What are the Benefits of Implementing Electronic Medical Records?

Electronic medical records or EMRs are changing the face of plastic surgery today. These electronic records offer a digital version of a patient’s paper chart and are primarily used within the plastic surgery practice for tracking patient procedures, providing information directly to patients and encouraging patient engagement within your practice. With better access to patient information and the potential for higher patient retention, EMRs offer benefits to patients and plastic surgeons alike.

Track Patient Data
EMRs offer more accurate, efficient tracking of patient data. What’s more, the information is readily available at your patient’s appointment, allowing you to spend more time talking to your patient and less time looking up files. You can quickly and easily find facts like current medications, medical conditions and even patient blood type by pulling everything you need right up on your screen. Quick access during regular office visits offers you the opportunity to present plastic surgery options that will fit seamlessly with your patient’s profile and aesthetic goals.

Identify Patients for Screening and Prevention
EMRs make it much easier for practices to keep track of when patients need to come in for follow-up appointments and maintenance treatments. Research has shown that sending out reminders to patients greatly improves patient attendance at appointments. Better tracking means improved adherence to maintenance treatments like injectable procedures, while encouraging the best possible recovery and prevention of complications after surgical procedures.

Improved Patient Engagement
The easy access and availability of EMRs allows patients to be more proactive in their own plastic surgery decisions. Patients can learn about the different procedures available, ask questions and even schedule appointments at times that are convenient for them. As your patients become more involved in their own plastic surgery planning, you will likely see a higher number of both surgical and non-surgical procedures scheduled.

Improve Patient Experience
There are a number of ways EMRs can improve a patient’s plastic surgery experience:

  • Reduction, even prevention of errors
  • Improved patient safety
  • Enhanced coordination of patient care
  • Safer prescribing of medications
  • Greater communication between a doctor and patient
  • Ability to recommend procedures and send reminders for maintenance treatments

When information is easily accessible, there is a much lower risk of missing an essential element in the patient’s medical history that can impact the surgical procedures you recommend. As patient loyalty and retention improves, physicians may find efficiency increases as well, allowing them to increase productivity without losing a healthy balance between professional and personal responsibilities.

EMRs offer plenty of benefits to patients and practitioners alike. patientNOW offers unique EMR systems that increase patient engagement and effectively grow your practice and increase your revenue. To learn more, contact patientNOW at 800-436-3150.