6 Proactive Ways Healthcare Providers Can Use Email Marketing Automation

Depending on how you’re wired, when people start using phraseology like “digital marketing solutions,” you either come to the edge of your seat or hit the snooze button. 

Some physicians have a solid entrepreneurial streak, marketing can be as elusive as a unicorn in the woods. Maybe you have been hunting this jackalope and need a bit of a breakthrough. 

With digital marketing solutions like automated email, you can do all kinds of awesome stuff that will — because you’ve optimized how you use patient data — increase efficiency at your practice and firm up your bottom line.

Here are a few proactive ways to put email marketing automation and digital marketing solutions to work for you.

1. Activate Dormant Prospects

The first great way to use digital marketing automation is to leverage your client database for fresh leads. 

Your previous patients can be a great source of new business. Perhaps their treatments are ongoing, or they wish to concentrate on something more comprehensive sometime soon. Or maybe they know of someone in their network who would jump at the chance to become a referral client based on their glowing testimony. 

Then there’s your database of unrealized leads. It takes a lot of touches to walk a prospect from cold to warm, and if you’re not capitalizing on the opportunity to reach these people, you’re missing out. Automated, targeted email campaigns can activate dormant leads and turn them into patients.

2. Automate Your Pipeline

You incur huge administrative costs every time you onboard a new patient. And even if they’re not new, you still must check to ensure that the information you have in their electronic medical record is up to date.

What if you could automate all that data entry? And what if you could do it through an email campaign using digital marketing that is written once, works for every new or returning patient, and can be sent whenever needed? 

3. Automatically Follow Up and Ask for Reviews

There was once a time when every practice had a receptionist who spent their days greeting people and making phone calls. They would do all the follow-ups for the practice, but it took loads of time. 

Now you can automate all that work using digital marketing via our RxMarketing platform. As soon as a patient checks out of your clinic, our software places an email in the queue that will be sent at just the right moment. 

It will thank them for choosing you, give them helpful post-op recovery reminders, allow them to offer feedback, and ultimately ask them to leave a review for your med spa. 

Ready to see how RxMarketing can take your practice to the next level?

4. Automated Promotional Offers

If you’ve been in business for more than a day, then you know not all promos are created equal. Lots of businesses have suffered the consequences of broad-brushed, one-size-fits-all promotional offers. There is a smarter way with RxMarketing.

It’s automated, which means you can time the delivery of your offer for a moment when your leads are most likely to become customers. 

Depending on who you’re targeting and why the relationship exists in the first place (why they are connected to you), the promotion you set before them could be anything from a discount to a full-price promotion on an item their treatment would make desirable. 

Hopefully, your digital marketing instincts are kicking in now. It’s up to you. The key is to make it your own and to use automation to target a niche within your patient database.

5. Automated Messages for New or Existing Amenities

It’s not enough to do the work, not anymore. You can’t get by on excellence of execution alone in today’s world. You need to shout about it a little. It sounds absurd, but these days you need to go about your business like this:

  • Introduce yourself to your prospect
  • Tell them what you can do for them and how it will help them 
  • Do this at least nine times until they see that what you do can indeed help them
  • Have them agree to become a patient
  • Tell them what you are about to do, and explain how it will help them again
  • Provide them with the help that they need
  • Tell them what you just did and how it has helped them
  • After a while, follow up to remind them how what you did has helped them

After you’ve reminded them of how helpful you’ve been, it’s best to ask them for a review or a referral so that you can engage in this whole process again with someone completely different.

This description may sound a little overboard, but in many cases, it’s not far from reality. It does illustrate the point, though — that the process of lead generation and nurturing features a lot of repetitive work, and repetitive work is something just begging to be automated through digital marketing.

Your number one concern in the med spa business is likely making sure your prospects and customers know how valuable your services are. You must remind them, without saying as much, that they’re not necessarily paying you for what you do as much as they’re paying you for what you know. 

When they understand this, you’ve catalyzed loyalty.

6. Automated Monthly Newsletters

Some physicians don’t use the power of a monthly newsletter because these documents can be such a beast to put together. RxMarketing’s content marketing team understands that words matter, and we are experts at hammering out customized content that will help your practice rise and excel. 

Smart, targeted, strategic content in your automated monthly newsletters drives awareness, cultivates loyalty, and brings new and existing patients in again and again. It’s a great way to build a feeling of community among your clients.  

RxMarketing Is the Answer

Digital marketing solutions that use email automation are all about how you use the information you already have at your fingertips. RxMarketing can put it all to work for you in powerful ways.

Get your marketing right the first time with RxMarketing.

The industry’s only complete solution to managing all aspects of elective medical practices, built specifically for today’s modern medical landscape.
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