connecticut passes bill for medical spas

Connecticut Law Changes Requirements for Medical Spas

A law effective on October 1, 2014, requires that all medical spas employ – either on staff or by contracting for services – a physician, physician’s assistant (PA) or advanced practice registered nurse (APRN). It also mandates that at least one of those medical professionals perform an initial physical assessment of every med-spa client before any procedure is performed. For more information, click the article here.

With the new law, medical spas will need to look at their patient workflow, and add precautions and standard operating procedures to safeguard themselves.

Having a proper medical records and practice management system in place will also be paramount. Here are some things to consider if you are instituting a new EMR system into your medical spa:

1 – Initial Physical Assessment

The law states that a medical professional must perform this initial exam. Be sure that you are properly documenting the exam and including it into the patient’s record or chart. Some EMRs will have pre-set templates included in their system to make this easy to execute and document.

Example of a new patient consultation note

2 – Charting Treatment Notes

Because the medical professionals may not always be at the practice, many medical spas will have their auxiliary trained staff like Nurse Injectors, Laser Technicians, and Medical Estheticians perform treatments, and then have the physician, PA or APRN review the chart note. Having the ability to electronically assign these documents to the medical staff has become a new process implemented into medical spas for higher levels of accountability. The MD/PA/APRN can remotely access the electronic charts, review, and sign off on the notes that are logged into the patient’s record.

Example of assigning a treatment note to physician for review or signing

3 – Photo Management

Documenting the treatment history is necessary, but also having a recorded photo before and after the treatment can not only help patient satisfaction, but also provide a documented image of those results. Putting a proper photo management system in place is key. Read more about photo management systems here.

Example of a patient’s electronic medical record in patientNOW, with before and after photos logged into the patient chart

4 – Electronic Audit Trail

With new laws come new law enforcement. Protect your business by having an electronic audit of every patient encounter that can be easily called up at a moment’s notice. Be sure to keep a record of patient visits, treatments, consent forms, and financial history.

Example of a patient’s recorded documents in patientNOW including consent forms, treatment notes, prescriptions and photos.
Example of a patient’s recorded documents in patientNOW including consent forms, treatment notes, prescriptions and photos

patientNOW is a certified EMR, practice management and patient engagement marketing software developed specifically for aesthetic medical practices. Our software helps you meet these new requirements by providing a certified software platform to support the medical spa environment with patient records, document management, electronic signature documents, point-of-sale, inventory management and comprehensive practice reporting. For as little as $186 per month you can have compliant software that includes everything required to document the visit and maintain a legal record.  In addition, patientNOW offers many features to increase recurring revenue for the med spa and retain patients.

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