You Can Decide Whether Client Feedback Will Help or Harm Your Cosmetic Practice

Well integrated client feedback can greatly influence the success of a cosmetic practice. Honest and unfiltered feedback gives you the clearest picture of where both you and your practice as a whole have succeeded and where you must improve. Yet as you work hard each day to satisfy your client’s needs, you may have few resources left to assign to gathering and assessing client feedback. The question then becomes, how do you collect, quantify and qualify this crucial information and put it to work for you?

Fortunately, just as you have automated your office workflow through the implementation of an EMR system, you can also electronically gather, triage and access this crucial business metric and incorporate it into the EMR you already use and trust. Readily available client feedback means you can better satisfy existing clients, promote your client successes in real time and increase new patient visits and revenue.

Patient Approved®’s suite of feedback management tools seamlessly integrates into your EMR and web channels, making your client rating available on your website and social media, where prospective clients spend the most time. Let’s take a look at several advantages your practice can enjoy by incorporating a reputation management workflow.

You Can Only Fix Problems You Know About

As a doctor, you can control most aspects of a procedure, but you cannot control all of them. Problems will arise. These scenarios, however, give you the opportunity to highlight how you and your practice handle unique situations. Everyone wants things to go right the first time, but prospective patients want to know how you will make it right in the rare instance they don’t.

Your response to sub-optimal feedback demonstrates your commitment to your patient’s well-being and satisfaction. The fact-based, patient-generated follow-up responses you will receive from a satisfied client will tell that story for you. Prospective patients will then come away knowing that, despite unforeseen complications, you as a doctor did everything you could to achieve your patient’s best possible outcome. However, if you don’t know about these problems, you can’t fix them.

Patient Approved®’s workflow elicits patient feedback in multiple ways, selects quality responses and incorporates them into your EMR for ease of access. This automated process ensures you don’t miss anything, can respond quickly to client concerns and can continue to build trust in your practice. A well-qualified but poor review provides you with three opportunities — to satisfy unhappy patients, to mitigate the risk of negative referrals and to tell a compelling story that will build prospective patients’ confidence in your practice. Patient Approved®’s workflow, connected to your PatientNOW EMR, makes sure you can capitalize on all three fronts.

Having No Reviews Can Do as Much Harm As Having Bad Reviews

You might think that having no patient feedback won’t do your practice any harm. Today’s web-savvy prospective patients, however, expect information — good and even bad. Whether you have an established practice with no social media or a young practice with an online presence but little traffic, you occupy a very vulnerable place. The absence of information invites one of the most dangerous threats to your reputation — speculation. Without concrete information, you might leave prospective clients wondering whether you can credibly provide your advertised services.

You would rather have prospects hear factual information from your patients even if it concerns issues than allow them to attach their worst fears to your practice. Patient Approved® helps to ensure that you keep your practice out of the information void. By collecting and vetting your client reviews, you can continually develop and deliver one of your most valuable assets, an accurate, online representation of your real-world reputation.

Let Your Feedback Advertise Your Practice

What do you most want your prospective patients to know about you and your practice? You want them to know you have a long track record of successful surgeries and a long list of satisfied patients. A prominently featured high or five-star rating communicates this message whether or not prospective patients further research your reviews, practice history or credentials.

When they do research your practice, however, they will find a host of detailed, meaningful reviews supporting this distinction. Higher ratings yield higher revenues, and a single point increase here could increase your revenue by as much as 9 percent. Data from Harvard Business School supports this assertion. If you want to establish your practice as one worthy of that second look and increase your revenue, a Patient Approved® seal will help you achieve both goals.

Patient Approved® gives you one of the most comprehensive and reliable ways to access and incorporate this data into your marketing strategy. By seamlessly linking your patients’ social media to your EMR and web channels, you can convert your positive feedback into new customers and increased revenue in real time.

Don’t Fail to Capitalize on Your Most Valuable Asset

The better you manage your information, the better your information can help you manage your practice. Client feedback presents tremendous opportunities. Failing to capture or utilize this information can have a significant negative impact on the growth of your practice and your revenue. You can only put this information to work for you, however, if you have a comprehensive and reliable system in place to compile it and put it into actionable form — that doesn’t take time away from your patients.

Patient Approved®’s suite of EMR-ready tools gives you the ability to gather and assess this information, respond when necessary, and promote the positive reviews you’ve earned. You have built a successful practice, satisfying thousands of patients and building a sound reputation in the process. Patient Approved® helps communicate these achievements in a clear and concise format where the most prospective clients will view them, online. Don’t let your successful practice become the best-kept secret in cosmetic surgery.

For more information about PatientNOW’s EMR solutions including PatientApproved(™)’s integrated reputation management suite, call us today at 888-644-2987. Our team can help you to create a customized patient engagement and reputation management solution to maximize your return on your human and dollar investments.

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