The Wave of the Future Now: E-Prescribe

Electronic prescriptions are now mandated in the state of New York and other states are poised to follow suit. Is your plastic surgery practice ready for e-prescribe? With many benefits to offer and mandates looming, now is the time to embrace electronic prescribing by selecting the software program that will make the process safe, efficient and easy for

Ransomware: Preventing Disaster

Ransomware is making headlines and striking fear into hospitals across the globe. These computer viruses do not actually steal information from databases, but they can block access by the hospital or practice to the very data they have stored and use every day to manage and care for their patients. If you are concerned about

NOWnotes: Charles W. Spenler, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Dr. Charles W. Spenler and the staff of South Bay Plastic Surgeons discuss how they use patientNOW EMR to keep their practice running smoothly and keep patients coming in the door. “I have used many systems and without patientNOW we could never see as many patients as we do.” — Camille Hayes, Practice Administrator

NOWnotes: Dr. Andre Aboolian

“I AM HOOKED ON PATIENTNOW – IT HAS SIMPLIFIED MY LIFE” I have been using patientNOW in my practice for four years and love the way it has simplified my

NOWnotes: Dr. Sam Sukkar

I’LL USE PATIENTNOW FOR THE REST OF MY CAREER I gave this response to a doctor who was looking to open his own cosmetic practice and was shopping for an

NOWnotes: Dr. Kristina Tansvadti

“I Selected patientNOW For Its Patient Retention Plan.” I opened my cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery practice about two years ago and I selected patientNOW primarily for its patented system to help with patient retention and growth. I also wanted a product that could be both an electronic medical record and point of sale system to

dr david l abramson

NOWnotes: Dr. David L. Abramson

“By using this feature my practice is secure in the knowledge that our record-keeping for prescriptions is accurate and complies with DEA regulations.” Some states will require Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) in the near future. New York is leading the charge and will require all controlled substances to be ePrescribed beginning March 27,