Tips for Managing Your Practice with EMR

Managing Your Practice With EMR
Managing patient documents is an important part of daily operations at your aesthetic practice or medical spa. Consider going paperless with our Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution to manage those sensitive files with ease. Digitized versions of patient documents are much easier to organize, sort, and access by authorized staff members, and will help you streamline many of the daily tasks at the office. Here are some tips for managing your practice with EMR versus traditional paper filing.

Benefits of Managing Your Practice with EMRs

If you are committed to going green, consider going paperless with EMRs. Our digital patient documents are designed to look just like paper charts and pages appear instantly as you flip through the files within the program. PatientNOW EMR comes with a fully-integrated document management system that can capture patient signatures digitally, store photos and other media files, organize scanned images, and take care of word processing tasks with ease. Our EMR barcode system eliminates the need for manual indexing and can reduce data entry errors.

Some of the key benefits of managing your practice with EMR include:

  • Fast access to patient records
  • Easy access to analytics data
  • Export documents efficiently
  • Eliminate office costs associated with purchasing paper and storing paper files
  • Generate invoices with ease
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks and other costly activities
  • Improve workflow

Managing Paper Patient Documents

If you are running a very busy medical practice and aren’t completely paperless just yet, you may experience some issues with workflow and communication between patients and staff members. It can be difficult to manage and organize paper documents in larger facilities and keep accurate records of all patients without a digital software program. You will need to make room to store patient files in a secure location and train staff to file all paperwork without making errors.

For many medical practices and medical spas, having access to digital patient documents streamlines many internal processes and reduces the risk of errors. You can increase security of sensitive patient information with an online registration portal, eliminating the need for patients to complete paper authorization forms and other paperwork during the intake process.

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