Dr. S. Randolph Waldman

Dr. S. Randolph Waldman, a dual board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon based in Lexington and founder of the Waldman Schantz Plastic Surgery Center, brings over 30 years of unsurpassed expertise and experience to those seeking to refine or restore their natural beauty, with particular emphasis on the eyes, nose and face. In addition to providing exceptional patient care, Dr. Waldman is one of the foremost educators in his field globally, helping doctors and their practices worldwide improve their surgical abilities, patient care and practice management.

First and foremost, Dr. Waldman measures the success of his aesthetic practice by its ability to retain patients long-term, which translates into building relationships of trust with patients, providing not only cosmetic procedures of the highest quality but also an environment where his patients can feel relaxed and completely comfortable with him, his staff and the procedure. In his view, a surgeon can improve the performance of their practice in many ways.

For example, Dr. Waldman ensures he selects staff in his own practice who are not only extremely personable, as Dr. Waldman is, but who also strongly value patient education, since his practice places a keen emphasis on ensuring his patients understand every aspect of the procedures they will be having. This emphasis sets Dr. Waldman’s practice apart from others in the cosmetic medicine field, and it ensures his patients feel confident about their choice in procedures and at ease throughout the process.

Dr. Waldman’s focus on education extends far beyond his practice, however he remains active in the aesthetic medicine community as an author, editor and innovator, frequently publishing on topics of particular interest, including otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery. In addition, the doctor fulfills speaking engagements worldwide on topics on which he has significant expertise such as blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, liposuction of the neck and injectables. Yet practice management remains a key concern for Dr. Waldman.

Raised in Kentucky, Dr. Waldman has chaired, organized or lead over 45 medical conferences globally, including the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery conference, now in its 14th year. The conference, the first of its kind to include the four core specialties, remains the leading conference of its kind nationally. However, while primarily focused on surgical education one critical and popular conference track focuses on helping practices as a whole provide their patients with exceptional care in every aspect of their visit, an area of cosmetic medicine very important to Dr. Waldman.

Effective practice management can positively affect the entire patient experience, bringing together excellent surgical care and practice support of the highest quality to educate and serve the patient, helping them achieve the look they want and the lifelong confidence that comes when they can reveal their natural beauty, Dr. Waldman believes. Tools which support an efficient practice workflow can significantly enhance the patient experience by allowing surgeons and their staff to spend more time with their patients rather than on administrative tasks.

Dr. Waldman has selected PatientNOW as the workflow management tool to help drive the success of his own practice and achieve an outcome where he, his practice and, most importantly, his patients win, and his experience has been an overwhelmingly positive one. Of PatientNOW, Dr. Waldman says:

“Not only is patientNOW critical to the efficiency and functioning of our practice — it’s also become a winning contributor in driving recurring revenue, increasing patient engagement and growing our loyal fans. We wouldn’t be in the place we are today without it.”