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Lead Generation with RAMP Marketing Solutions

How do I grow my business while also maintaining it? This is the core problem all doctors face. You spend the majority of your time, as you should, giving your patients world-class medical care and ensuring their safety and results. Without a doubt, these efforts will lead to natural business growth through follow-ups, additional procedures and referrals.

However, while you and your practice staff are actively attending to the patients in your office, a host of other prospective patients are on your website and social media feeds, seeking additional, personalized information to help them decide whether or not to have an elective surgery or other treatment. In today’s digital age, most of these prospects expect a response in minutes, not hours, posing an additional challenge.

Further complicating matters, new patients don’t limit their inquiries to regular business hours. Even if you chose to hire a full-time customer service representative to respond to incoming inquiries, you might need someone on your phones, forms and social feeds 24/7 to ensure you don’t lose any new leads.

This problem may have a familiar ring to it. You have already faced many other practice management challenges, such as scheduling consultations, preparing patients for surgery, and follow-up and secondary procedure marketing. Like many doctors, you probably have implemented an EMR to surmount these difficulties. Could you also automate responses to these customer requests through your EMR?

Today, you can. If you currently rely on a PatientNOW EMR, you can now leverage your existing platform to handle new client inquiries — whenever they occur, day or night — and ensure that each new contact gets a response and relevant information in realtime. If you don’t have a PatientNOW EMR, now you have another critical reason to get one now — just as your competition has.

Convert New Leads in Realtime With
PatientNOW’s Fully-automated RAMP Marketing Solution

RAMP by PatientNOW is the industry’s first and only fully-automated lead conversion tool. The module works seamlessly with your PatientNOW EMR and continually monitors all your online marquees, responding to and pre-marketing prospective patients. PatientNOW’s RAMP frees you and your practice staff to focus on your existing patients while giving new prospects an immediate response along with tailored information during the initial — but crucial — first interaction with your practice. RAMP has two phases which ensure you never miss a lead and that each prospect receives personalized attention.


Do you have the bandwidth to monitor and respond to all new patient inquiries across all your feeds? RAMP does. Whenever a prospective patient fills out a contact form for your practice — anywhere on the web — RAMP initiates a critical sequence of events to ensure you can fully capitalize on the lead, which your existing marketing spend has earned.

RAMP will:

  • Create a new contact in your PatientNOW EMR — including name, number and procedure of interest — ensuring no lead is ever lost
  • Send your lead a welcome message — in minutes — demonstrating your responsiveness and building confidence in your practice, from the very first engagement

Wherever your new patient is online — even if they request information in the middle of the night — your practice won’t miss a beat or an opportunity. However, RAMP doesn’t stop after sending a welcome message on behalf of your practice.


The next day, RAMP begins an automated pre-sales process that provides your prospect with detailed information about their procedure of interest, branded by your practice, encouraging them to schedule their in-person consultation for diagnosis and treatment.

RAMP will:

  • Engage your lead with procedure-specific information the next day, demonstrating your expertise in your specialty and presenting your unique value proposition
  • Notify your Patient Coordinator of the new lead, so they can follow-up in person, answer additional questions and book their consultation

By the time your patient coordinator speaks to your prospect directly, they will already have had multiple positive and informative interactions with your practice, situating you as a trusted partner and making your task of scheduling a consultation even easier.

Get even more from your PatientNOW EMR today with RAMP!

RAMP offers your practice several key advantages. It allows you to capture and nurture new leads while it also ensures you get the full value from your existing marketing spend and efforts. RAMP instantly incorporates new leads into your marketing database and makes it easier to monetize them by selling your services for you even before your prospect speaks to you or your customer care specialist.

RAMP, as an add-on to your current PatientNOW EMR, also means you won’t have to adopt a separate and more expensive marketing solution to capture online leads — a solution which may or may not integrate with your PatientNOW EMR — and minimal additional training time for your staff. And with a single team to contact for all of your practice support needs, what could be easier to manage?

But perhaps the single best reason to add RAMP to your current marketing efforts is that you will have PatientNOW’s full team standing behind you and supporting you, every step of the way — just as we have throughout your EMR implementation, expansions, custom requests and daily-support needs. A single goal drives everything we do at PatientNOW — help practices succeed. Our world-class, friendly and accessible customer service sets us apart in the industry and, coupled with the industry’s leading, most innovative and comprehensive practice management solution, we can’t think of a reason you’d want to contact anyone else.

Transform your practice, marketing and bottom line now with RAMP from PatientNOW

Electronic medical-record automation has transformed your practice and you may have already discovered the powerful advantages of email marketing through PatientNOW’s Enhanced Pathways solution. RAMP now allows you to extend the value and power of your PatientNOW EMR to the earliest stage of patient engagement with your practice, communicating the value your practice has to offer and enhancing your practice reputation from day one. Your practice can now enjoy a complete, in-house, single-platform marketing solution with the same ease of operation as your PatientNOW EMR, backed by the knowledgable advisors and support staff you already know and trust.

RAMP by PatientNOW can save you dollars and frustration while promoting the value of your practice to new leads (even while you sleep) and making it as easy as possible to convert new prospects. Your practice staff won’t have lengthy new trainings to attend nor will they have to deal with a separate marketing platform or worry about integration. You will also reap the benefits of complete brand consistency throughout your EMR-based marketing efforts, which you can manage in a single workflow. Increasing your credibility in the eyes of new leads has never been easier, more cost-effective or impactful. The only question left to ask is, why wait?

For more information about PatientNOW’s fully-automated RAMP marketing solution, contact our experts today at (800) 436-3150. Our experienced team can help you incorporate RAMP into your current PatientNOW EMR quickly and seamlessly, so you never miss another lead. RAMP’s fully-automated early-engagement tools can put you on the road to achieving the best kind of marketing available — satisfied and ecstatic clients.

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