patient engagement

Creating a Framework for Patient Engagement at Your Medical Practice

Effective patient engagement has become the cornerstone of a robust aesthetic medical practice, allowing you to better track your patients from their first contact with your office to their last follow-up appointment. Patient engagement is the critical component your practice may be lacking, which could be keeping you from meeting the full potential of your practice. At patientNow, we understand the importance of interacting with your patients in an ongoing fashion, which is why we have provided a patient engagement framework to help your practice thrive.

Make Patient Engagement Your Focus

If patient engagement is to be successful, it must trickle through every aspect of your medical practice. You must develop a culture of patient engagement by discussing what it means and what you want it to look like with everyone on your staff, as well as your patients. As you create your tools for patient engagement, you can do so with your culture and expected outcomes in mind.

Inform and Empower Your Patient

Patient engagement needs to benefit your patients, by educating them and empowering them to make appropriate decisions about their aesthetic treatments. Begin by educating your patients about your practice, including your credentials and the services you offer. Add information about procedures, including what patients can expect before, during and after the procedure and likely results. Patients that feel educated about their options are more likely to go into their procedures with a positive attitude.

Partner with Your Patient to Create a Positive Experience

The doctor-patient relationship needs to be an interactive one, where information is exchanged and concerns are heeded. Your patient engagement tools should give your patients ample opportunity to interact with you and the rest of your staff so they are confident in the level of care they will receive from your practice.

Apply Effective Tracking Tools for Customer Retention

Patient tracking is a consistent way to ensure none of your patients fall through the cracks, increasing both customer retention and referrals. The proper tracking system such as PAR™ by patientNOW, can add one or more procedures to your practice weekly, which will significantly increase your revenue annually.

Provide Technology and Services Your Patients can Actually Use

In today’s technological world, patients are looking for a variety of ways to interact with your medical practice. Your technology needs to be accessible from a variety of sources and provide the information and services your patients can actually use. At the same time, your electronic access needs to contain the unique branding of your practice and comply with all current regulations.

Patient engagement is essential to a successful aesthetic medical practice, but it can be more difficult to implement than you might think. At patientNOW, we work with practices like yours every day – increasing patient engagement, acquisition and retention. In the long run, our services will help you increase efficiency and revenue while building positive relationships with your entire patient base. To learn more about patient engagement options using patientNOW, click here, complete the form below or contact patientNOW at 800-436-3150.