What are the Benefits of Implementing Electronic Medical Records?

Electronic medical records or EMRs are changing the face of plastic surgery today. These electronic records offer a digital version of a patient’s paper chart and are primarily used within the plastic surgery practice for tracking patient procedures, providing information directly to patients and encouraging patient engagement within your practice. With better access to patient

Texting: A Medical Risk Nightmare?

According to HIPAA expert and Medical Risk Management Founder & President, Michael Sacopulos, patientNOW is the only EMR / Practice Management and Patient Engagement vendor in the country to provide an automated software solution that captures texts between the patient and the office, both incoming and outgoing, and files them directly in the patient’s medical

Tips to Get Baby Boomer Patients More Involved in Your Patient Portal

Plastic surgery for baby boomers is on the rise, according to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This generation is seeking surgical and non-surgical procedures to reflect the age they feel, which is typically around nine years younger than their chronological age. While Millennials are usually seen as the “mobile”

Creating a Framework for Patient Engagement at Your Medical Practice

Effective patient engagement has become the cornerstone of a robust aesthetic medical practice, allowing you to better track your patients from their first contact with your office to their last follow-up appointment. Patient engagement is the critical component your practice may be lacking, which could be keeping you from meeting the full potential of your

Tips for Patient Acquisition

Patient acquisition can be the primary issue that keeps plastic surgeons and dermatologists up at night. While an impressive website can attract visitors to your practice, it takes more than that to convert those visitors into actual patients. If you are grappling with the issue of patient acquisition as you try to build your aesthetic

tips for practice management

4 Tips for Better Practice Management

Plastic surgeons may know everything they need to know about performing a successful cosmetic procedure, but it is not likely they bring the same level of expertise to the operational end of their practice. In fact, most plastic surgeons and dermatologists will probably admit they don’t want to put the same time and energy into