EMR for Plastic Surgery Clinics

Plastic Surgery practices are known for being on the cutting-edge of technology and new concepts, so it makes sense that EMR is very beneficial for plastic surgeons and their staff. EMR is becoming very prevalent in plastic surgery offices because of their eagerness to switch over to the newest technologies. If you are a plastic surgeon or work in a surgeon’s office, making the switch to EMR can make your job much easier for many reasons. In plastic surgery in particular, the use of digital imaging and web-based functions is very common, so the addition of EMR or EHR software can help to fully integrate all of the office information and make it easy to access at all times.

Benefits of EMR/EHR for Plastic Surgery

Increased patient safety and satisfaction

With electronic medical records, you can increase your patient satisfaction and safety by having instant access to all of their medical information. This allows you to answer questions faster and more sufficiently when patients ask you about records or results over the phone. Your patients will also be impressed by how quickly you can have access to all of their information once they walk through the door. Patients are usually quite impressed when they see their surgeon walk in with an iPad that contains all of their medical details and can access them at the drop of a hat.

Increase profitability through less spending

When you make the switch over to EMR, you are spending less on office supplies, which can easily increase profitability in your plastic surgery practice. Increased profits can help your practice succeed in many ways, such as allow you to improve your facility, offer more services and gain a higher reputation. When patients see your practice as an advanced one with the highest levels of technology and services, it is more likely that they will return and refer their friends to you as well. It is important to keep up appearances in doctor’s offices, and with more money in the budget, you will definitely be able to stay ahead of the game.

According to a study conducted by the ASPS in 2011, plastic surgeons value the following qualities in EMR/EHR:

  • Computerized physician order entry (CPOE)
  • Web-based system (cloud computing)
  • Patient web portal
  • Ability to check or advise on evaluation and management coding levels based on fields
  • entered
  • Ability to use a tablet in the office

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