Improve Patient Relations with PAR™

Improve Patient Relations with PAR
Acquiring new patients is one of the biggest challenges many practices face, but once you have a new patient booked for a treatment, how can you make sure they will come back? Implementing a system that increases the life cycle of each patient is an important part of practice management, and one area that many managers overlook. Focusing on improving patient relations can make it easier to retain patients so that you don’t have to spend more time and resources marketing to new patients.

Here are some ways you can improve patient relations with PAR™:

Capture More Patients Every Week

The patientNOW system can help your practice capture more patients every week by ensuring any inquiry calls get a response, and that patients stay in touch with your practice even after booking their first procedure. When you implement the patientNOW system, even patients that call just to inquire about your practice are put through the PAR™ patient experience pathway where they will hear from you via email and a follow-up phone call based on their preferences. Having a formal system in place to capture these patients will help you improve patient relations and can make patient acquisition that much easier.

Increase Patient Retention Rates

Even if a patient is coming in for something as simple as Botox or laser hair removal services, you can increase the so-called lifespan of this patient by offering complimentary services, exclusive discounts, or special offers on future services so they do not go elsewhere. Increasing patient retention rates with awards points or a patient referral system is much easier with PAR™. You can also count on PAR™ to generate follow up reminders based on the patient’s last appointment so that he or she is more likely to book with you in the near future. You can further improve patient loyalty by sending out birthday greetings and by sending out reminders about rewards points available.

Using patientNOW PAR™ software at your practice can be instrumental for acquiring new patients and increasing patient retention rates. Learn more about the benefits of PAR™ by contacting us today!