The Ins and Outs of Scheduling with PatientNOW

Patient scheduling is an administrative task that can take plenty of time and effort by your staff to maintain. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a software program that could automate your scheduling process and even bring it to the next level of efficiency? PatientNOW software features some of the best scheduling function to date, to help busy plastic surgery offices like yours run at optimal efficiency.

Easy Viewing

Color coding makes it easy for you to view you entire day’s schedule in one quick glance. If you prefer, you can view your schedule on a weekly or monthly basis as well. Color coding makes it simple for you to see the types of appointments coming up in addition to the specific patients you will be seeing. You can create your schedule in blocks and the software makes it easy for you to track wait lists and cancellations. The software also includes automated reminders and confirmation indicators to help you reduce no-shows that impact your efficiency and work flow.

Pre-Defined Appointment Types

Knowing the types of appointments coming up allow you to match the patient to the specific provider and support staff needed for that particular service. You can reserve the appropriate room and equipment for any procedure so the room is ready when your patient arrives. Default options are available for setting proper times for each appointment type. Once your patient arrives, you can also track them through your office so you know where every patient is at a particular time to ensure that staff and equipment is ready for each patient when needed.

Paper-Free Office

Efficient offices are going paper-free or nearly paper-free today, offering patients a more convenient and secure way to store their records. In addition to automated scheduling, software from PatientNOW offers printed check-in documents that your patients simply review and sign when they arrive at your office. You can also set up electronic patient sign-in, making it easier than ever for patients to check in and for you to track your patient flow each day.

Quick to Learn, Easy to Use

With so many options and features to work with, you may be worried that it will take your staff weeks to adapt to the new, automated system. However, the PatientNOW software is completely intuitive and user-friendly, guiding users through the process to make it as simple as possible. Your staff may be ready to implement the new system after just one day of training. New staff members will also be able to work with the system quickly, reducing training time and expense.

Superior Mobility

Because plastic surgeons no longer want to be tied to the office when it comes to managing operations, PatientNOW software can also be synced with Outlook and smartphones to make access to your office completely mobile. You can quickly look over your schedule before arriving at your office in the morning or do a speedy rundown of the following day the night before. Your patients are also able to access their own information from a mobile device, making it easier for them to become active partners in regards to their procedures and treatments.

Scheduling is a core element of your practice, but now that administrative task can be easier than ever before. Thanks to PatientNOW office management software, you can remain on top of your scheduling to increase your patient flow and your bottom line. To learn more, contact PatientNOW at 800-436-3150.