Baby Boomers

Tips to Get Baby Boomer Patients More Involved in Your Patient Portal

Plastic surgery for baby boomers is on the rise, according to statistics from the American Society
of Plastic Surgeons. This generation is seeking surgical and non-surgical procedures to reflect the
age they feel, which is typically around nine years younger than their chronological age. While
Millennials are usually seen as the “mobile” generation, Baby Boomers are also poised to engage
in patient portals offered by their plastic surgeon. A gentle nudge and a few simple tips may help
you get those patients online and more proactive in their own aesthetic decisions.

Let Them Know

A Xerox survey found that 35 percent of patients in the boomer generation were unaware they
had access to a patient portal. Thirty-one percent said the topic had never been discussed with
them at their physician’s office. Simply opening the dialogue about the availability and benefits
of your patient portal may be an easy first step in increasing patient engagement.

Go Mobile

Boomers, like Millennials, are looking for choices in access today. Give them what they are
looking for with a mobile app as well as your website for accessing information. Of the patients
surveyed by Xerox, 43 percent said they prefer to use smartphones and 36 percent want to be
able to use their tablets to access information.

Give Them What They are Looking For

When it comes to specific reasons why patients might use a patient portal, Boomers differed
slightly from Millennials in the Xerox survey. Nearly three-fourths of the Boomers surveyed said
they would use the portal to schedule appointments. Nearly two-thirds said they would use the
portal to review medical records and test results and 60 percent would like to be able to ask their
doctor questions via the portal.

Stress the Benefits

Patients will use a feature in your office if they can see the clear benefits for them to do so. There
are many benefits to your patient portal, including instant access to medical information and their
doctor. Patient portals also make it infinitely easier for patients to schedule appointments, check
lab results and even refill prescriptions.

What’s in it for You?

Higher patient engagement in your portal also offers a myriad of benefits to you and your
practice. First, your patients will become more educated about their options in plastic surgery,
increasing requests for procedures and patient loyalty. Second, the federal government is offering
incentives for practices and healthcare organizations that can demonstrate at least five percent of
their patients engage in meaningful use on their portals.
Patient portals are the wave of the future in healthcare, and the time to engage your patients in
this trend is now. At patientNOW, we can help your practice get on track with software solutions
designed just for you and your patients. To learn more about our products and services, contact
patientNOW at 800-436-3150.