Incorporating New Look Now into Your Practice

PatientNOW offers the latest in customizable software solutions for busy plastic surgery practices. Now, our clients can take patient engagement to the next level by incorporating New Look Now into the mix. New Look Now features a personalized treatment visualization platform that allows patients to “see” the results of their procedures before they book their appointment. When this platform is added to the many patient engagement features offered by PatientNOW software, doctors can rest assured they are covering all their bases when it comes to acquiring and retaining patients to their practice.

Benefits of New Look Now

One of the most difficult factors patients face when considering plastic surgery or a cosmetic treatment is how the results of their procedure will actually turn out. In addition to making a patient hesitant about investing in a procedure, it can be challenging to determine precisely which procedure will provide them with the best results. New Look Now takes much of the guesswork out of the process by moving the before and after photos from another person to the prospective patient’s own photo.

The platform is user-friendly and very easy for both patients and physicians to master. First, the patient uses any device to take a photo of the area they would like enhanced. Next, the patient uploads the photo into the New Look Now website, along with the treatment they are interested in. New Look Now then emails the patient’s own before and after visualizer directly to them within 24 hours.

Benefits for PatientNOW Clients

For clients currently using PatientNOW software or in the process of implementing PatientNOW platforms into their own practices, the addition of New Look Now can be invaluable to the process of patient acquisition and retention. The visualization platform allows you to further personalize your patient’s experience, enhancing your patient’s relationship with you and your practice. The simple use of these photo simulations can effectively decrease no-show rates, increase consultations and convert consultations to procedures.

For your practice, this means significant improvement to your practice’s revenue and bottom line. When combined with other features of PatientNOW’s own patient engagement software, you can enjoy long-term relationships with your patients, greater acquisition and retention and word-of-mouth marketing that goes a long way in building your practice. In addition, PatientNOW allows you to automate your office administrative tasks, taking you and your staff away from your computers and in direct contact with your patients.

Customized Solutions for You and Your Patients

New Look Now gives your patients the opportunity to try out procedures from the comfort of home, before scheduling the procedure with your office. The added features is a benefit not offered by the majority of plastic surgeons today, giving your practice a competitive edge when it comes to establishing personal relationships with your patients. Combining the service with PatientNOW’s own Patient Acquisition and Retention (PAR) software, your practice will be able to offer patients a unique experience that will build your reputation in your area and beyond.

Don’t settle for traditional approaches to building patient relationships. Your patients today are looking for ways to make their experience more convenient, comfortable and successful. Give them what they want with customized solutions from PatientNOW and New Look Now. To learn more, contact us today at 800-436-3150.