How To Keep Up With The Latest Marketing Trends For 2015

Time to do a quick CHECK to be sure that you are staying on point with your marketing strategies, but also ensure that you are taking into consideration the emerging trends that are affecting the way your patients interact with and relate to you. At the end of 2014, a list of

How To Reduce “No Shows” At Your Medical Practice

One of the main problems that many medical spa and aesthetic practices face is patients scheduling appointments, and not showing up. This can negatively affect your patient flow and staff productivity significantly. The following presentation will provide proactive tactics to reduce these no shows.  Use the contact us form on our website to learn how

Quick guide to retaining Superstar employees

I have had the pleasure of interacting and getting to know aesthetic medical practices throughout the country when I’ve trained physicians and staff in the use of EMR, practice management, and patient engagement software. Over the years, I’ve noticed that one of the greatest challenges a plastic surgery practice faces is the retention of great

electronic prescription module on electronic medical records software

We’re ready for ePrescribing of controlled substances (EPCS). Are you?

Several states will require Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) in the near future. The question remains, is your state one of them? And if so, are you prepared? New York is leading the charge and will require all controlled substances to be ePrescribed beginning March 27, 2015. Currently, 49 states have state regulatory

NOWnotes: Dr. Kristina Tansvadti

“I Selected patientNOW For Its Patient Retention Plan.” I opened my cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery practice about two years ago and I selected patientNOW primarily for its patented system to help with patient retention and growth. I also wanted a product that could be both an electronic medical record and point of sale system to

How To Increase Patient Portal Engagement and Usage

The patient portal is an effective tool for building your practice, by providing a positive patient experience that increases both patient retention and referrals. However, the tool will only be as good as the amount of participation it gets from your patient base. If your patient portal is sadly underused, or if you are hesitant

The Least Expensive & Most Consistent Lead Generation Tool: Referrals

Today’s aesthetic medical practice is a complex environment where workflow efficiencies are critical for consistent growth of practice revenue.  This is particularly evident in the generation of prospective patient leads and retention of existing patient clients.  The two are tied together and are a key source of revenue to your aesthetic practice and success.  How

The Single Largest Source of HIPAA Breaches in 2013: Personal Electronic Devices

“The loss of PEDs (Personal Electronic Devices), whether maliciously, or unintentionally, created the single largest source of HIPAA breaches in 2013.” We are fortunate to live in a world of portable convenience. Our personal schedule syncs with our work schedule which syncs with our phones. At the same time, we have access