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Securely Store & Share

Photos are instantly saved to the patient’s record and can be securely searched using the patient’s name, appointment date, anatomical region, diagnosis, treatment, tags, clinical notes, etc.

Your patients’ pictures are never stored on the mobile device. All photos are automatically encrypted and stored on a HIPAA-compliant cloud server.

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RxPhoto: FORMS

Ditch Paper Forms for Good

Go Digital

From registration and consent forms to treatment-specific forms and diagrams, RxForms gives you access to a large collection of customizable, digital forms, templates and documents. You can also create electronic forms from scratch in minutes.

Why Make Paperless Forms Standard Practice?

  • Patients can sign forms with their finger or a stylus.
  • Type, speak or use a stylus to fill out forms.
  • Add treatment tags and notes to patient photos.
  • Quickly document injectables on digital diagrams.
  • Annotate treatment areas on anatomical drawings.
  • Spend more time with patients, not doing paperwork.
  • Easily customize templates and build new forms.
  • Forms are stored on a HIPAA-compliant cloud server.
  • Send branded patient evaluations and photos to patients.
  • Collect patient reviews during point of care. 
  • Obtain consent to use patient photos for marketing.
  • Save money on paper, printer ink and clipboards. 
  • A paperless practice is eco friendly.
Improve Your Practice’s Vitals


Enhance Consultations to Increase Procedures & Profit

Treatment Visualization

The RxPhoto consultation center is designed to create engaging patient experiences, and it’s packed with tools to help visually explain procedures, manage expectations and easily upsell services.

Get patients excited and help them envision what’s possible with an impressive gallery of before and after photos featuring side-by-side, morphing and slider tools to reveal dramatic results of your own patients.

Engage & Inform

Personalize each patient’s experience by drawing lines, circles, arrows and notes on the patient’s pictures as you describe your diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

The consultation center also features a digital library of educational information, photos and videos produced by brands you know and trust, like Juvéderm®, Kybella®, CoolSculpting®, PicoWay® and more. You can also customize the library by removing or adding new content.

Engaging and informative consults will help your practice stand out, boost patient confidence and increase procedures.


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Relationship Is Our Middle Name

Relationship Management

As the cornerstone of the patient engagement system, the CRM puts the details of your relationship with each prospect and patient at your fingertips. From referrals, marketing and messages to procedures, surveys and reviews, every touchpoint during the patient journey is tracked.



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Preserve Patient Privacy & Improve Efficiency

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Built for fast-paced, elective and cosmetic practices, the patient record organizes the each patient’s entire chart, including medical records, digital consent forms, photos, notes and correspondence in one central location.

Everything is stored on a HIPAA-compliant cloud server and instantly accessible to your authorized staff members.



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Understanding EMR & EHR

How Are They Different?

Some providers use the terms EMR and EHR interchangeably, but it’s important to understand the difference between them. While they’re both digital records of a patient’s medical information, an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) only includes the patient’s medical information and treatment history at a single practice.

An EHR (Electronic Health Record), on the other hand, allows physicians to share patient health records with other healthcare providers, and it often contains information from multiple providers.

PatientNow offers EMR software.

Patient Now


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Eliminating Guesswork Makes an Impact

Dependable Data

You might have good instincts, but relying on hunches isn’t the best way to run a successful practice. And, if you’re still fiddling with cumbersome spreadsheets to analyze your data, there’s a much easier, more reliable way to gain in-depth information about every aspect of your practice.

Our powerful reporting tools give you the ability to generate customizable reports, so you can identify trends by tracking staff productivity, patient behavior, patient satisfaction, revenue and other KPIs. You can even analyze aggregate patient data and drill down to view individual patient data.

Whether you generate reports on the fly or schedule them to run automatically, you’ll get real-time, actionable information that’s reliable and easy to understand, so you can make informed decisions quickly.

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Convert Your Paper Charts Without Data Entry

Automation & Organization

BarcodeNow allows you to easily transform your paper charts into electronic files. Each document will be automatically placed in the proper location within the correct patient’s chart. You can scan documents as each patient is scheduled or perform a one-time batch for fast production scanning. This time-saving system prevents data-entry errors and eliminates the burden of manual data entry.

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