Payment Security

Implementing state-of-the-art payment security in your practice can be an extremely straightforward process — if you have a patientNOW EMR. patientNOW’s Merchant Solutions integration gives you total control over your point-of-sale transactions for maximum security for your patients and practice as well as significantly-improved efficiency.

patientNOW’s Merchant Solutions can help your practice in three crucial ways. With patientNOW, you can streamline your payment process, increase your bottom line and solidify your processes to promote and protect your practice. And integration with your existing platform can be easy and seamless.

Learn more about how you can implement and reap the benefits of complete payment security now your patientNOW EMR. And if you don’t have a patientNOW EMR, you have one more reason to give us a call today.

Receiving Payments Is Easy with patientNOW Powered by Clover™

Clover’s integration with your patientNOW EMR is seamless. Payment amounts are transmitted directly from your Clover POS device to your EMR. Your client’s payments then appear immediately on your patientNOW invoices. Want to keep your patient’s credit card number on file for easier and faster checkouts later? With patientNOW, you can. This feature can help make card-not-present transactions, such as telephone and online orders, a snap. Now you can also include links to payment features in your online invoices and emails, making it even easier for your patients to pay and for you to collect revenues.

patientNOW Also Helps You Automate Your Membership and Rewards Programs

Your staff can save time and you can save money while increasing your revenue, with patientNOW Merchant Services. Your practice can easily automate all your recurring payments, reducing your collection times, while ensuring you collect for all your services. Do you offer gift cards or loyalty rewards points? patientNOW can track those, too, all through your EMR so that you can manage all your promotions from a single console. You can even barcode scan products you sell for easy inventory management and streamlined checkouts.

patientNOW Merchant Services Increase Your Bottomline in Even More Ways

Do you offer your staff commissions? If you do, you probably have to have track and run reports on commission earnings in addition to your other revenue reports. But patientNOW can take care of this task for you, making these numbers available to you in realtime. Worried about fraud in your practice? With patientNOW, you no longer have to be. patientNOW’s merchant solution maintains full audit trails for all transactions, for complete peace of mind. Want to close quickly at the end of the day? You can, with patientNOW’s credit card reporting features that help you easily incorporate these totals.

The best feature? You can take advantage of all these benefits now if you have a patientNOW EMR!

patientNOW wants you to enjoy a comprehensive and flawless user experience. That’s why we’ve made integrating point-of-service solutions into your existing EMR simple. Simply give us a call to get started. When you do, you’ll receive a free Clover unit, so you use your new functionality immediately. And you can easily expand with the purchase of additional Clover units if you choose. Updating your EMR — just like adding any patientNOW workflow — is completely straightforward. And you’ll also have patientNOW’s full support available whenever you need it.

Don’t have a patientNOW EMR yet? There is no better time to call and explore all the advantages of fully automating your practice today. patientNOW can increase efficiencies throughout your practice through best-in-class automation in these crucial areas:

  • Lead follow-ups
  • Appointment bookings
  • E-blasts and promotions
  • Patient education
  • Pre and post-operative instructions
  • E-prescriptions
  • Follow-up reminders
  • Timely upsell emails
  • Practice inventory management
  • EMR accessibility from any device
  • End-to-end security
  • And now point-of-sale automation

The question you should be asking yourself now is — how have I been able to manage my practice without a patientNOW EMR?

Call patientNOW today to add secure transactions to your existing EMR and increase your bottom-line now!

A secure point-of-sale system protects your patients and your practice; it ensures every transaction is achieved safely, makes it easier for your clients to pay and saves your staff time and your practice money. And patientNOW Merchant Services can also enhance many other payment handling and accounting tasks, saving you even more money and increasing your earnings. Best of all, you can easily add this functionality to your current patientNOW EMR and enjoy the same great support and service you receive today. You’ve already made a great decision by choosing patientNOW to automate your practice; why not get all you can get from your EMR now?

PatientNOW — ensuring the right outcomes for our clients every day.

One Simple Thing Can Grow Your Practice 3X


Most practices report that Word of Mouth (or Referral Marketing) is responsible for generating their best patients. Plus, with referral marketing, practices typically have very low costs and a very high return-on-investment. This is because your happiest patients are delighted to talk about you with their friends.

When it comes to promoting your practice, there is NOTHING more powerful than having a group of your most ardent supporters share their experience with the world. Remember Pepsi vs. Coke? People were “fighting” each other to shout out their favorite brand.

So, how can you stimulate that type of brand loyalty where your happiest patients are working to get your name out to hundreds, or even thousands, of other people?

Astute practices have already figured this out… They’ve been asking their patients to post online reviews about their experiences. If you have not yet set up a system to encourage your patients to submit online testimonials, you are losing out on the most profitable marketing opportunity available.

Of course, it can be awkward to ask patients to submit an online review. Plus, your staff is swamped… Asking patients for reviews is not “top of mind”, so a system is required.


What if I told you that you could 10X the power of your online reviews? You already know that videos are the most popular way people enjoy consuming information. Recent studies suggest that businesses that regularly post fresh video content are seen as authoritative, get found more easily online, and build a larger audience that they can engage at any time — this leads to practices more easily gaining new clients and generating more revenue.


In fact, practices that have implemented these types of systems have generated revenue exceeding 10X their investment…that’s like getting PatientNOW for free! And, in addition to generating more revenue, another one of the “side effects” of publishing reviews is that you will create a culture of exemplary customer experience — when your staff knows that they are being reviewed, they will be on their game every day.

Built into the latest PatientNOW cloud-based release is a “Request Feedback” feature. With just ONE CLICK in PatientNOW, your patients can receive a text message or email request for feedback. Your patients have the option to submit a written or video review, which can be published to a variety of sites, such as Google, Yelp, YouTube, Facebook, WebMD, and many other sites.

The entire process is managed by Patient Approved®, one of the nation’s leading patient satisfaction software firms. To experience the power of Patient Approved®, ask us to activate this feature so you can get more new patients, NOW!

What Does It Mean To Be Secure and How Does It Affect My Practice?

Today, you often hear people throw the word “security” around. It’s a word that has several different meanings, depending upon the context in which it’s used. However, when it comes to data, the term security refers to several critical aspects of your practice’s information that you will want to be very keenly aware of.

Protecting your data’s security, from an information technology standpoint, must address all of these critical areas. If it doesn’t, your data could potentially be exposed to many risks that could jeopardize your client’s confidentiality and hamper your practice’s ability to conduct business. However, doctors don’t have to become cyber-security experts to protect their patients and practices.

Industry-leading EMR provider PatientNOW, along with its cloud-services hosting partner AWS, offer doctor’s turn-key, best-in-class solutions that provide the functionality you need with the flawless security you and your patients deserve. To see how PatientNOW with AWS gives you the ultimate in data protection, let’s look at a few critical aspects of every PatientNOW cloud-based application.

Maintaining Your Data’s Integrity

There are two primary forms of data integrity. The first is ensuring that the data you enter into your PatientNOW EMR is accurate, is unaffected by unexpected or unwanted changes and is carefully preserved for when you need it in the future. Your PatientNOW EMR satisfies all these requirements through user authentication, which you are already very familiar with, and data-validation tools, which operate at every stage of your interaction with your PatientNOW EMR.

You also want to be sure that your data is kept entirely separate from that of other competing practices. This eliminates the possibility of inadvertent data breaches or cross-contamination of your data with information from other sources. Every PatientNOW EMR powered by AWS accomplishes this goal by keeping your data physically separated from all other clients.

This physical separation includes separate databases — so only your data resides on your databases — and also network separation or “air-gapping.” Air-gapped servers make the connection between your computers and those from another practice physically impossible. Additionally, when PatientNOW transfers your data from production servers to your host servers, we use state-of-the-art, high-strength encryption to safeguard your data upon loading, giving you complete assurance from the earliest stages.

Keeping Your Data Secure from Intrusion

Once PatientNOW has set-up your dedicated EMR hosting servers, PatientNOW then takes the next crucial step required to protect your data — preventing data corruption or theft from unauthorized outside intrusion. The first way PatientNOW helps stop unwanted intrusions is through server architecture. Your dedicated server pod, called an “instance,” never includes web servers; this eliminates a major entry point used by hackers to get unwanted access to your data.

Additionally, client consoles — the software on devices you and your staff use to connect to your EMR — never have “root access” privileges; this prevents malicious users from uploading malware (harmful software) that could corrupt or co-opt your data. However, hacking technology evolves quickly. For this reason, your cloud-based EMR has another essential feature to render malware inoperable and preserve your data, guaranteeing your practice stays up and running.

Preserving Your Data Through Continual Back-ups

Ransomware allows hackers to take your data hostage, effectively putting a halt to your regular business operations until they get what they want. But what if you always have your data available to you, safe and intact, in the event of such an attack? Continual back-ups prepare clients for just this possibility, by making live, active data quickly retrievable and subverting unauthorized attempts such as these. With live backups, clients can continue serving their customers without disruption.

PatientNOW cloud-based EMRs with AWS support offer you precisely this guarantee. Routine backups keep data from the present up to 30-days old on-hand and readily available, reducing your practice’s threat from ransomware while also protecting one of your practice’s most valuable assets, your patient information. Automated data retention also insulates your practice from the risk, although small, of hardware failure. But PatientNOW with AWS protects your practice in even more ways.

With a PatientNOW cloud-backed EMR, you can count on “the cloud,” itself, being secure, too

When you select PatientNOW as your EMR and cloud-hosting partner, you will never have to worry about problems with your computer systems. Ever. This is because PatientNOW and AWS strictly follow a Shared Responsibility Model to protect your infrastructure. In an SRM, AWS takes total ownership of ensuring your hardware systems are always up and running at optimum efficiency; this includes your operating servers, electronic-storage units, networking capabilities and all monitoring software. PatientNOW takes care of all the rest, including your EMR applications, user authentication, encryption, firewalls and backups. Every aspect of your hardware and software instance has the full protection of PatientNOW and AWS so you can continue to focus on your patients, using the tools you have come to rely on, completely worry-free.

PatientNOW Cloud Solutions Featuring AWS Support Protect Your Data From Every Angle

Storing one of your most valuable assets, your data, in the cloud can be unsettling for some doctors. It can feel like their practice information is out of their hands and out of their control. It can seem like the precise opposite of what common sense would dictate — keeping your data at your practice where you can guard it, directly, yourself.

However, unless you have the resources to invest in a full-time IT person — and all the hardware and software infrastructure you will need in addition — your data still won’t have the full protection it can. Cloud-hosting your PatientNOW EMR with AWS, on the other hand, gives you access to world-class technology and experts in every infrastructure subspecialty for total peace of mind, 24/7.

Still need more information? Call one of our friendly cloud-support specialists at 800-436-3150 to get your questions answered today. We can give you additional, detailed information about each stage of the process and help you get started with industry-leading data protection that doesn’t get in the way of your Number One priority — giving your patients the healthy outcomes they deserve.

Cloud vs Offline System

Are you online? Most of us can answer yes. Everything from our phones, tablets, laptops and desktops are connected to the Internet, probably all the time. We rely on this interconnectivity for routine tasks like finding the best route to our children’s soccer game to bigger tasks like planning our next vacation or researching which new car to buy. The Internet provides so many people with value because it gives them easy access to information that might otherwise be difficult to obtain. However, the Internet “works” for another important reason.

Behind the Internet — in fact, embedded in it — is “the cloud.” The cloud is actually a very concrete thing — a set of servers (powerful computers) housed securely in data centers (a server management facility) which assure they always remain online and operating. And there’s not just one data center, either; there are thousands, if not tens of thousands of them, globally. The practical implications of this are clear — someone else is managing these servers, not you, and you benefit from that, and that benefit is enormous. PatientNOW is now “in the cloud” — but how does that specifically benefit your practice?

A Cloud Solution Is Easier

A great challenge of implementing a practice management solution — or changing or upgrading one you already have — is the hardware. You will need to find a secure place in your office for it, then ensure you have the necessary power to run your machines, the air-conditioning to cool them and the security to keep them and your patients’ data safe. This can pose significant logistical problems even for larger practices, not to mention costs. If you don’t have a room ready for these computers, you might even have to build one, which could create many different kinds of problems for your practice.

A cloud solution, on the other hand, delivers the full functionality of the PatientNOW suite to every Internet-connected device you already have in your practice without adding any new devices — unless, of course, you want to. Using secure-access web portals, you can derive the full benefit from all PatientNOW’s modules including scheduling management, reminders, automated marketing, inventory control, lab orders and prescription delivery. Any screen you have — even your smartphone — can be an access point to your PatientNOW system, and you won’t have to knock out a wall or install 30-amp power sockets to run it all.

A Cloud Solution Is Faster

With a server, as with a race car, speed comes at a premium. If you want a faster model, you’d better be prepared to pay for it. So if you want a fast in-house practice management solution, you have a couple of options. You can buy the most expensive server you can afford, or you can rely on a PatientNOW cloud-based system which only requires a good Internet connection. Cost-wise, a reliable Internet connection wins hands-down both in the short and long-term, and PatientNOW operates, maintains and offers its customers servers which are probably many-times more powerful and efficient than a practice on its own would likely wish to purchase or finance.

Speed and efficiency, however, are not the only factors to consider here. There is also the problem of scalability, the ability to add more “computing power” to your system easily as your practice expands and you need additional resources to keep up with it. To be sure, if you manage your own servers, you can add in what you need when you need it. But you have another option. PatientNOW can easily help practices scale to their needs without hassles, so you don’t have to worry about “hardware.” We’d rather you spend that time thinking about your patients.

A Cloud Solution Is More Reliable

What happens if your system goes down? Who’s going to be responsible for that? Do they know how to get you back online quickly while also protecting your patient data? And do you really want to have to worry about this while you’re also trying to see patients? A cloud solution gives you guaranteed “up-time” and puts the resources behind the system to make sure you can access the tools you need when you need them and quickly get you back online should something happen.

Servers and data that don’t sit in your physical offices provide patients with a level of safety and security they simply can’t have when your practice’s hardware sits in your own offices. And these added protections that are integral to a PatientNOW cloud system can give doctors and their practices substantial piece of mind that can directly translate into more focused and qualitatively better patient care. With a PatientNOW cloud-based practice-management system, everyone wins.

Everything you love about PatientNOW, only better

You have come to rely on PatientNOW’s many practice-enhancing features which include — just to name a few — full HIPAA compliance, multiple location and user support, device agnostic functionality and marketing and lab integration tools. With a PatientNOW cloud-based system, you will continue to get all these features plus more, like added security, speed, scalability and, best of all, even less to worry about, so you can focus on what matters most — your practice and your patients. You have enough to worry about without also having to worry about your computer system. With PatientNOW, you can simply deliver exceptional patient care.

Ongoing Training & PatientNow Webinars

If your practice is like most, probably the last word you want to hear during or after a busy day of treating patients and managing a fast-paced, growing business is training. Let’s face it; training is easy to avoid, often becomes the last thing on many practices’ “to do” lists and frequently remains your last priority. But what are you missing out on?

If your practice management tool stayed the same, you would eventually learn (and master) all of its features. But you do not have a static practice support tool — you have PatientNOW. A PatientNOW practice management tool is continually evolving to support growing practices like yours. In fact, that’s our mission, to grow with you.

For this reason, PatientNOW wants to ensure you get the training you need to get the most out of your PatientNOW investment, so everyone wins — you, your practice and your patients. PatientNOW’s series of webinar training courses cover may crucial features that can drive the success of your practice and help take it to the next level. When you know, you grow.

What if you missed learning about that one crucial feature?

Ongoing training is crucial to a business like yours. As an aesthetic practitioner, you always want to stay current and provide your patients with the latest, approved and cutting-edge techniques. You have to. If you don’t, you won’t remain competitive, your patients won’t look or feel as good as they can and you’ll lose the return business that anchors your practice.

You can also serve your patients by getting the most out of your practice management tool. The less time it takes you to manage your practice, the more time you can spend building your practice. That’s what PatientNOW does — gives you all the tools you need to run your practice efficiently, and we hope effortlessly. But if you don’t know about specific features — or just don’t know them well enough — you won’t be able to give your patients all the attention you can.

Webinars Make It as Easy as Possible to Stay Current

Ongoing training has to be easy, and you might not find an easier way of incorporating training into your practice group than through webinars. Today, we are all online all the time. Webinars make it as easy as possible to sit in on training whether your team sits across multiple offices or you or they are on the go. If you have an Internet connection, you can get the latest information through our easy, bi-weekly sessions. We will even answer all your questions at the end of each session to ensure you leave getting what you came for and can put your new knowledge to use immediately. Webinars cover the latest and most important features, so you are always staying current and maximizing your investment.

Without training, you won’t get the most out of PatientNOW

PatientNOW offers one of the most comprehensive practice management tools available, and without ongoing training, you many only scratch the surface of what PatientNOW can do for you. Webinars solve this problem. Whether you need to know how to execute your inventory management expertly or how to boost your patient communications and outreach, PatientNOW has a webinar to help you do just that.

PatientNOW, through its webinars, also directly helps you serve your patients better by focusing on key topics like how to manage your patients’ clinical information, including consents, and how to document in-office procedures like injectables. PatientNOW’s many practice support features have your bases covered, and through webinars, we want to make sure you get the full benefit of them all. The stakes are too high to miss out.

Get the most from the PatientNOW system you already have, now!

PatientNOW stands behind you. Through our software and training offerings, we want to help you maximize your patient focus, because your patients are your practice. Through in-person training, online training and the support you can count on any time you need us, PatientNOW is committed to helping your practice thrive, just like you are committed to helping your patients thrive. And if you need a feature to help you do that, we’ll be there for you, too.

Call PatientNOW today at 888-644-2987 to learn more about all your training options, including webinars, and boost your practice with tools you already have. What you don’t know about your PatientNOW practice management implementation could be the difference between performing and performing exceptionally. You wouldn’t skip learning about the next, game-changing medical advance. Why would you skip learning about a tool that could help you deliver it?

Less Paper, More Time with Patients

A paperless plastic surgery office is guaranteed to free up time for both you and your staff, as your productivity goes up and errors decline. While it might be tempting to cut back on staff hours with your newfound efficiency, there are better ways for your practice to make use of it. Consider ways in which you can enhance your patient’s experience with the extra time you now have to offer.

The Benefits of a Paperless Office

A paperless office is one that has fully employed all of the automated tools at its disposal to increase accuracy, efficiency and quality of patient care. Consider the benefits of going paperless:

  • Paperless files are easier to retrieve, share with other offices
  • Fewer risks of errors due to handwritten notes
  • File updates and reviews can be done from any location
  • More storage space within the office for other functions
  • Eliminate cost of paper and other supplies

The time savings with any of these benefits can be significant, particularly when you combine all these benefits into a single, effective office system. That time saved in paperwork can be better spent with your patients, to build your practice and your reputation.

The Customer Service Quotient

Your patients don’t want to feel like they become a part of an assembly line the moment they enter your office. They want to know you are tailoring your cosmetic procedures to their precise needs and expected outcomes. How do you ensure every patient feels like they are getting the individualized attention they deserve? By spending sufficient time with that individual every time she walks through your doors.

Some of the specific steps you can make to improve your patient experience include:

  • Ensuring patient calls get answered promptly by staggering staff so someone is always available to answer the phone
  • Lowering patient wait times in your office by creating an automated scheduling and reminder system to reduce no-shows and schedule your time more efficiently
  • Taking sufficient time to talk to patients at the initial consultation so they leave your office feeling comfortable with their procedure and confident with their decision
  • Following up with prospective and current patients to boost acquisition and retention numbers
  • Engaging patients through other channels, such as social media and your personal blog
  • Evaluating the experiences of your patients through surveys and other types of follow-up
  • Creating patient rewards programs to give your regular patients a reason to continue to return to your office and refer you to their friends

Plastic surgeons are tasked with a more challenging task of patient acquisition and retention due to the fact that insurance does not usually play a role in which patients contact them. Instead, they must rely on their presence online and in the community, as well as their reputation and quality of patient care. These goals can all be addressed more effectively when your office goes paperless and there is more time to spend directly with your patients.

Making the Grade

A paperless office works best when the automated system that is implemented can be customized to meet the unique needs of your practice. At PatientNOW, we offer software solutions designed by plastic surgeons for plastic surgeons, so you can rest assured the tools and features included in your product are created to work with offices just like yours. You can also further customize your software to meet your precise needs and the expectations of your patients. To learn more about PatientNOW or the solutions we offer, contact us today at 888-644-2987.

Maintaining Your Patient Relationships in the Digital Age

The world of plastic surgery has evolved considerably in the last decade, as digital solutions have largely replaced paper filing systems and even the telephone. The digital age has changed the expectations for the doctor-patient relationship today in a variety of ways. Check out these tips from PatientNOW to help you maintain positive relationships with your patients even as technology permeates every aspect of your practice.

Establishing a Patient-Centered Culture

While your patient files may be transferred to an electronic filing system and your internet presence becomes critical to building a patient base, the focus of your practice must continue to be on your patient. There are many benefits you and your staff will reap from going digital, but there are advantages to your patients as well. Keep your focus on your patients as you establish your electronic system, ensuring they will be as happy with the changes as you are.

Where is Your Focus?

The creation of electronic patient files makes retrieval of information much faster and easier than ever before. Incorporating the latest technology into your treatments increases precision, patient comfort and positive outcomes. However, if you are more focused on your technology than your patient, your practice may end up suffering in the long run. Your patient always needs to be the center of your attention. Use the technology to make consultations and examinations more efficient, but don’t spend more time looking at your computer than at the patient sitting across from you.

Make Digital Work for You

An automated office is a more efficient operation. You and your staff will be spending less time on administrative tasks and more time to interact with your patients. An electronic office also makes information retrieval faster and easier than ever before, which you can use to enhance your patient’s experience as you discuss procedures or the patient’s individual cosmetic goals. As you continue to automate your daily processes, focus on those benefits that will provide the greatest value to your practice.

Make Digital Work for Your Patients

At the same time, an automated office means greater convenience for your patients as they have more options for communicating with you and educating themselves on the procedures they might be interested in pursuing. Patients are now expecting those options to make their lives easier as well. Incorporate your technology with your patient’s experience in mind to ensure the technology you utilize will also help you increase patient acquisition and retention.

Choosing the Right Software

When establishing your electronic office, it is critical that you select software that will improve processes for both you and your patients. PatientNOW features products designed to increase patient engagement, even while improving office efficiency. Built-in features in our software packages will enhance your patient’s experience from their first contact with your practice and throughout their procedure process. Tools that are easy for you and your staff to use ensure that you can set up your systems quickly and customize them to your specific needs.
Let PatientNOW help you improve your office operations and your relationships with your patients at the same time. To learn more about our software options, contact PatientNOW at 800-436-3150.

Is Paper Hurting Your Practice?

Moving your office from a manual to an electronic system can seem overwhelming. However, the benefits of going paperless can far outweigh any obstacles that might greet you during the conversion process. If you are hanging onto your paper files, PatientNOW has a few ways that manual system may be hurting your practice.


There is no way around it; paper files are simply as not as accessible as electronic alternatives. In addition to the time spent pulling them out and putting them away, they can take longer to read through. They can also get misplaced, while electronic files are always available as long as you know where your laptop or tablet is. In addition, paper files can only be used by one person at a time in your office, which can considerably cut down on efficiency and patient care.  


Paper files are at the mercy of whoever is completing the information at any given time. If the handwriting is questionable, it can be very easy to misread the data. Paper can also get stained or torn, affecting your ability to accurately read the information inside. Electronic records eliminate these issues. It is also easier to standardize electronic files so that anyone reading the file in your office will have the same, accurate interpretation of the data provided.


On the surface, it likely appears that the transformation to an electronic system will be a pricey endeavor. However, consider the cost of creating and maintaining those paper files filling your office. In addition to the office space taken up with your filing system, you may be paying for a storage unit to hold old files you cannot eliminate. Even the price of the supplies for paper files will be eliminated through an electronic system, and there is no limit to the value you will gain in increased office efficiency.

Patient Relationships

Plastic surgery is a field where positive patient relationships are a necessity for building and maintaining your practice. If you are spending more time looking for files and staring at the many pieces of paper inside, you are not spending that time face-to-face with your patients. Your patients will also enjoy a higher level of service in your ability to collaborate with other physicians when necessary or even send their prescriptions directly to the pharmacy of choice.


In today’s digital age, patients expect that same level wherever they go for service. If they arrive at your so-called “state-of-the-art” plastic surgery practice only to see you and your staff handling paper files, it could hurt your image. By fully automating your office, you will send the signal that you are committed to the latest technology in every aspect of your practice.

Automation can be a challenge for any medical office, but choosing the right software will go a long way in making the transition smoother and easier for everyone in your practice. PatientNOW features software products designed by plastic surgeons for plastic surgeons, allowing our software to fit seamlessly with your specific needs. From automated scheduling and EMR to improving your patient engagement, we have the tools you are looking for in your office. To learn more, contact PatientNOW at 800-436-3150.

Why Your Practice Needs Social Media

Social media has become a primary method of marketing today, which means there is no escaping the need for this tool in your plastic surgery practice. Social media is used by practices and businesses of all sizes because it is one of the most effective methods of patient engagement and referrals. With millions of people using social media channels today, there is almost no better way of getting your practice name into the public eye. Here are four good reasons to make social media part of your marketing strategy.

More Exposure

Your presence on the major social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram puts your practice name in front of the more potential patients than nearly any other medium. In fact, patients in search of a plastic surgeon today are likely to check those hotspots almost as quickly as Googling physician directory and review sites. By making it as easy as possible for patients to find you wherever they might search, you can grow your practice without paying exorbitant amounts of money for the exposure.

More Engagement

Social media is designed for interaction between physicians and patients, which allows you to build trust and confidence with current and prospective patients that may find you. This is a perfect opportunity to highlight your facility, your staff and your procedures in a casual way that your patients will easily be able to relate to and understand. Patients can also comment and like your postings to feel like they are a part of your inner circle of connections.

More Education

Social media is also another opportunity for you to educate your patients about the procedures and treatments that are currently available. Facebook and other channels provide you the chance to whet a patient’s appetite for a procedure you offer and then encourage them to click on your website to learn more. The social media channels are also an effective place to draw attention to the procedures you are offering as a special promotion for the month or to introduce new treatments when they arrive at your office.

More Website Links

While your Facebook or Instagram page can offer plenty of pertinent information about your practice, converting potential patients into real leads involves getting them to click on your website. With the right enticements on your social media pages, you can increase clicks on your website as prospective patients seek out the blogs and other information you hint at on your social networks. Once they have arrived at your website and see all you have to offer, those prospects can be transformed into current patients.

More Analytics

With any type of marketing, analytics are essential to know whether you are getting the biggest bang for your advertising buck. This makes social media especially attractive from a marketing standpoint because tracking is already built right in. The numbers gathered from your social media activity can be invaluable to discover how your website is performing, where weaknesses in your marketing efforts might be and where you need to go to market your practice more efficiently.
While social media is an effective marketing tool for plastic surgeons, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to use those channels to your fullest benefit. PatientNOW is ready to support you in your social media efforts with advantEDGE, our consulting service that provides you with the information and recommendations you need to make the most of your social media presence. To learn more about this service, contact PatientNOW today at 800-436-3150.

Do I Need to be “Tech-Savvy” to Use PatientNOW?

As you consider moving to a more automated plastic surgery practice, the change is sure to be met with more a than a little bit of trepidation. While an electronic office sounds more efficient, learning all the new programs also seems very overwhelming. Transitions can always be somewhat challenging, but by choosing a company like PatientNOW for your automation needs, you will have all the necessary support and guidance to make the transition as smooth as possible. Check out these reasons why even the least “tech-savvy” practices will benefit from implementing PatientNOW software.

Customized to Your Needs

PatientNOW software was designed by plastic surgeons for plastic surgeons. This means the software will be more intuitive than you might expect as it was created with your specific needs in mind. At the same time, you will likely find all the features of the software to provide value to your office, since they were customized to practices just like yours. The automated software will complement your office perfectly, increasing your efficiency without putting up more obstacles as you try to pick and choose the parts of the software that will fit your needs.

User-Friendly, Easy to Navigate

The user-friendly nature of the PatientNOW software makes it easy to navigate through the functions and set up your automated office just the way you want it. A practice like yours requires you to build relationships with your patients that will produce trust, confidence and referrals. By providing you with software that you can run with right from the start, we free up your time so you can spend it on your patients, rather than on learning complex technology.

Extensive Training Opportunities

PatientNOW doesn’t leave you hanging once your software is delivered. Remote training is included in the cost of your software package, which can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you and your staff. A dedicated trainer will be assigned to your office to help with your initial configuration and your staff training. Training for a plastic surgery practice can be completed in just 24-32 hours and training for administrative tasks like scheduling, scanning and interoffice communications takes just two hours to finish.

Ongoing Support

We understand that problems or questions can arise once your software has gone live. We offer ongoing remote support through our website as well. In addition, there is plenty of helpful information right on our website to teach you how to make the most of all of your software features. We partner with you at the time of implementation and on down the road to ensure your experience with PatientNOW is a positive and productive one.

Reaping the Benefits

Once you have configured our easy-to-use software and it is a standard part of your practice, there are numerous benefits you will gain from your PatientNOW products:

  • Greater office efficiency means more time with your patients
  • Easy scheduling features reduce no-shows and increase revenue
  • Billing software allows for faster, more accurate billing procedures
  • Acquisition and retention software ensures no patient falls through the cracks
  • Enhance your patient experience to increase retention and referrals

PatientNOW has the products and features you need to take your plastic surgery practice to the next level. To learn more about our services, contact PatientNOW today at 800-436-3150.