Own a Health &Wellness Company? 5 Things to Look for in an EMR Provider

How would you rate the efficiency of your medical office? Even the best administrative team in the world is no match for the challenges of working with multiple, disconnected software platforms for managing patient records, scheduling, and billing. 

The lack of connection between these digital resources can allow details—and even patients—to fall through the digital cracks, which can compromise patient care.

If patient care is your goal, office efficiency is a means to that end. For this reason, many health and wellness companies have opted to integrate their administrative tasks under a single, cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) platform

If you’re considering this switch for your practice, here are the top five things to look for in an EMR.

1. Productivity Features

First and foremost, the best health wellness EMR platform will provide tools and features that enhance the productivity and efficiency of your medical office. 

PatientNow provides a health wellness EMR system that integrates the following features:

  • Patient records and billing
  • Payment processing
  • Scheduling and reminders
  • Photos
  • Digital marketing tools
  • Reporting

When you rely on multiple software platforms, administrative personnel may struggle to keep up with the differences in user interfaces. 

But with a high-quality EMR platform, the user interface is simple and intuitive, consistently increasing the speed at which your office staff can adapt to the system.

Automated features give your practice a substantial boost in productivity, which allows you to handle more business more efficiently than ever before. This advantage can be particularly important for health and wellness practices looking to expand and grow.

Minimizing data entry can also increase your practice’s accuracy since you’ll be less vulnerable to human error. These features can optimize your practice’s office tasks, allowing your entire staff to keep the patient experience as the primary focus.

2. Automated Scheduling and Reminders

Many health and wellness practices make it a goal to generate a list of regular clients. But the scheduling process can be time and labor-intensive, and even the best practices still find themselves struggling with no-shows or single-visit clients.

Automating portions of the scheduling process can increase the probability of turning first-time visitors into lifelong clients. Health wellness EMR platforms can improve customer retention through customizable communication pathways. 

Patients can receive personalized reminders delivered via email or text messaging, streamlining the follow-up process and helping your practice develop a strong list of regular clients.

3. Marketing Tools

The right tools can also help you generate new customer leads, which can increase your revenue stream or, at the very least, extend your reach and increase brand awareness among your target audience. 

Health wellness EMR platforms include integrated tools that your care teams can use for marketing and promotion through social media, email, and more. 

These tools are designed to work with your practice so that the promotional materials bear your brand and can be adapted to showcase the unique features of your health and wellness clinic.

The advanced reporting features integrated into today’s EMR solutions can help you measure your success by analyzing conversion rates and public engagements with your marketing content. 

This important data can help you refine your marketing strategy, allowing you to better engage your target audience. More engagement leads to more lifelong customers and a more profitable clinic. 

Let’s transform your practice together!

4. Reporting and Analytics

Every company should have the ability to reflect on its performance, and the medical industry is no different. 

If anything, a health and wellness practice may have an increased need to review their performance since patient satisfaction is so vital to their success.

Spreadsheets alone won’t cut it. Today’s health wellness EMR platforms offer customizable, in-depth reports on every aspect of your practice, pulling together data including:

  • Staff productivity
  • Patient behavior
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Revenue and cash flow

Clinic management can generate these reports on an as-needed basis, but you can also schedule them to run automatically, generating regular reports for you and your team to review. 

Either way, you’ll gain insight into the trends that affect the administration of your practice and understand more about the patient journey from beginning to end.

The information provided by a health wellness EMR report can be critical, as it may highlight areas that need improvement or reveal cyclical trends in your practice that teams can leverage to enhance performance and profit. 

These reports can also be used to encourage and train your administrative team, helping them recognize areas of weakness and strength so that you can keep your employees working in sync and at full capacity.

5. Security and Compliance

Data security is paramount, especially when it comes to sensitive patient records. Health wellness EMR can allow your office to go paperless, but how safe and reliable is a cloud-based service?

PatientNow relies on a HIPAA-compliant cloud platform for data storage, which ensures the highest level of data security and patient confidentiality in the industry. 

And unlike electronic health records (EHR), EMR data is limited to a patient’s experience within the practice itself and does not extend to their full medical history. 

This limited focus means that every patient can have peace of mind that their information is accessible only to authorized personnel, and your practice can likewise be confident that you’re meeting HIPAA compliance regulations.

Additionally, our health wellness EMR software is Meaningful Use Certified, which entitles qualifying practices to financial incentives for preserving patient confidentiality in some clinical settings. 

This commitment to compliance and patient confidentiality makes PatientNow’s health wellness EMR software safe and reliable, allowing you to optimize your practice without compromising privacy or security.

Free Demo

We started our discussion with a simple question: How would you rate the efficiency of your medical office? 

The chances are that your office lacks the advanced features and benefits we’ve discussed, causing you to seriously consider whether a health wellness EMR system could be right for your practice. 

Why not see for yourself? Sign up today for a demo, and if you like these features, the team at PatientNow can provide a solution that is customized to the unique needs of your health and wellness practice. 

See how PatientNow can improve your practice’s vitals.

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