The Fastest Way to Increased Revenue Is Through Recurring Business

It can be costly to generate new business, and new client generation can be unpredictable. To get new clients you will need to drive a marketing campaign which costs you time and dollars, and then you will need to spend more time talking to prospective patients, some of whom will become your clients and some of whom won’t.

Whether a prospective patient becomes a new patient is also affected by many other factors which, unfortunately, have nothing to do with the expertise and quality patient care you offer. Perhaps a patient wants the procedure, but business, financial or travel commitments mean they have to delay it. Other prospective patients just may not be able to decide and may come back to your office to talk to you about their procedure several more times before moving forward, which takes even more of your time.

While you will always need to generate new business, you can de-risk this aspect of growing your revenue by maximizing your returns from recurring business. The customers you already have — if marketed correctly and retained — can add substantial revenue to your practice year-over-year. Since you have already made the investments in these prospects to make them your patients, you can grow your revenue cost-effectively and organically by ensuring they continue down their cosmetic-care pathway.

PatientNOW’s pathway suited — a part of the larger PatientNOW EMR system — allows you to reach this customer base seamlessly and in most cases automatically, leveraging the EMR customer database you already have. Let’s examine how you can maximize your revenue and minimize potentially lost dollars using the PatientNOW pathway workflow.

Automating Communication Benefits You and Your Patients

The surest path to generating recurring business is making your current patients feel catered to. You have many ways to accomplish this goal, and a PatientNOW EMR with pathways helps you do this. A PatientNOW pathway can help you reach your existing patients automatically, keeping them up-to-date on the latest trends in cosmetic treatments, informing them of what’s new in your office and generating interesting in getting that “next” procedure.

Since PatientNOW pathways track which procedures your patients have had and when they have had them, the system can automatically send information on the next procedure when it is appropriate. Your patients will feel like you know them and are giving them special attention, and that will help keep them coming back for more procedures, and this means more revenue.

Marketing Automation Means Your Patients Get Better Care

A PatientNOW pathway will also help improve your face-to-face time with your patients. Because so much of your marketing — and your workflow! — is automated using a PatientNOW EMR with pathways, you will have more time to focus on your patients and less time and stress spent worrying about the back-end of your practice. This benefit may be the most important of all, because at the heart of building recurring business is the doctor-patient relationship, and PatientNOW enables you to build a good one.

An automated marketing workflow will also help your practice staff build good relationships as well since they will also have to spend less time sifting through databases for patients to contact and mail fliers to. When everyone in your practice is focused on patient care and relationship building, your patients benefit as well as your practice and bottom line.

Patient Engagement Means Recurring Business

You want your existing to be thinking about your practice. We all have competing demands on our time and attention, but one thing almost all of us are focused throughout the day is our “inbox.” When you can provide compelling, up-to-date information on your practice and procedures relevant to your patients, you keep them engaged and one step closer to scheduling that next appointment or consultation.

Not only can your PatientNOW EMR with pathways automatically send pre- and post-operative communications to your patients, it can even remind you to send flowers or gifts on their birthdays and anniversaries and, of course, special offers and incentives. These special, personal touches, as well as individualized incentives, can also help bring a current patient one step closer to a new procedure and help build a customer for life.

Capture the revenue you already have — and build new revenue streams

Converting inquiries from prospective patients into new patients is a must, and a PatientNOW EMR with pathways can certainly help you do that, but it can also help you capitalize on two of your most valuable assets which you already have — your customer-base and your patient relationships.

There is one more important advantage to leverage returning patients to increase your revenue stream — word of mouth. Satisfied patients will sing your praises to their friends and family members, and you can also expect good reviews from them over social media or on review sites.

The benefits of nurturing and growing your return business continue, and a more stable practice means you can continue to focus on your core competency and grow your business. A PatientNOW EMR has already transformed your workflow or soon will. Let it also transform your revenue stream.

Contact a PatientNOW representative today at 888-644-2987 to discuss the full value of a PatientNOW EMR with pathways and learn more about how you can maximize the efficiency of your practice, your revenue stream and the value you provide to your clients. At PatientNOW, we want to partner with you and help your practice thrive.

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