Implementing a Photo Protocol in your Practice

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a before-and-after photo is probably worth at least $1,000 per week to an aesthetic medical practice. The results that you provide to patients speak not only to your skills, but also provide a reference and educational platform for new and existing patients interested in treatments.

Implementing a before-and-after photo protocol into your practice is very important. This will serve as a standard operating procedure (SOP) for every patient that comes into your practice.


Before-and-after photos are vital parts of the patient record. It helps to document visual changes from treatment, it defines where adjustments should take place in some cases, and it also helps to identify other opportunities for treatment.

Your practice should evaluate the process of consenting, gathering, taking and archiving of your before and after photos. We will go through some tips and tricks to be sure that you are covering all of the bases in order to have an efficient photo management system.

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