Why You Need a Review Management Tool

Individuals looking for plastic surgery today are relying more and more on the information they collect online for choosing the right surgeon for their needs. This includes online reviews written by former patients, much to the chagrin of plastic surgeons across the country that are still trying to embrace the idea of reputation management. Fortunately, you can make this process easier and more streamlined than ever before, thanks to a partnership between PatientNOW and Patient Approved.

The Importance of (and Problem with) Patient Reviews

Online patient reviews have been known to strike fear in even the top rated plastic surgeons today. Just one poor review, posted by a disgruntled patient, can impact the ability to attract new patients to your practice. In addition, few physicians have the time necessary to monitor review sites and social media to address possible concerns when they arise.

The good news is just as poor reviews may turn away prospective patients, positive reviews can attract them. What better way to acquire those positive reviews than been couraging your happy patients to post them in venues where others are most likely to see them?

Getting to the Source

The key to using online reviews to your advantage is to head first to the places where prospective patients are going. One of the best sources for physician reviews is Patient Approved, which has been providing patients with valuable information about physicians in their area since 2006. This is one of the few websites that avoids review biases, by encouraging doctors to get honest feedback from all of their patients.

The feedback is viewed by the doctor and then sent to partner sites of Patient Approved where they are sure to get plenty of views. In addition to giving doctors the tools necessary to build their patient base, it also provides those physicians with valuable information to make their practices even better. This also lets patients know the physicians on Patient Approved are committed to offering the highest level of care possible to their patients.

PatientNOW and Patient Approved

PatientNOW is partnering with Patient Approved to bring the next level of automation to our physician’s practices. Now, doctors that purchase PatientNOW EMR software will receive a basic version of Patient Approved to interact with their patients after treatments are completed. This strategic partnership allows you to seamlessly integrate patient review management with the rest of your office automation to increase patient acquisition without adding more work for your administrative team.

The PatientNOW software will automatically gather feedback from your patients using treatment pathways already integrated into our software programs. This feedback can be used by you and your staff to improve your level of patient care, while allowing you to share that information across the internet to attract new patients to your practice. Because patients tend to book appointments with physicians that have reviews online, you will be increasing patient acquisition at the same time you are providing valuable information about how well your practice is serving your current patients.

PatientNOW and Patient Approved are committed to helping plastic surgeons create healthy, robust practices by increasing patient acquisition, retention and office efficiency. To learn more about these services or the specific products offered by PatientNOW, contact our office today at 800-436-3150.