can expedite payment collection. 

Let’s transform your practice together!

Improved Buy-In for Patient Portals

Patient portals are a great tool for providing patients access to their EMR information. However, many practices struggle to achieve a high level of buy-in from their patients.

A comprehensive patient engagement platform will help you encourage patients to use your patient portal. You can send patients targeted messages, prompting them to login and view their data. 

For instance, you can securely email or text patient alerts to notify them when test results have been published to the portal, all while maintaining proper HIPAA compliance.

The Best Patient Engagement Software for Your Practice

If you are searching for the best patient engagement software on the market, look no further than PatientNow. Our patient engagement technology can improve patient loyalty, aid your marketing efforts, and streamline communication.

Ready to learn more? If so, then we invite you to schedule a free demo today!

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