Marketing to Millennials:
How to Gain Trust With This Influential Generation

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In 2019, Millennials accounted 19% of the North American aesthetic market and are expected to increase to 26% by the year 2024. Additionally, Millennials spent $5.9B on aesthetic services and products (in the United States and Canada) in 2019. However — given the low market penetration of Millennials, this generation poises powerful potential to fuel the future growth of your practice. Attendees will uncover how to effectively attract, convert & retain more Millennial patients, while also prepping their business tactics for the emerging market segment of Gen Z.

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The Five Core Values of Millennial Patients & How to Cater to Their Unique Nuances

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Audrey Neff is the Director of Marketing for PatientNow & RxMarketing, which provide practice management & marketing solutions for over 3,000+ aesthetic practices worldwide. Audrey brings a decade of experience in sales & marketing — six years of which has been in medical aesthetics. She is a frequent industry speaker on practice management and is faculty for 17+ medical associations and conferences across the U.S.

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