The Importance of Customer Service in the Digital Age

It has likely been quite the process converting your office to the digital age. However, your efforts cannot stop with the automation – you also need to consider how you will best serve your patients with your new system in place. While the way we do any type of business has evolved considerably, the needs and expectations of our patients and our customers are distinctly the same. It is up to you to ensure your patients feel the same level of care and service from your office, even with the automation in place, to make your operation more efficient and convenient.

Improving Your Patient Experience

While an automated office offers considerable benefit to you and your staff, it can be used to improve the experience of your patients as well. The key is knowing how to adapt those tools in a service-oriented fashion. There are a few key benefits you will see as a result of this process:

You Can Be More Responsive

Automation through a variety of channels can allow you to respond to your patients much more efficiently. Customers no longer want to do business over the phone. They want to be able to access your practice through a variety of channels and they expect the response to be much faster. In fact, according to the consulting company Accenture, more than 80 percent of today’s consumers want to work with companies that make doing business easier. With today’s technology, you can accommodate all of your patients with the access to your practice they are seeking.

You Can Really Hear Them

It can be a challenge to get the feedback from customers you need to know what they really want. In fact, only three percent of customers believe that companies really hear their needs and requests. The right software makes it easy to record patient responses to your services and react to your patients’ messages. Those tools can make all the difference in your own patient management and promotion of your practice.

You Can Expand Their Options

Patients want a variety of ways to communicate with your practice today, and the digital age can really help in this regard. Few patients want to restrict their contact to phone calls when there are many more convenient ways to get in touch with you. It is your responsibility to provide those more convenient options to attract new patients and retain current ones. In addition to your standard website options, give your patients a feedback form that is easy to complete or submit. Access to social media channels is another way to make communication easier and more convenient for your patients.

You Can Offer What The Competition Can’t

It may seem like these offerings are fairly standard today, but not every plastic surgery or dermatology practice is offering them at this time. By getting your practice up to par, you may be the name that stands apart to your patients as the practice that is both accessible and up to date. This small effort can make a big difference in the perception of prospective patients, as well as your ability to engage with our patients directly on a different level than your competitors.

When it comes to automating your office with the patient experience in mind, the products offered by PatientNOW cannot be beat. We provide patient engagement at every step of the process, with the tools you need to keep your patients in the loop for all of your new developments. To learn more about our software tools, contact PatientNOW today at 888-644-2987.