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Enhanced Pathways

Building a brand takes significant time and effort. You need to ensure it conveys the value that your practice provides and also reaches and engages the demographic you want to bring into your business. However, it is not enough to have a brand. Your brand needs to reach its intended audience and do so often. While technology allows you to reach an ever-widening prospect base easily, it also introduces new challenges, especially if you want your marketing initiative to be truly effective. Marketing is not your only job, however, and you don’t want to have to add the expense of a dedicated marketing person which you will also cost you administrative time.

Yet you already have a powerful tool ready to deliver your message to existing and prospective patients the way you want them to receive it — your PatientNOW practice management system. With PatientNOW’s Enhanced Pathways module, you can capitalize on the investment you have already made in your brand and also bring it to a new audience quickly, easily and frequently. With PatientNOW’s new Enhanced Pathways workflow, you can automate your email marketing campaigns using many pre-designed templates that make it easy to create consistent messaging across all your digital channels from your main website and social media all the way through your email marketing presence.

Capitalize on the Brand You’ve Already Built

If you have an established practice, you have already spent a lot of time creating a brand which accurately and adeptly reflects your brand identity and value proposition as a physician and of your practice as a whole. Over time, you have continued to develop and hone that message into one that targets and engages prospective patients and reengages clients you have, focusing on the specific demographic you want to serve and continuing to convert prospects into patients. And you’ve continued to capitalize on your brand in many contexts — on your website and social media — because it works and brings in the business you want.

You don’t want to start over when it comes to extending your marketing outreach, nor do you want to initiate a marketing campaign that abandons your brand identity, voice and differentiators. These factors take on even more importance if you have a young practice which doesn’t have a strong core of recurring business or a pre-existing marketing presence. In either case, you can’t afford not to have a strong email marketing campaign which doesn’t make use of your most valuable asset, your brand. PatientNOW makes it easy to create brand continuity across all your media channels and automate more of your marketing efforts for maximum reward and profits.

Share Your Brand With Existing and Prospective Patients With Ease

PatientNOW enables your practice to use the branding you’ve developed and are already using in new, tailored email marketing campaigns that originate within the PatientNOW practice management tool and can be easily automated to meet the needs of your practice, whether you’re starting a new campaign for your practice, launching a new service or offering a promotion.

PatientNOW will help you every step of the way, starting with experienced advisors who can help you refine your campaign strategy and translate your brand assets into collaterals which you approve before they go live. Our experts in aesthetic marketing will help ensure not only that your enhanced campaign is on message but also that it continues your brand identity from your website and social media through to your email outreach. Once approved, PatientNOW will even set-up your campaign for you in your PatientNOW EMR, so instead of worrying about administration, you can start enjoying the benefits.

Get Even More From Your PatientNOW Automated Workflow

Once you have created marketing pathway scenarios with the help of PatientNOW that leverage your brand identity and complement your web and social media platforms, you can enjoy the many benefits a PatientNOW Enhanced Pathways module provides along with the benefits you already know well.

Enhanced Pathways allows you to extend and widen your reach at minimal cost by automating your email marketing initiatives. You can also reach existing and prospective customers anywhere and anytime with emails that also allow prospects to immediately engage with your practice by calling, scheduling an appointment online or getting more information online.

Continuity across all your digital marketing also sends a clear and compelling message, conveying your practice’s professionalism, focus and, most importantly, your unique value proposition, leading to enhanced patient relationships, greater engagement and, ultimately, conversions, revenue, reviews and referrals.

Manage your practice — and market it — with PatientNOW!

Managing multiple digital marketing platforms poses many challenges, even if you have a well defined and established brand. Ensuring that you convey your brand identity consistently across all your marketing is about more than just presentation. Continuity across your marketing instills confidence and trust which can have a significant influence on your prospects level of engagement, and these factors work instantly and often subliminally.

Creating that continuity and leveraging it through email marketing can be one of the most powerful and cost-effective steps you can take to increase your revenue. Your PatientNOW EMR makes it easier than ever to create professional, effective email marketing that converts prospects with all the ease and automation you already enjoy using PatientNOW’s workflow capabilities. And PatientNOW provides you with not only the tools but also the expertise to hone and implement your strategy so you can focus on your patients while you reap all the benefits.

For more information about PatientNOW’s Enhanced Pathways solution, call us today at 888-644-2987. Our experienced aesthetic marketing team can help you create customized strategies and marketing solutions that can help you get even more from your PatientNOW EMR and take advantage of one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tools available.

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