Fully Functional EMR Systems Increase by 46% in 2010, says CDC

A recent survey from the CDC says that roughly half of physicians are using digital records. About 51 percent of the 7,000 doctors surveyed this year reported at least partial use of electronic medical records (EMR).

Some doctors are using a limited system for basic needs like viewing lab results and prescription writing, while others (about ten percent) are using a completely functional EMR system. The data, particularly when you examine the trends over the past 9 years, reflect a major increase in the use of EMR (see graph).


Graph image courtesy of CDC.gov

According to the CDC report:

“Between 2009 and 2010, the percentage of physicians reporting having systems that met the criteria of a basic or a fully functional [EMR] system increased by 14.2% and 46.4%, respectively.”

The survey found a “significantly higher” percentage of doctors in certain states reporting use of EMR. Minnesota, Washington, Oregon, Wisconsin, Utah and North Dakota topped the list. Florida, Louisiana and Kentucky showed significantly lower numbers of physicians reporting EMR use.

Read the summary or download the entire report on CDC.gov